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Eldar will NEVER be balanced

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by HorNeTNesT, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Actually, the "Eldar-OP"-meme has mostly died on the forums. There are still people who don't like us or who have a problem with a specific asset but next to everyone is able to admit that we aren't actually imbalanced now.

    If it does come up, it's usually in the steam discussions and almost exclusively right after the OP was on the receiving end of a particularly bad blowout.

    It doesn't matter tho, opinions are meaningless. We have math showing that DA's are on-par with Tacticals, we have math showing we don't kill Rhinos faster, we have math showing it's not any easier to onehit a Marine with a Scorpion than vice-versa.
    There are aspects that are harder to express in facts. Hawks are one of them. How much of an advantage is the flight really if you have inferior weapons and inferior stats? That's kinda hard to nail down objectively.
    All we can do here is look at how the best players in the game perform with one as opposed to how they perform with the other. In this case both Hawks and Tacticals work pretty damn well. So we can assume that any, good-enough Tactical can fight back against a Hawk. Or vice-versa.
  2. Except you do? About 90% of my Eldar games are games where we are without transports. Somethign ain;t right there.

    That is true, but you dismissed the human factor. It is easier to get near your enemy with a Scorpion than with a marine/ork, and their melee animations are awkward to predict what they're doing
    They also have poison (yeah there's a few in other factions, but they ain't as common or as good compared to a marine's).
    And balance =/= actually being enjoyable, if all weapons now 1 shot for every race, that wouldn't be fun. Same idea here.

    Hawks are damn near impossible to hit reliably, and melee classes can do nearly nothing against them. Their gun is actually pretty good, but their nades are very powerful (especially as an AV tool).
    The three problems I see with hawks right now are:
    • Ability to run from a fight easily (yeah they got nerfed, but I think that fuel regen was the wrong thing to change, limit their flight instead)
    • Ability to get to areas they really shouldn't, which is supremely obnoxious and irritating, especially since you can't fire back very well as they will just go further back on the roof so you can't shoot them, or will fly away to a different roof
    • Their nades stop vehicles completely. Other factions can only do that with melee, having it where it is to all intents and purposes ranged is not a good idea. (Personally I'd like them to be changed to be more like grav, and limited to 5)
    Hawks are not comparable to tacticals. And we should never balance purely based on the best players in the game, we should balance based on the majority. That is a sure way to kill the game. I'm fairly sure that's what went wrong with Carmine thinking about it... Most of the play testers were very 'good' and from guilds.
  3. No, i had a very easy time with the eldar campaign, 5 games, 5 wins. Your not really proving me wrong that eldar are too different to balance. I think your looking for an argument thats not there
  4. - So yes your right about eldar rolex so thanks for that. But your still not really saying how eldar somehow have the same win rate. Your just saying they do. Your not countering that eldar are different, or anything. Your just saying im wrong cause well, im wrong?
  5. So you mostly agree with me, i dont really have much to add, so thanks for the input though!
  6. I sound like a fucking broken record at this point but saying they are balanced because they are balanced is not a valid point!
  7. So now your pretty much agreeing with me but saying they are balanced. You said just like i did that they are hard to balance. With a glass cannony race they will pub stop. But in GVG they will get raped up the butt
  8. No. I never said that. I saying the evidence of how much Eldar win shows that they are not balanced, it's not why they're not balanced.
  9. On paper, yes. Add human factor, no
  10. Also if your like SM versus eldar, read the chat. There are still plenty of folks calling them shit

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