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Eldar Will Be Constantly Called Op.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Kamikazzijoe, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. SHHHHH. Don't tip them off about our stealth tanks! So stealthy GW TT designers haven't found them yet.
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  2. Ganelon Ganelon Well-Known Member

    No. Just no. They're already likely to have the most players (besides Orks, maybe).
  3. BloodXIII Jolojose First Blood!

    I think he's just referring to lore, and how I can be implemented in such a way as it isn't an over balance on either side. Eldar will be small but very specialized and with veterans who know how to play, orkz will be weak but get buffs due to proximity to one another causing ork players to want to warghhhhh more for buffs, and SM and CSM just have the heaviest armor and toughest to kill.

    I think this just makes the player more likely to adopt the fighting style and tactics of the actual lore factions. Eldar will be careful, orkz will wanna group up a lot, and LSM and CSM will think they are invincible which may lead to a lot of us dying.

    That's at least how I interpreted Wildfire's post.
  4. Wildfire Wildfire Prefectus

    I intend to play Eldar, and Eldar only, so yeah I don't want astartes to actually be demigods in that sense, BloodXIII understood me right. :)
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  5. BloodXIII Jolojose First Blood!

    It would be nice if each faction had it's own distinct strengths and weaknesses just like you said. It would make players (the smart ones at least) of each faction act like how their lore counterparts act. Because in the lore its basically a stalemate due to each factions tactics, traits, and technology.
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  6. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    Ah ok. I was actually excited (and worried) there since my favorite tank (and bane of my existence) in C&C Renegade was the Nod Stealth Tank (as in vehicle).
  7. well on table top you can cast invisibility on a vehicle so...
  8. Mac Mdaddy Subordinate

    Actually that brings up the question of potential cloaking mechanics. I wouldn't mind if they added a few classes/items that made you neigh on invisible at range if you aren't doing anything too important. Of course doing things like running and shooting and being generally too close to your enemies should cancel the effect.
  9. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    For stealth I think Predator (movie & AvP game) style would be best. Heroes of the Storm/Starcraft/Planetside 2 does the same effect. A visible distortion silhouette blur effect. But also in League of Legends there's a champion named Evelynn who's passive is permanent invisibility which is broken on attacking, being attacked, or enemy being within close range for too long (indicated by a circle around Evelynn that the person playing her can see). Make whatever effect more visible the faster/bigger targets move. Complete invisibility shouldn't be a thing even when stationary and far away. Enemies getting too close would notice the effect. Also through wargear choices (servo skull following over the SM shoulder?) when in range and in line of sight of the wargear scan can give chance of revealing the stealth unit, highlight the stealth unit or make the distorted effect even more noticeable. I think Planetside 2 flashlights serve the purpose of revealing stealth now.
    Maybe stealth will be a hero ability then. As an active on friendly targets or AoE around the user. (Webway stealth as Dawn of War 2 Farseer global has?). I'm still wondering why the Skarboy Kommando in the RTS for Orks is a hero. Maybe friendly stealth is it...Well, as much stealth orks can manage.
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  10. BloodXIII Jolojose First Blood!

    Ehh I hate Evelynn. Though she's squishy enough for Talon to burst kill. But on topic I think this is actually a really good idea.
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