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Eldar Will Be Constantly Called Op.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Kamikazzijoe, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Dragonkindred I'm well aware of your first point, and in a way I agree with you. The issue for me here is more complex. First you will have to think that both players have the same experience and game level skills, which I find difficult. Second both players will need a computer and internet connection that makes the playing experience smooth, a thing that is not going to be the case for everyone. Take my case for example, I live in Mexico and the internet speed here is worse than in Australia (at least I think it is) so even if I'm Kaldor Draigo (which it is not the case) the lag will constantly put me in a bad position. So if both players have an equal skill more or less, and both players have a smooth gameplay experience I have to agree with you, but sadly perfect situations don't exists, and for that I'll have to disagree with you in most respects.
  2. the think is tho for balance it does have to be that situatuion, if they have to take account the possbility of every player problem then it makes balancing classes impossible. it is the minimum requirements and a decent internet speed should be able to handle the game and both players are on a fair game level. At the situation you gave then it would not be a fault of "class balance" but just the fact that you personally are at a disadvantage
  3. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Yes but that is as I see it the case.
  4. they can't make classes balanced unless they use the ideal fight conditions
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  5. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    Yes you are right, I guess I didn't think it through
  6. Well, you will definitely be getting your own noobs (probably the Elf-lover variety) which begs the question, how do you intend to phase in new players? This thread is based on the idea of a Veteran Gamer Force, but you're not all going to be veterans.
  7. you mean i nterms of balance how will it effect low skilled players?
  8. Forktress Forktress Subordinate

    I really hope the elder players treat "noobs" in a good way. If everyone else is a veteran so to speak and the new guy decides to a certain aspect because it appeals to them why not have the more experienced people who have also picked that aspect come a mentor them about how they've learnt to survive, rack-up kills, run from frothing khornate beserkers before they choke you with your own entrails, e.t.c. I think it would be really sweet if one day I fancy a go at elder* and drop in and say "hey guys I'm new." , and this veteran in a badass suit of armour with cool weapons jumps down and says "ok rookie your with me I'll take you out to one of the forward outposts and show you the ropes.". I think that would bring the elder community together which would reflect how most of the elder who fight together know each other because then you could be like "Hey there is the guy who taught me how to play at first maybe I should go see if he needs help and show him how I've improved.".

    *Fancy a go at elder AKA gather info for the dark gods and or gork and mork.
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  9. Well thats the ideal vision of a newbie to look for a veteran to help but most of em do not do that and try to solo, and the more smarterier ones go and join some squads to try to get how to do things. but i mean personally i think eldar will be the easiest class for the newbs to try and learn the game, since each class excels at one point nicely, while other factions classes have to pick out 1 guy to do multiple things. again tho since we do not know the progression trees for the other races it can change, but as of now IMO i still think eldar easiest concept to grasp in learning the game
  10. Forktress Forktress Subordinate

    I do agree that it is a lot easier to learn one thing which you enjoy and excel at it instead of trying to be the tank-healer-damage dealer guy so yeah I do think elder is pretty noob friendly sadly I fear there may not be a large amount of new players due to space marines being the poster boys of 40k, chaos being the "bad-boys/girls/things" and orks being the cool monster things (I mean it's an MMO everyone loves orks right?)
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