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Epsilon Imperial Fists

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Nephoros_Sradac, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Greetings Brother, our shuttle has been dispatched in steam so you should have an invite
  2. Marton xXmartonXx Steam Early Access

    NAME: Marton
    STEAM NAME: xXmartonXx
    ROLE: Tactical marine
    Location: Span
    Timezone:GMT +1
    Age: 22
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  3. Invites sent Brother.
  4. Zyras Zyras New Member

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  5. Brothers we are still recruiting Imperial Fists and Black Templars :)
  6. We are still recruiting Brothers!
  7. Cadwyn Preacher

  8. Narx Recruit

    Name: Narx (in-game LSM name is Narxus)
    Steam Name: Narx
    Link :
    Role: In order of how often I play them: Tactical > Assault > Devastator > Jump Assault >>>>>>>> Apothecary
    Location: Egypt
    Age: 27

    Until I awake from the deep slumber and the Silent King calls me to his service, I'll pretend to be a Space Marine.

    Yeah.. for the emperor and such.. totally!
  9. Welcome Brother!

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