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Eldar Wave serpent completey OVER Powered

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Donrocco, Aug 12, 2019.


what is the most over powered aspect of eldar.

Poll closed Aug 26, 2019.
  1. Vehicle mobilty (i.e. Gliding over Rhino's and pancaking players as they spawn)

  2. swooping hawk (unlimited flight/ glide, attaining high alt shooing position w/ rifle)

  3. striking scorpion ( stealth , only ork NOB being able to do so 1 time pull each game)

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  1. Donrocco Donrocco Recruit

    Hello guys

    This is a plea to the developers / maintainers of this game. and i'll be throwing up a vote to see if the community agrees with my thoughts.

    Eldar enjoy a un-paralleled level of mobility in this game to such a level they absolutely crush and ravage the other races with there speed of foot , swooping hawk being able to reach shooting roost from which no other race can do and exploit as well as the infamous and nefarious wave serpent.

    The Elder spawn vehicle is completely out of control with how over powered the vehicle is. it can pan / strafe left and right making it insanely unfair and overly easy to run players over. also there is no slowing down of the vehicle when the Eldar hit players its as is they are bugs however other vehicles from other races are encumbered and are slowed down when they hit a player.

    lets not forget about the most over powered aspect of the wave serpent is its ability to simply float over what its wants to I.E. other player vehicles such as Rhino's and predators all the while pancaking players that are spawning from the vehicle they are gliding all over.

    if Eternal crusade was a facet of the U.S. government congressional hearings would be taking place and indictments rolling left and right at people for the over the top generosity to the Eldar. I mean how many developers / eternal crusade employees play as Eldar.

    no body can say with a straight face after playing Eternal crusade for a period of time that the Eldar are simply and overtly over powered with the boons that ETC staff / game developers have bestowed up on them 1. stealth classes 2. limitless range on flyers 3. over the top with little restriction to there support vehicles.

    give the community something with nerfing the rule of the eldar. give the rest of the races / factions a new class or upgrade jump packs (limitless flight).

    Bottom line the wave serpent there the Eldar heavy tank is completely over powered with there mobility
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  2. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    yes, space elf bad, space man gud
  3. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    I sense something. A presence I've not felt since... the last Eldar OP thread. Hooo boy. Let's dig in...

    Plea... and a community vote that is completely unrelated to the topic while even faking an openess of mind. Off to a flying start.
    Complaining about Eldar vehicle mobility and mixing in the swooping hawk for good measure... again bypassing the thread topic. Good form so far. More use of the word "overpowered" even using the less often used version of "over powered", nice. Variety is the spice of life. Wave serpent strafe ability mentioned. Good. No losing speed when running people over, now that's a rare complaint I can't remember ever reading before. Beautiful. Every good "Eldar OP" thread should bring something new to the table. Then a veiled claim of dev bias, hooo, that's juicy. While it isn't an outright accusation, that's a big plus in my book.

    A badly worded claim that's a false negative claiming that 'Nobody can say Eldar are OP", unintentionally negating his whole claim while mixing in again off topic complaints. That really paints the picture of the frothing at the mouth rank 2 Spess Mareen dumping his holy wrath on the forums. Very stylish.

    End flurry of "nerf Eldar, buff others". Also "more guns^2" and a repeat of the topic title verbatim. Beautiful.

    I give this a 8 out of 10. Style is beautiful. Good spread of typos and whacked grammer, even a self-negation thrown into the mix. It lacks in the B-note in the form of "personal experience" and "understating the power of <insert preferred non-Eldar faction here>".

    You sir are a fine Eldar OP poster. Keep up the good work while the forums still exist. Next time, try adding some "overpowdered", Eldar need their warp dust.
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  4. Donrocco Donrocco Recruit

    so your rebuttel is over saturated with illusions of self grandeur, a hefty amount of narcissism with a big helping of fanatical believer.

    at no point did you offer any evidence to refute my claim you just belted out some long winded dialogue like you William F. Buckley when asked a opinion on a simple topic difference is William F. Buckley will at least use talking points (evidence) to prove his point.

