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Epsilon Dark Angels - For the Lion!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Atlas_Primus, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Grand Master Amadeus Shinikami Arkhona Vanguard

    Those of us from the Deathwing Company give a hearty greetings to our brothers from the Chapter proper, as any sons of the Lion are brothers of our own!

    We look forward to fighting alongside you in this battle or the next. FOR THE LION!
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  2. Azmodi Azmodi Preacher

    Thank You Brother. As do we.

    Respect the bravery of the living. Give the Rite of Passage to the fallen. Honor the battle gear of the dead.

    Never Forgive, Never Forget
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  3. EDA- xReaperx xReaperx Arkhona Vanguard

    Look naught in the dark times ahead but in the light of the Emperor's Grace

    For the time is dark my faith shines
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    This is what happened yesterday ! Brothers time for revenge and payback !
  5. Odd Sigrunn Xexeb Recruit

    Under new, determined direction.

    Brother Jakob takes to leadership post of this Dark Angels assignment. His will is strong and his vision clear...He will not allow not rumours of the darkness within the Chapter to break their Obsidian will, nor his own even darker past to haunt him further. The Dark Lion is here to hunt with his kind. And those willing to seeking absolution through duty and service in the bleakest of moments, are more then welcome. Brother Jakob has been waiting for those just like you...patiently.
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  6. Odd Sigrunn Xexeb Recruit

    Continuing his assigning in particular this week, under order to use the battered and bruised ranks to press forward in the planet-wide campaign by order orders of his superiors to 'get along' with others from Great Chapters here that made planet-fall as well.

    But in the aftermath of the campaign, what was waiting for several unnamed and unwritten of the suspected marines left over from darker times were addressed by himself. Personally. And his cadre of Interrogator-Chaplains, grim-faced men used to this service with the Dark Lion.

    The Night of Screams, it was called by the younger scouts...and never spoken by the veterans of more seasoned horrors. Brother-Officer Jakob emerged at morning mess, as if nothing had happened the night before. Despite the missing Membership and their usual seats suspiciously vacant.

    He stood at the middle of a very stoic meal time, saying "You will have new brothers arriving shortly, make them feel welcome and miss not the missing and remember them not. They are stricken from official honors." He stat back down without another word, continuing the meal time without a hitch. The room was deadly quietly and silently resumed its meal.


    Brother-Officer Jakob simply starred into the skies, after the meal through the windows of his office-sanctum, wondering at the next grouping of brothers. What would they discover for themselves about this planet and this assignment?
  7. Odd Sigrunn Xexeb Recruit

    The campaign's encoded Vox communications to Brother-Officer Jakob were not filled with joy and well-greetings from his higher-ups in the Brotherhood. The erstwhile from public, and somewhat known for the secretive ways, leadership of the Chapter had no problems with dealing with failing that would make a Imperial Commissar sing. If they, the Commissars, were to find themselves able to punish insubordination by doing so, that is.

    No, they were full of disappointment and remarks about his darker histories following him on his new assignment. He was not allowed to speak until the end. He simply stated he would do better with what he would gather to him and what was presented to him in this opportunity for the company. This gathered the attention of several older brothers: "You arrived in shame. Your fighting force is in disarray, the planet is already in the hands of the xenos forces and chaos by our sources. And you have have begun whittling your own men down in a 'internal-investigation'. the eldest spoke and said the last part as if i had turn to chaos right in the very heart of the barracks.

    "I think that you received proper information, with bad speculation on the part of the giver, elder-Brother." He spoke boldly and, he hoped, not for the last time to this company councilman. "All I have done is to reform the Brothers into fighting form and devotions, which they have begun to lose under the stresses and demands of this assignment and its location. The enemy and its myriad division cunning, the allies do not exist...I must create what we have lost here; in all senses. For both the Brothers and myself." he stepped back and humbly bowed his his head waiting for further judgement from the from the speaking device. He had found many a time to act as if he were in audience with them, because of their network of informants could tell them what went even in his guarded office-sanctum what went on.

    "Go and continue, Dark Lion. We will be watching closely." the familiar buzzing-rattle of his older Vox machine told him the audience was at a end and he had duties to attend.

