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Eternal Crusade afterparty!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elector, Aug 19, 2018.


Who killed the game?

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  1. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    Welcome to the official Eternal Crusade afterparty!

    And YOU are invited!


    As the game servers quiet down and the many discord servers stay silent why not have some fun!
    It's hard to imagine that this wild ride is finally coming to an end and with many of us having thousands of hours on this single game it is most likely for the best.

    Now, of course with us being, well us, we claim the kill!
    Now this might not come as a surprise, considering every thread there is usually a post about a "special bolter community" conspiring to kill the game with exploits and bolt rounds, infiltrating the dev team and turning it against the majority playerbase. Most of this is ofcourse not true and just things people spout out in anger, but even if it was true would it be admitted?


    As much as I would LOVE to take all the credit for the kill, and as much as I know that you guys LOVE to give us all the credit I have to give some out there to the guys at WP, MYST, Joint Guild Council and Asheru! I think your efforts of stacking guildies against pugs really helped our cause when the new players were met by 15 organized Eldar players. And to the JGC I think it's great how in an attempt to organize the EC community you managed to split it in half, but nothing can't be fixed by creating a few more discord servers! And finally to Asheru for managing to ignore his own wrongdoings so much so that he thinks the reason he was let go is because the devs love a toxic community.

    Thrakka is a special boy so here is something dedicated to you and DLB.
    I think it's amazing that one single guild managed to clog up an entire faction of players flooding every single new Ork looking for a guild into DLB. Brainwashing them with Thrakka and his officers nonsense only to end it with the guild leader informing his members to stop playing the game, Thrakka has single handedly managed to fuck over a faction more than anyone in the community!

    Feel free to toss the blame around or share your favorite community/ingame moments in this thread, I don't think many people care anymore so post away whatever you feel like!

    Here are some of our favorite "you killed the game" pictures:

    With Asheru destroyed, his insane dreams can no longer drive the people of Eternal Crusade to madness as they sleep.
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  2. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    Thanks for the invitation! Special shoutout to all the people who've hackusated me over the years that are on my wall for me to laugh at, just know that your kneejerk screams of "HE'S BLATANTLY CHEATING" will forever be remembered! My drink's to you all!
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  3. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    I blame Njord, for setting skill cap an LSM player can never go over without feeling physical pain.

    Also, you aren't here since yesterday, you and every other vet knows all too well that a list of EC death reasons is long and mostly on BE side.
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  4. I am still waiting to be "dealt with", even after the game died.
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  5. ZeGit ZeGit Preacher

    Gold Thread
  6. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I think my Favorite part was when people who could have known better propagated all kinds of bullshit to new players to drive them off, either sarcastically as a meme or in complete sincerity.

    Yes, I truly love all of EC's history.
  7. 380 build is completely viable.
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  8. ZeGit ZeGit Preacher

    Well, it's been a long and a challenging ride boys, but I guess we're hopping off this crazy train once and for all.
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