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Eternal Crusade Early Founder

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grigdusher, Nov 12, 2013.


how much money you want to throw on eternal crusade founding?

  1. i want to play free WHAAGHHH

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  2. I hate to pay before release, i Hate to pay for a beta.

    19 vote(s)
  3. I want a pyisical copy!

    6 vote(s)
  4. i will pay the standard 50 potato tier

    26 vote(s)
  5. i will pay the deluxe 75 potato tier

    38 vote(s)
  6. i will pay the extra deluxe 100-150+ potato tier

    79 vote(s)
  1. Planetside 2 is garbage compared to PS1. I miss that game.
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  2. Johnsmith13 Johnsmith12 Subordinate

    This... Free to play baggage it brings. The weapon nerfing system. The cheaters who had to detected manually and sometimes "pass through cracks" that come back after 15 minutes to keep cheating... I wanna go back to Planetside 1 but i don't know how many people are around.
  3. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    I do love potatos!
  4. Whah do you mean how soe handled the f2p model? Some of the best guns in the game are the starter weapons. I know many people who havent spent a dime in ps2 and they are super competitive.
    If you are saying that cert gain is too slow for a f2p player then soe has fixed that, there are many ways to make a lot of certs. If you are saying that the weapons cost too many certs, most of the weapons are under 500 certs now.
    Is it game performance then? Soe just released an optimisation patch whre almost everyone is getting at least another 30-50% more framerate. If you havent played ps2 in 10 months then you have really missed out on an aazing experience.
  5. I have played ps1. The shooting mechanics were junk and the game was full of speedhackers and aimbots. At least ps2 makes a good consistent effort at catching cheaters unlike most modern fps games.
  6. Calistarius Calistarius Active Member

    Pray to the machine spirit before any battle brother this will help
  7. Johnsmith13 Johnsmith12 Subordinate

    Ok, lets begin with MANA Turret which they were supposed to nerf but haven't. They are doing this cycle of OP guns release then nerfing them after a couple of weeks. Guns are mostly crappy barrel and grip changes. Changing the way bases captured is another thing. F2P Player certification gain thing is too little, too late but i never cared about that but maybe its good for some people. I don't know can't care. Needing weapons for different type of engagements (middle,long,short) range made the game unbearable for many F2P players. Shotguns didn't help this out. There is no more experimenting with the game like we did in Planetside 1. Yeah they can be super competitive but in the grand scheme of things it hardly matters when somebody is going for P2W route and buying all weapons without the grind. It had to be cosmetics only. Don't tell me about how health certifications cannot be bought. Newbies come in and get really frustrated because of how the certification grinds them up,these were happening before i left. Even its changed i don't know how its gonna recover but anyway, let me keep going. Planetside 2 isn't a sequel, its just a battlefield feel a like. Compared to defences and other stuff we pulled off in Planetside 1,it never has any of that. Probably it never will. Cheaters and other stuff is one thing, thats one of the reasons why it dropped the ball before it left the beta there were cheaters everywhere. Even though they claim that moderators are everywhere all the time, some people cheated before they left the game to give it a try (some folks on neogaf talked about their experiences) they didn't even get banned after 3 hours of non-stop cheating and such.

    You are kidding right ?You may not like it but planetside 1 had many fans of the action and shooting mechanics, it didn't cater to CoD and Battlefield crowd but it worked out great for people who seeked teamwork and coordination not like in Ps2. Secondly, aimbots and spped hackers ? Wow,i played the game for 2 years but i never came across that many cheaters like in PS2. I guess i was playing the different game when you got banned from Planetside 1 you had to pay 65 dollars to get back in so there was that to keep cheaters out besides the punishment.

    I forgot to add buying weapons shouldn't be allowed in any part of the game,if it is a whole infantry gun range shouldn't cost more than 20 bucks. (Last time somebody did the calculation it was 547,61 dollars,its from PSU forums)

    In the picture you can find something i wrote some time ago. Its about the other aspects of Planetside 1 vs Planetside 2

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  8. Tradias Member

    I think Fallout 3 and Borderlands 2 had awesome collectors editions.
  9. Johnsmith13 Johnsmith12 Subordinate

    I own Survival Edition from for Fallout 3 and borderlands 2 ultimate edition. They are both worth it and i got them cheap. They had nice collectibles.
  10. daymarecelestia Forum Beta Tester

    Path of Exile had a nice collectors edition with things such as a poster signed by the developers among other things. I love these sort of things where it has the company giving more than a simple thanks.

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