    In the halls, Newer Brothers recruited from various locals were gathering to hear from their commander. There were twice as many as the past week he had gathered the new recruits. Things were looking up.

    "This place is a burial ground." he started with preamble or humor. "We are here to secure it and attend to the burial of three groupings." he held up three fingers. "Who can guess what those are?" One of the shorter, darker featured younger brothers stepped forward and said in a half-heard voice: "Heretics? Eldar? Orks?" he looked into Jakob's face for approval.

    "No." he said quietly.

    Another, taller Brother spoke...more confident "To win before the Imperial Fists, Wolves, Blood Angels or Ultramarines do!" he said with lust of rivalry that takes the young so easily.

    "Never, and if I hear you unwilling to work with our fellow Astartes Adeptes with anything but full cooperation, you will answer you explanations to me personally and alone." he remarked with a slight bit shadowy anger.

    The group of recruits stood in their silences waiting, Jakob's voice said commanding the chamber"You are here to bury you the anger you were reborn with...forging something greater. You are here to bury the doubt in your place among us, you will be tested, if you fall, you will rise and strike out again and again. You are seed of the Lion, you will not falter for long. And finally, you are here to bury your pasts. Some of you linger on them. Have the dreams. They haunt you. The meditations are being done, the exercises, not met daily. Your Brotherhood lies with you. It is your strength, find in within each person in the fortresses here and be strengthened by this life now. It is the Will of Lion and Emperor that you bury your past and become full brothers."

    He took a step back and gestured to bulky, devastator-marked brother; "Brother Vanin will get you to your gear and Dorm. Sleep well, tonight." He turned and walked off alone into a dark corridor, leaving bewildered recruits with the impatient Sergent of Arms.
  8. Odd Sigrunn Xexeb Recruit

    Seeking out the new arrivals who naturally ducked their superiors all throughout their lives in orders such as the this, wasn't the most pleasant chore...He wished to have a more open approach then the last few leaders he had been hearing about; both within the order and without. He still was the Watcher he swore to be upon that fateful day...however, he had a differing approach to situations that garnered better results for all involved. And results were something his superiors, off-world, were measuring carefully.

    Several recruits took to the planet well, and its multi-head dog of war in varying sides...he could say this is something that he saw as bringing opportunity more then the disaster the other chapter-brothers saw in it. They preferred the single duel. But the complex situation here suited the dark angel need to uncover secrets behind the war and the planet well. He saw the War Leader's wisdom in this and ordered his men on searchers in the downtime. Of which, they begun to understand the purpose...if not eager at the task, exactly.

    Some the enemy began to distinguish themselves individually and his sources of recon and intelligence among the planet began to filter back very modest results. Just names of warbands, legions, and smaller craftworlds sending parties to the surface of this bizarre planet all thought worth expending so much effort for.

    The training and ongoing cohesion of the group was the primary concern of the Officer-Brother. His fellow Brothers were counting on him to organize them into a fighting force again and the dark angels chapter masters were watching, as ever, with mysterious intentions.

    He would prove better then the moniker given him in youth, the eerie Shadow Lion, and be greater for those under his Watch.

    Next would prove either resourceful or deadly. Visits with the other outfit barges and their leaders.
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  9. Odd Sigrunn Xexeb Recruit

    The days grew long.
    Even for one with blessed with Astartes legendary stamina and will.

    But nothing would break him off the path predetremined for him by others for failure. The so-called Shadow Lion only failed if he gave in. That pleasure, that more then a few even within the Imperium, he would not yield nor surrender to anyone.

    Duties were not out of the ordinary. By any means. Casualities on the planet of interest to the Higher-ups, was...however. He quickly found lost Marines looking for a home that had none left from other chapters. He broke convention and offered them one. They were not privy to many internal details or the knowledge kept for millenium inside the Order, but were treated with respect as battle brothers. After all, he had seen such ploys before. In other places. Unnamed, even to himself now in his thoughts. Less, he betray himself in passing commentary.

    In correcting the past, one had to establish a future order of things. He selected officers, the shock of which was brief and wisely hushed by the remaining veterns.

