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Epsilon Last Wall Protocol is recruiting

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Hume_Dragonbane, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. It wasnt a problem, I did so to try to catch the eye of potential recruits. Unless that is the rules that a title can't have all caps.
  2. Your not supposed to. I typically change the titles that do.
  3. Np. Its been like that forever. I quess this is news that someone is still working for the game.
  4. Oh I am just a moderator I don't work for bE.
  5. Oh I got you;);););)
  6. Told the boys on discord and they are going crazy. Praise the Emperor that a moderator is still alive
  7. Lutek Lutek Steam Early Access

    Everything is fine, but in fact. I can't agree with this "Middle Easterners thing" because I'm Middle Easterner too XD
  8. ELWP has had a huge update to the guild as a whole. We are know an Imperial Fist guild, kind of. Some of the reasons are as follows more sub faction representation, uniting the guild under one chapter, and more role playing abilities due to Imperial Fist lore and how ELWP is set up. I say that we are an Imperial Fist guild, kind of because here how it will work. In the best and most relatable way I can put in is sports. A sports team has practices and games. ELWP 6 out of 7 days does not have scheduled events most of the time and those are our practices where we can play as whatever chapter that we want. But on Event days, our regular season games, we all play Imperial Fists, we all wear the same jersey. So if a member has 4 slots 3 of them are theirs that they can do whatever they want with, and they have to have at least 1 slot for ELWP as an Imperial Fist. They could have 10 slots, but one has to be Imperial Fist.
    Moving on here are some of the updates:
    We are an Imperial Fist guild (that's a given)
    Within ELWP's structure we have companies based on time zones 3rd, 5th, and 7th companies. In game those members who are in their respective companies buy the company trim that they are assigned too.
    Officers, during official event days, are the only ones who can wear the red Mk IV helmet, for tactical reasons and to show off their status within ELWP

    The whole transition is going to be gradual and those of us who have a high rank IF we are here to help our members get their IF to a competitive edge. Also if and when successor chapters of the IF do join the game we will be recruiting them too because ELWP (Epsilon Last Wall Protocol) has an IF tactic in its name, Last Wall Protocol. So we only see it right that all successor chapters will also be recruited into our guild when the time is right.

    If you are an IF player please let me know by replying or PMing me, if you are not an IF player, but you are still interested, you are welcome, but know what you are getting into for me and some others are willing to play other sub faction, but for others it may be a bit harder. We have a detailed and a concise update form that we are more than happy to share explaining it all.
    Thank You.
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