    2ndly the body of your grandiose retort makes wild accusations about off topic talking points while they were all spot on the subject about how ETC developers were over zealous about bequeathing over powered and shared by none abilities. at least the other races share abilities as so not to give a over powered edge. the remark about federal government was a attempt to illustrate how egregious its is with ETC staff not nerfing elder players.

    also with regard to the level 2 space marine comment. I have three level 6 players, two level 5 players and 2 level 4 players. all races played. sooooooo im sure that you think you are a lord of war in eternal crusade and that you have some sort of ethereal insight in to the game but you should and this is just a thought.... look at all the land the elder consistently hold which is considerably more than any other race, given that irrefutable fact that cant be dismissed you sir have basically painted your self as a fanatical believer in your own mojo and practice your own special elder self love dogma.

    in the future if you are you are going to debate a forum topic please say something of note or merit and not sound like a spokes man for Sprint cell phones or Capital one bank.
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  5. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    Your account says it's been created in 2017. Either you've been away for a looong time or you're blissfully ignorant of what state this game is in (and how much attention the devs give it these days). Nothing you complain about hasn't been complained about in the past and all was commented on in the past by the devs (and no, Eldar not OP in case you wondered). Eldar are technically in a worse spot than CSM/LSM if you use proper counters (because these days, Eldar need to rely on a set of cheese tactics to stay competitive). Deny the cheese and you break Eldar quite spectacularly. Eldar are a faction of extremes in a way. Either you rick roll or your roll over. There's rarely middle ground.

    Here's some hints to your complaints at hand: Eldar vehicles have less HP than other faction vehicles and they have weakspots to the front and the back unlike the other faction vehicles mind you. Melta (and the melta bombs) are not the smartest choice against them, so I leave it to you to figure out what you can use instead. About sqhawks: Stalker bolter and some proper aim, there is no spot in game where a Hawk can shoot you and you can't shoot back. About striking scorpions: Don't try to solo cap, then they're easily countered. They're not the most offensive play style so if you secure your approach, you've got a decent chance to catch them. And when you go for a cap, check the dark corners first, then cap.

    On the comment of being arrogant: Noticed my profile pic?:D And about your writing and tone: you sound exactly like a frothing at the mouth rank 2 LSM player who had his Wardian power fantasy squashed. So I'm not going to take any comments from your side about my tone either considering how you opened this up. How you shout into the forest, that's how it'll echo back.

    So lean back and ponder for a minute or two that maybe the Eldar have what they have for a reason rather than being the lovechilds of the devs (because patch history clearly states otherwise).
  6. MEGANOB MADNESS TheMadnesss Arkhona Vanguard

    to be fair the passionate OP does bring up the good point of the WS gliding over enemy vehicles effortlessly and not losing speed from road kills, however the narcissistic elf over here DOES also make a point that the WS and it's other variants are the lowest health vehicles in the game, including the fact it has front weak spots (which actually isn't JUST put onto the Eldar vehicles, if you shoot the guns or view ports/windows on Rhinos/predators/trukks/looted tanks/ect. you'll ALSO deal bonus damage, the catch being that on the rhino frames the view ports are rather small but not hard to hit after some practice, and they have and the predators have heavy boltguns on the side to compensate this so...)

    the swooping hawk? yeah ill have to side with the elf, they can't shoot you without the risk of getting shot back from the same angle (not anymore at least, there was a time on one of the siege maps they could hide on the rafters and be outside the hit reg zone or something, but that's been fixed for a awhile). however, it is still annoying to get plinked by them constantly, they do the Jump Assaults jump better and with no risks (the games "loudest" distraction/flank classes imo) so I would say maybe have them make a noticeable noise when they fly or, something. fuck it give marines bolters at this point that'd be actually funny to play around with.