    Vanin, reffered to as a rogue by some, a large man with a quick mouth and hard bearing. His past was not one of correctness within Imperial laws. The Brother-Officer selected him for other traits. With which to train and form men into a fighting force from various backgrounds and prehaps even chapters now, takes more liquid thinking then rote memory of a book of traditions and tactics.

    He was joined by a man with a shadier past, stricken from many planets while still a citizen, now known as simply a letter to escape that said past. 'G' is character whose rougher edges would have an inquistor in hackles. And then perhaps drinking heavily. Oh, and his calling? The combat Apoc. The confusion of the minds among the brothers whether or not to go to him when having a personal alignment is a common enough joke; is the cure worth the pain?

    He gathered them in small council.
    "You know your basic assignments. You know the basic enemy warbands we enountered on the planets and the light presence they have brought here so far. Minus the Waaagh, we recently encountered and failed to make a dent in their progress.

    "What is unknown to you is the future. That we create together, from council member here to battle-brother on the field doing a refinery patrol." he paused giving them time to reflect. "Your assignments are to turn your units into fighting shape that I entrust to you." he spoke with confidence in his half-cowled face. "Individually, you succeed and together we will overcome the greater challenges that lay ahead." he gestured for them to speak.

    "Like what?" G said without preamble or subject.

    "Supplies are short and our supposed allies are firing at us in the field." Said the larger heavy-weapons expert with a hint of patience ending with those subjects.

    "I have a new line off-planet of supplies routing here, and speaking to different companies and legions even as we hold this meeting. Things will improve. As for what is in store, it is large and speaks directly to our larger Order's mission. What I can say is that you must prepare for the worst; much more severe then the ork wave of bodies that came and went."

    He noded, signaling it was was over. And stood slowly, waiting for others join him before leaving the chamber. As he did, he left last. Turning out the lights and heading towards the awaiting ship to take him to the base of another leader of dark angels here on the accursed planet. Hoping for the best outcome and perhaps to compare notes of the current enemies and future possible sightings of more.

    He looked at his growing compound, busy at labors, as he left. Long had he given hope of home anywhere in the galaxy anymore. But just maybe and with a lot of work(and plans), he could bring these men through the long campaign.
  10. Odd Sigrunn Xexeb Recruit

    The marches on the area jointly held his and other companies of the Astartes were relentless by the traitorous brethren legions on the planet, his sources were correct that they would surge after the weakening of all pillars of stability and order were already shaken by the Ork hordes.

    He walked slowly towards the meeting officium quarter end of the fortress-monastery. Without hurry. He considered the losses sustained so far; vital resouces, appropiated by both Heretic and Xenos...then sheer strategic longterm assets held in either contention or lost from his information gathered all along the fronts manned by the Chapters of the Emperor. The need to recover them was paramont. The need to further to deliver world-spanning news that wasn't morale-killing both to Terra and the local presences.

    He would await further instructions from commanders seeing the bigger picture, but he would take steps to ensure his men and areas of responsibility were ready.

    Then there was the last piece of the map of this testing place. The sites of potential power, locked in smaller conflicts with their more aware combatants such as smaller craftworld detachments of attunned eldar or dark, sorcerous cabals of traitors.

    He once encountered a Weird-Boy's band, it went badly. With several of his men killed nearly instantly by some massive psionic force that formed a foot-like imprint on the rock basin the two groups found each other at.

    He sent, in return, a grouping of Jump-Assualts directly ontop of the Weird-boy, who was already chanting and guzzling more juice of some kind of origin he did not want to even guess. It chopped the head off the snake. The rest fell quickly, nearly without sound beyond melee range and without a word in rage from any of the brothers. As was their way.

    These sites were turning up more and more evidence their superiors knew more of what lay beneath the surface of this planet and its hidden meaning behind the sites. He still had what expertise he could gather on-planet looking at the artifects and lost technologies. He would also die before turning into a group such as the Inquisition. Who knew what would come to collect that information and what they would do after with it or to his chapter and company?

    He finally arrived in chambers to see a varied collection of somber, and not-so-somber, Astartes among them.

    The men rose and bowed their heads. Jakob raised his left hand in excusal. They sat slowly, eyeing each other with with respect but a flair of suspicion as well. It must be the chapter's inner most core working at them to feel at once brothers yet sceptical of one another, he thought to himself.

