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Emperor, Forgive Me But We Have To Considering Alliance..

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Creator, Oct 26, 2013.

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  2. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    Heresy you say?
    seriously is that all you Astartes say?
    and they call you all the best and brightest
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  3. Damn your kind is ugly, there is no way im not mudering you at sight. Brain controlled xenos scum
  4. The females of their race can be used for many reasons some fun some very painful:D
  5. Well said brother! Let us purge xenos and heretic both!
    But i don't think there will be any puny Tau to crush till sometime after launch.
    But if it does happen nothing will be more satisfying!
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  6. How many guys on this site are going to have Fell Handed in their name? Lol

    you loyalists sure have a limited imagination : |
  7. I could say the same about someone with the word Dreadnought in their name traitor.
    But i seem to be the only one so far who has the name Fell Handed. :p
  8. You have no idea hehe :D by imagination I mean many people have the fall handed part in their name. Look around no other person on this site so far has dreadnought in their name ;)
  9. There is dreadnought and honereble dreadnought examplem of people that do
  10. Wait one, no dreadnought has been found searching for other......

    Update no such member by the name honereble dreadnought exists on this site.

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