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Eldar will NEVER be balanced

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by HorNeTNesT, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Im not "expecting" anything. Im afraid your making an argument thats not there. Im saying that eldar will never be balanced. You say the same thing. If your agreeing with me your making yourself very unclear
  2. Also its very hard to tell. World maps for the most part show an eldar advantage in PUBs. I feel like a broken record but eldar are too different to balance! Sorry if this is rude but bring up stats with no proof and saying that they are balanced isnt convincing me very much!
  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    @HorNeTNesT I think you messed up your quotes there.
    -Eldar already have rollex. It makes less sense for us to use, but we could.
    -It's really simple: if two teams of equal strenght face each other on a neutral map, one being Eldar, the other LSM or CSM, they can both win using dfferent means. It doesn*t matter, how assymmetrical balance is, you can always get a fair match out of it. If nothing else, the 40k tabletop game proves that very well.
  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    And for anyone saying that eldar are UnderPowered Blip bushido warriors would talk to you (with a blade in your face)
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  5. Arleniel Arphenior Steam Early Access

    You continue your talking to the winds, telling that Eldar are not balanced, but you did not give any real example. Why should then Eldar be consideted unbalanced? If you have played Eternal Crusade during the lastest campaign, you must have received the opposing impression, so world map is a false argument. It is not better to complain in a such way, then to cry at the end of every match "Eldar OP".
  6. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    I will agree that Eldar are harder to balance since they are so different than the other three and will often spend more time probably in the realms of UP or OP due to the size of the dev team.

    I think though in all the issue is over blown more because of how different Eldar play, players get to used to playing marines/marines or possibly orks and how the combat feels in those situations so when it comes to fighting Eldar and the quicker deaths and different tactics and things you need to watch out the perception is that they are OP.

    One of the biggest things is seeing messages in chat like "what the hell was that weapon??" and someone replying with "Eldar weapons are OP" because all they look at is how fast they are being killed vs how fast they get killed vs other marines. They don't pay attention to the fact that the Eldar are dying faster, or that while Eldar weapons have higher raw DPS stats than say the Bolter the TTK is still in their favor since Eldar EHP is to low. (not by much)

    People often refer to Eldar as glass cannons, and while this is technically true as something that hits hard but also dies fast where it fails is that Eldar will always die before killing their targets in an equal situation, the dps advantage when it exists in the Eldar's favor will never trump the EHP advantage leading to a constant TTK advantage for marines. The Dark Reaper even suffers from a DPS disadvantage against a devastator when using a shuriken cannon vs a heavy bolter. Even going as far as like Konoko pointed out even the Fire Dragon, the constantly complained about Eldar super AV class is, infact slower to kill a vehicle than a Tac with bomb, melta, plasma pistol against the wave serpent.

    Are these marine advantages impossible to overcome? No most of the times are pretty damn close, the biggest gap I can easily find being the shuri cannon vs HBolter being a .2 second advantage to marines, but for all the "Eldar weapons kill to fast!" well.. no because all your weapons kill them even faster.

    Conclusion: most of it is confirmation bias based on just playing marine v marine/ork. One of the few things I think that could REALLY help is for the dev's themselves to come out and post this stuff, be like hey LOOK I understand your dying faster to Eldar than you are other marines but you also kill them EVEN faster than they kill you, I know FDs are blowing up your tanks but you blow up their tanks EVEN faster than they do yours. and show them the math.. because coming from just a player all the ear clasping 'empruhs best' do is shout "stupid eldar lies!!"
  7. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    There's one common factor in those losses: You:)
    Joking aside: Eldar are more or less balanced, depending on map and team composition in terms of vet players.
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  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Actually, the "Eldar-OP"-meme has mostly died on the forums. There are still people who don't like us or who have a problem with a specific asset but next to everyone is able to admit that we aren't actually imbalanced now.

    If it does come up, it's usually in the steam discussions and almost exclusively right after the OP was on the receiving end of a particularly bad blowout.

    It doesn't matter tho, opinions are meaningless. We have math showing that DA's are on-par with Tacticals, we have math showing we don't kill Rhinos faster, we have math showing it's not any easier to onehit a Marine with a Scorpion than vice-versa.
    There are aspects that are harder to express in facts. Hawks are one of them. How much of an advantage is the flight really if you have inferior weapons and inferior stats? That's kinda hard to nail down objectively.
    All we can do here is look at how the best players in the game perform with one as opposed to how they perform with the other. In this case both Hawks and Tacticals work pretty damn well. So we can assume that any, good-enough Tactical can fight back against a Hawk. Or vice-versa.
  9. No, i had a very easy time with the eldar campaign, 5 games, 5 wins. Your not really proving me wrong that eldar are too different to balance. I think your looking for an argument thats not there
  10. - So yes your right about eldar rolex so thanks for that. But your still not really saying how eldar somehow have the same win rate. Your just saying they do. Your not countering that eldar are different, or anything. Your just saying im wrong cause well, im wrong?

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