    The meeting began.


    Space wolves were loudly lining the ring with their cheers for their master of swords, one known as simply as torin by friends. He was the picture of Spacewolf strength and power, standing only a slight bit less in stature to the grizzled WolfLord; Ragnar.While the Wolflord gave final words to his champion, Jakob stood in meditation and awakening from this, he took the Spacewolf in the ring into his vision. His armor clean but worn from hundreds of melee battles that were less friendly in terms then this was meant to be. His stance calm and resistant to nerves. In comparison to his Master of Swords, he was quite large. And wide. He looked and considered his champion for the moment; Kaharial, yet another man with darkened past. Yet for a man with the geneseed, he was on the thin side of their possible frames. This was not a weakness, this was pure speed and efficiency at work in the Astartes.

    How this came to be is for another recalling, maybe another record or secret to be kept by the Angels in Darkness. But here were the collection of the legion and the company. And one side was alive with energy. The other, dead silent and staring at the field ahead of them as if it were the only thing to exist at that moment.

    The chapters were known for their dislike of one another, the list of grudges and also-rans was long. Their grievances were mutual. Jakob cared little for the lot of them with grudges. On either side. He simply didnt have the luxury of safety or time to give those grudge-bearers weight, for he also had a few Spacewolves that been orphaned from their original companies and he gave them a home here in the company. Over the complaints of 'purity' by outsiders.

    The match had started, the EDA's Master stepped forward with a last nod to the Brother-Officer. The two larger, and rubust men across the arena clasped arms and seperated. Several instructions were shouted to the collection of watchers by spacewolf commanders present from the VI legion. Jakob stood silently. As did the Dark Angels of EDA, several associated members of Imperial Fist mostly stood as far from the two groups as possible. Not wanting to be a part of any possible mistake made.

    Torin struck first after signaling together with Kaharial that they were ready. It hit home on the rib area on the Dark angel with a powerful lunge. The Lithe Astartes staggered from the powered and sudden hit, but sprang and rolled into a defensive crouch in time to catch a overhanded swing. With the free sword arm he rasped across the lower legs of the temporarily overcommited Wolf-master. The problem was he wasnt using a sword, but a mace. and this got him to swing too slow to connect without reaction from the Spacewolf.

    Stepping back after getting tapped with some force in the lower left leg, the Wolf Master of Swords locked the same leg in place behind him to give him stability and power for a second lunge at the same weakened area with practiced grace. The Lithe Master of Swords tried to react in time, but found himself cluttered by shield actually being used against him in this thrust. He switched grips of the mace to unorthodoxically hold it downwards in a attempt to block this serious attempt.

    He was too late.

    He, Dark Angel, crumpled back with the sword piecing the armor. With that...Half the crowd roared its approval while two apocatharies ran to treat the downed mace-master for the EDA. The Wolf lord stalked over and through his own men to the champion and leaned in close to whisper something.

    Jakob went to Kaharial's side. "I..." the mace-master began, the older brother raised his hand and the man stopped talking(a rarity, indeed). "This is a moment that will pass and actually bodes well for other things. You will get another at this." he said simply, bowing his head to the man and rising slowly and turning to the larger wolf lord. Men from all corners fled the area between them and some had hands on chainsword handles and combat knives.

    He walked up to the larger if similarily-aged man, "Your man is quite impressive. You win the wager of hundred helmets of my chapter for target practice." he gave the Lopsided grin he was most famous for in private situations as he revealed the private bet they had made to the surrounding men. laughter began slowly from the spacewolves but also spread to the stoic Angels, the Fists were still in shock.

    "But we also have to plan a few things, Do you remember that ridge where we met the Chaos Lord you and veterns assaulted in the caves and we layed down devastor-coverage?" he said in a hushed tone turning and beginning a slow walk out of the practicefield of VI's compound. "As he came in step with larger strides with the monkish Astartes, "Yes, Glorious was that day."

    He stopped dead in his gait. "Well, we have have joint work to continue like we did that day, if you will it, Wolf lord..."

    They walked on. And spoke about many Chaos lords to come.
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