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end times confirmed

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Grigdusher, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. Well they've made repeated claims that Chaos players were going to be pleased with what's coming, to which I questioned if they have any idea what Chaos(well any of their fans) even want, somewhat rhetorically.

    Given the recent Curse of the Wulfen retcons and now Ward's involvement I have a distinct feeling that lore is about to take a big hit. But I suppose they might give us some cheese rules while they take a shit on the faction, so there's that I guess.
  2. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    and based on the last year result age of sigmar is selling a lot more that the old fantasy. The same is happening with the criticized licensing approach.
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  3. The novels are stuck in a very odd place indeed at the moment, as they're doing both a lot right and a lot wrong. The Horus Heresy, for example, finally released the last of their short stories in a couple of books before getting back to the damn novels at long last; and aside from Deathfire all have been great to reasonably good. What's more, other stories seem to be trying to fix the mistakes of other codices, as Medusan Wings seems to basically outright ignore Codex: Clan Raukaan and goes right back to the older lore with its works.

    However, outside of that there's been a lot of problems. We have no big ongoing series coming out frequently, no lengthy novels beyond the Horus Heresy books and a lot of the big name authors are nowhere to be seen. Many current releases have been short stories and nothing else, while the likes of the Age of Sigmar and Beast Arises books are about half the length of the older works. Not a bad thing in of itself, but we're only having them in hardback form now, so we're stuck paying twice the price for something half the length. Hell, sometimes it's not even a full story, especially given that Beast Arises has a format more akin to a comicbook than a proper novel, and reads as if it were working on an issue by issue basis rather than a proper episodic structure. Overall, between this and the masses of reprints, it honestly looks like Black Library is trying to massively increase profit while limiting its costs at an astounding rate, and that's never a good sign when it's an increase so abrupt as this.

    ++++Phosphex missiles: Armed.++++
    ++++Target: Locked.++++
    ++++Launch codes: Initiated.++++

    ++++Fire Upon Confirming Heresy+++
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  4. Double post but, for the moment, it looks like the worst has been averted. There is an Ultramarines book on the way, but it's being done by Paul Kearney (AKA, the guy behind the unfortunately unreleased Umbra Summus).
  5. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    Why was it unreleased?

    [EDIT] The problem seemed to be more public that I thought it would be, why they didn't just change the name of the book I don't know.
  6. The hardbacks are killing me, I wanted to pick up Path of Heaven or Eye of Terra, but for 30 bucks apiece, I mean goddamn.
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  7. It's still a book about Marneus Calgar defeating a whole waaagh almost single-handedly, if we go by the description... -__-
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  8. But it's still just a single novel, not a Codex telling everyone that they chose the wrong faction to be a fan of.
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  9. Him and his honour guard, and that's after they fight through miles of Ork-infested jungle to reach the gate they hold, that stops this Ork invasion.

    Apparently this is the thing with Matt Ward, he visualised these epic stories of war, death, and heroism that he then had to sum in a paragraph in a Codex. I don't think he's very good at the summing up, hence the problems.

    An example is Mortarion's Heart, Matt Ward had this epic battle between Death Guard and at least a company of Grey Knights leading to Draigo dealing the blow that banished Mortarion. Which was summed up as Draigo carving a name on the internal organs of Mortarion.
    Cleaning that up was given to L.J. Goulding, who went and wrote the Audio Drama Mortarion's Heart. Mr. Goulding communicated with Ward whilst writing it and says that Ward's notes helped.
  10. You mean re-wrote from the ground up. The situation, the conflict, the events, the battle, the characters, the reasons for Draigo's promotion, and the actual plan itself were completely torn down and started over from scratch. That's not cleaning up details or fixing things, that's performing weapons grade damage control on an nonsensical event about a writer's wanked out Mary Sue. Sorry, but the whole "had to fit in a paragraph" excuse doesn't hold water. Ward could have easily written it as an uphill battle or even a struggle, but like the entirety of Dragio's history (hell, the entire fucking codex for that matter) he just drunkenly staggered in and went "ME AM FACTION BETTAR!"

    It's not any simple case of Ward being able to get across his ideas, or lacking details, it's the fact he's a downright terrible writer with about as much talent as a child starting out on So, please don't defend the Rob Liefeld of Games Workshop by pretending he's simply flawed rather than being a full blown hack, or disrespect Goulding pulling off a near impossible task of fixing one of the worst things ever to be added to the setting.

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