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Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Hume_Dragonbane, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Greetings Brothers, I, Azrael Mordred, urge all battle brothers heed my call. EDA was once a glorious guild, but was destroyed by unfaithful brothers and betrayal. EDA has reformed into a strike force called Epsilon Last Wall Protocol. We are searching for all battle brothers who have no chapter guild to call home. Join in purging, our enemies of the Imperium, from Arkhona. NEVER FORGET THE BETRAYAL! FOR EPSILON!

    For all those EDA (Epsilon Dark Angels) is no more, it has now morphed into Epsilon Last Wall Protocol. Same leadership within the Epsilon Dark Angels is within Epsilon Last Wall Protocol. We are recruiting all LSM chapter players. You have to fill out an application form in order to be considered to be apart of ELWP. We are built around communication, organization, friendship, and fun. We have rules that have to be followed. We have a Discord server and a Steam Page. All announcements and events are posted on the Steam page. Once you are accepted into ELWP you must join or discord server and steam page. We allow anyone to write lore on behalf of ELWP, we have set event days, we communicate, we have meetings in order to update and enhance the guild experience, we have ranks and roles one can achieve, we are friendly, we help anyone who looks for it, and most of all we all like to have fun.

    If you wish to join, email, in it stating:

    "I heed your call Brother! The Emperors light has guided me to a path of glory!"

    You shall then in response be sent an application form that you HAVE to fill out. Once you have filled out the application form, send your completed application form to the email previously provided. Once received your application shall be reviewed and you shall be hearing back within the day you send the application form.
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  2. -WCA-Vola Talron Confessor

    I understand and wish you the best of luck on this crusade. Try your hardest Mordred.
  3. Betrayal

    Written By Dekra and Azrael Mordred

    Edited by Dekra

    It is the late 41st millennium, the galaxy has only known constant war and bloodshed for the past ten thousand years, humanity continues ever on the brink of total annihilation beset on all sides by the terrors of the warp, the heretics and the vile xenos races. Only holding on by a thread thanks to the faith of its citizens, the sacrifice of its warriors and the power of the God Emperor of Man. It is in these dark times that our story begins.

    Located in the galactic northern marches of the Segmentum Obscurus is the Kharon system, home to the Imperial fortress world of Arkhona. Settled tens of thousands of years ago, it sits on the very edge of imperial-settled space and was ever a bastion of imperial power in those regions where the light of the Astronomican barely shined. Alarms were raised when suddenly all contact was lost with the planet and so a conclave of Inquisition representatives was dispatched to assess the situation, but they too fell silent once they made planetfall. Fearing the worst, the Adeptus Ministorum gave the order to send two Imperial Guard regiments along with an Imperial Navy detachment to secure the planet and report back on the situation. The journey through the inmaterium proved more treacherous than expected due to the presence of warp anomalies around the Kharon system, and so the imperial forces arrived a whole month later than expected. No sooner had they made the transition into real space they noticed that something had gone terribly wrong, none of the usual vox traffic could be heard and the whole system appeared to be changing in strange and illogical ways. Their suspicions were confirmed the moment they arrived in orbit over the planet and made the initial planetfall, the entire planet had been overrun by multiple warbands of traitor Astartes and genestealer cults had taken over many of the fortress-hives. The entire imperial garrison had been wiped out and the guardsmen found themselves surrounded in their landing zones while the Imperial Navy assets in orbit were engaged by chaos war fleets which had been in hiding in the nearby nebulas and gravity wells of three stars in the center of the system. Astropathic calls for aid were immediately sent out along with a report on the dire situation directly to the Ministorum. In a most unusual fashion the Imperial Adepta were quick to act and proceeded to call upon the very best the Imperium had to offer, the mighty forces of the Adeptus Astartes, the Emperors angels of death, were dispatched to aid in this dire situation.

    Read more once you become a member of ELWP. All Space Marine players are invited to join. We work on lore about our guild, have event days, meetings, and more. If you have no guild and wish to be apart of a community join ELWP. NEVER FORGET THE BETRAYAL! FOR EPSILON!
  4. Nomad Darmadeus Nomad Arch-Cardinal

    Such a terrible thing, betrayal... Yet something that happens way too often in online clans.

    I wish you all the best in rebuilding your forces once more, Lord Azrael. Don't let the traitors get to you. They may steal your members, but they can never steal your vision and drive to build something from the ground up for many to call home.

    See you on Arkhona.
  5. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    I hold a special place of empathy for you @Hume_Dragonbane and what EDA has gone through. I too have suffered in that way. I don't know anything about your situation but I can support you if you want. EDA was a favorite of MYST to fight. We'd like to see it return.

    God-Emperor's Speed.
  6. Part of CH. 2 The Light in the Darkness

    With blinding speed, the first raptor fell upon them ahead of the rest, driving his chainsword clean through the chest of the squad sargent on his way down. Jackob wasted no time to react, quickly taking aim with his bolter, he fired a salvo of bolts at the heretic but he had already moved, his super human speed augmented further by his jump pack. Thanks to his own genetic augmentation Jackob was able to deflect the first blow with his bolter as he drew his combat knife with the other hand, when the second blow was directed towards his head he dodged below it and instantly grappled the raptors helmet with one hand and with the other he drove his knife straight through the weak point at the neck, a perfect killing blow. Wasting no time, he withdrew his knife and barked out orders over the vox channel, “Brothers on me now!” as the Astartes formed a defensive circle around Jackob the other raptors were already upon them, a wall of bolter fire engulfed the incoming heretics and many fell but still they reached them and the situation quickly devolved into a fierce melee.

    In Recent News ELWP and WCA have formed an alliance between ourselves to combine war parties when needed and to help out in events.
    ELWP is still recruiting active members. PM me and I will direct you on how to join ELWP. Never Forget the Betrayal! For Epsilon!

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