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Eldar will NEVER be balanced

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by HorNeTNesT, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. - So yes your right about eldar rolex so thanks for that. But your still not really saying how eldar somehow have the same win rate. Your just saying they do. Your not countering that eldar are different, or anything. Your just saying im wrong cause well, im wrong?
  2. So you mostly agree with me, i dont really have much to add, so thanks for the input though!
  3. I sound like a fucking broken record at this point but saying they are balanced because they are balanced is not a valid point!
  4. So now your pretty much agreeing with me but saying they are balanced. You said just like i did that they are hard to balance. With a glass cannony race they will pub stop. But in GVG they will get raped up the butt
  5. Also if your like SM versus eldar, read the chat. There are still plenty of folks calling them shit
  6. That wasnt a response to you, so no you didnt say that!
  7. Well look at pub winn rates, look at GVG win rates. Like ask myst or somethin
  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    What the hell just happened here?

    Screenshot_2018-07-01 Eldar will NEVER be balanced.png
  9. Durash Durash Arkhona Vanguard

    I noticed that users are posting walls of text on eldar balance, I dont really give much of a damn about that anymore but I'll respond to one thing here:

    Not a BLOP related video but one I could pull-up quickly

    These two are old as hell but relevant ^

    This is the last GvG I fought in before I stopped playing months ago:
    (The opening is loud as hell btw so turn it down a bit)

    OBST 0 - 1 ELWP Close Defeat

    "NOT EVEN THE BLOP GUYS CAN SAVEEEE THEEMMM" - Some guy before getting thrashed

    OBST 1 - 1 ELWP Close Victory

    I think dekra never uploaded the third match because of ELWP's potentially salty comms:

    So I'll throwup the match from one of our POVs (Like 4-5 of us were in there btw).

    OBST 2 - 1 ELWP Decisive Victory

    Eldar are perfectly capable of winning against competent and organized opposition. Its up to the players to leverage the tools they're given in this game if they want to win.
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  10. Was never trying to prove anything, I just stated I think Eldar are a joke to me.

    MFW I encounter a DA with a MON deamonforged armour traitor

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