    and the scorpion hoooo boy...again, have to agree with the Elf here, don't cap points alone, at the very least if you're trying to cap a point to take attention away from the point you REALLY want to take, throw 2-5 people at that point. although i will mention my displeasure of the Ork Kommando Nob still having a rather...odd cloak that makes his teeth, and other cosmetic options, visibly show when he moves (maybe its a graphics thing on my end but I've upgraded since his release and it's never changed)

    oh and last thing i forgot to put in:
    Eldar bias from the devs? really? i hope your not serious because if they had any bias for the pointy ears us orkz would've gotten some attention as well (mostly talking about how aggravating it is to WALK AROUND with these models and guns, I'm all for crude, clunky feeling in my characters and vehicles, but i want that in the ANIMATION, NOT THE CONTROL!). If you want to scream bias, you miiight want to look at the Marines, now im being 100% negative about that decision, a B-team focusing on more than half the population that focuses into two factions that literally share animations, guns, melee weapons, grenades, and *some* voice actors, allows for alot of bugs to be fixed. on one hand this made teh two marines the most polished and bug free factions in the game....
    on the other hand, well, it took them 6 months after open admission to the problem to get out a fix for the Orks Loota vaulting...and it took them GODS REMEMBER HOW LONG to give the Eldar their Autarch character...and how it looks to this day (so much for "our time is being taken up by the cloth physics of his cloak" ay pointy ears?)
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  8. Slough Monster Slough_Monster Arkhona Vanguard

    lol. Eldar OP will persist until there is one last player. Funny for the most underpowered faction (I mostly played marines).

  9. Wave Serpents & Falcons.

    1. Don't stand in the middle of the road.

    2. I've driven every vehicle in EC, and I can't recall when running someone over caused me to slow down. I've mowed over countless foes within a trukk, going at neck-breaking speeds.

    If the vehicle slowed down, it was due to driver's error (aka - they grew a conscience).

    3. Vehicles roll over each other every game. Mostly the rhinos, but preds and wagons have their fun too. You were able to jump over vehicle boundaries with the Eldar ones, but I don't know if you still can.

    4. Eldar vehicles have lesser health, and the same number of weak points.

    Swooping Hawks.

    1. Have you played a Hawk? When they're sailing through the air, they have no fuel and won't regen until they land. Any sharp turn, and they plummet to the ground.

    That's not "limitless flight", that's having "balls of solid iron".

    2. I've seen plenty of JPAs and Raptors in similar places to the Hawks. If anyone has any proof against this statement, please post it.

    3. Not running in a straight line helps.

    Striking Scorpions.

    1. There's, literately, a motion blur when they're "stealthed". Just put your head on a swivel, and you'll see them before they strike.


    There's been a number of discussions, where it's been noted that the lead dev on the Eldar had a "hard on" for them. That he wanted them to be every bit as powerful as on the tabletop.

    Higher base speed (similar to the MoS?), vehicles taking advantage of their arrowhead-shape (abusing the road kill mechanic), and aspect warriors being the only viable choices which gave them plasma and melta weapons from the start (just to name a few).

    For the rest of us that have to grind for our weapons, the Eldar are going to seem OP. Through teamwork, and a shitload of splash damage, the Eldar will die.
  10. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Come children.
    Join Inquisitor Pie from Ordos Insainicatus
    & Let us take a trip to times long passed.

    Using this newly acquired absolutely not heretical surly not Xenos technology that I definitely did not steal out of the hold of a ship belonging to some Chaos Lord last week, who for sure did not acquire this on some old floating in space Pyramid structure a while back.
    (its totally save me..)

    We are hitting the time period soon!
    It will be around The Imperial Date of 0002017.M03.
    Patience children.
    Just a lil closer ...
    OK NOW!!
    If you look outside NOW trough canopy and to our left you will see a rare glimp's of the Aeldari Wave Serpent and its driver in action.

    This was ofc during the Aeldari's times of the of the nerfening wich as the legend has it still lasts to this very day.

    Our next stop will be the site where the great warp storm originated from that still prevents the (still) loyal forces on Arkhona from receiving the Tactical Dreadnought Armour the mechanicus promised to supply the Astartes forces with more than a century ago.

    Oh.. and !
    I was told a few days ago in a club on Gheistos by some random Banshee I was sexting ( dont ask) that the Aeldari also lost one of their revered spears in that storm when it shredded trough one of the tendrils of their web way in that area of space.

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