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Eldar Vehicles

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by TheBigDakka, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Nazdakka TheBigDakka Steam Early Access

    Az alwayz, I'z gunna tranzylate at da end so'z yoo gitz wot iz dum kan unna'stand wot i'z sayin'.

    Now, yer fancy panzy trukkz iz zoggin' broken, I'z ain't even a mekboy 'an I kan unna'stand dat! Firs' off, dey ain't got no weelz! So how dey dun run any git ova? Dun' make no sense it dun'! I'z try 'an whop a big 'ol bomb on da side ov ya fancy 'ovva trukkz 'an all yooz gotta do iz turn to da side wivvout even movin' 'an I duzn't even get stunned! I'z jus' drop ded! Now I getz dat ya panzy tankz 'an trukkz is all fast like so it'z unna'standably 'ard to blow 'em up. But da 'owl tappin' gitz 'an insta' killin' 'em iz a bit much I sez! Not ta mention yoo sneeky gitz iz cheetin' 'alf da time by drivin' dem fingz in places wot ya ain't meant ta!

    Git Speek for gitz wot iz dum: The eldar vehicles I think need a little touch up in my opinion. First off, they hover right? So theoretically, any git you try and run over could simply duck his head and avoid getting clocked on the noggin. In other words, Eldar vehicles should not be able to run over people, you could easily enough drive over your attackers or drive away from them, and blast them with your fancy cannons. This would also make AV against eldar tanks a LOT easier, as when any unlucky sod tries to clamp a bomb on those things, all you have to do is turn, just turn, and he's dead, not stunned, DEAD. Ever tried that in a tin can or a trukk? It's zoggin' impossible to do! I'm not saying that eldar vehicles should be nerfed in anyway, no I agree they need their mobility, but that speed and mobility is a little unfair when a vehicle that floats, turns like merry-go-round full of snotty little kids and is faster than red paint and dakka, is able to mow down a mob of 20 unlucky buggers just by powersliding (another thing that is impossible to do in a rhino or truck). Also, we REALLY need to fix the glitch that allows eldar vehicles to enter off limit zones for wheeled vehicles, it's still very much a problem.
  2. Safreadis Safreadis Arkhona Vanguard

    I read what you are saying and I understand you, greenskin.

    Two things:
    - I'd like the hovercrafts to indeed deal less damage on roadkills unless you are in the middle of its track. I've been team killed by those razor sharp thingies more than I can recall, or more than I'd like to recall. I wish the "crouch to take [at least] lower damage from the craft so it doesn't kill you instantly" was a thing.
    - It's indeed easier for Eldar vehicles to get to places they shouldn't go to, and I wish devs fix that (seriously I do), but it's also possible for any vehicle of any faction to do that. So basically, if it's fixed for Eldar, It's fixed for everyone, supposedly. I'm fine with that.

    So wat' Im sayin iz: I unna'stand wot ye ar tellin' an' I woul' lik tha Devs to fix' it just as soon as possible... Yeah sorry, I couldn't force myself to speak your tongue, Ork... Though you have a wonderful voice. Keep that up.
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  3. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    next time your near an empty eldar vehicle try doing this ....

    1. stand next to it and see just how far off the ground the things floating .... its about crotch height,
    2. try crouching next to it and see where that puts your head in relation to the vehicles edge ..... its right about eye level
    so next time you think the eldar vehicle should "float" over you and leave you unharmed ... try this ...
    1. to simulate a standing RK impact get a friend to hit you hard in the genitals with a sledgehammer .... this is a poor substitute for a 10tonne hovercraft running into you at 80kph, but I think it will demonstrate the effect of being hit by one while standing
    2. to simulate a crouching RK impact get a friend to hit you hard between the eyes with a sledgehammer while your crouching ..... see where I'm going with this?
    wave serpent stats kindly provided by lexicanum

  4. Maensith Subordinate

    Oh my, this is faster than speed of many passenger's aircrafts! :eek: it should literally knock everyone out of their feet by a shock wave when such a thing streaks past them!
  5. Lerdoc Katitof Well-Known Member

    You missed the part where being UNDER a grav vehicle boosters is likely to end up exactly same way as being on receiving end of grav gun execution.

    All vehicles can enter off-limit zones, there are plenty of screenshots of trukks and rhinos being in places where even JPA struggle to get, latest would be one of the threads on general discussion.

    It takes 3 shots from Zzap deffgun to kill skimmer, 3-4 from kannon deffgun. They ARE extremely easy to kill, just PuGs for whatever reason think they don't need AT because opponents vehicles will just explode by themselves(hint: they won't).

    You also have these things called stikky stikkbomb bundles, THEY are intended to be used against eldar, not super stikkbombs.
  6. Nazdakka TheBigDakka Steam Early Access

    I agree with Safreadis' post about how on the outer wings of the craft, the damage could be reduces, (or whervere the fancy thing gets its grav from). This way it does still leave the vehicle with some lethality when piloted solo. My main point however, is that this vehicle is able to turn directly on the spot, which when it just lightly love taps you, results in an instant death, not even a stun, a death. Where as you can back into someone in a trukk or rhino, full speed reverse, you're lucky to stun them.

    Also eldar vehicles are able to get to no-go-zones a lot easier somehow, as far as i've seen for trukks or rhinos, it's the result of a previous impact going laughably wrong.

    Basically, I'z 'an ork, so I'z rite, 'an yoo izn't.
  7. SaffronB SaffronB Preacher

    I don't read primitive languages
  8. Nazdakka TheBigDakka Steam Early Access

    Yooz da primy... prim... stoopid git.
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  9. GORDII GORDII Active Member

    It is necessary to have long nerf they elfiyskie transports imbalansny
  10. Nazdakka TheBigDakka Steam Early Access

    Also, 'az fa ya fancy 'gra-vidy" I'z dun 'even kno wot dat iz, rite? i'z dun unnastan' da lawz ov fizikz, so dat meanz I kan brake 'em, koz I kan't not brake sumfin I 'don't kno 'ow to NOT brake, rite? Dat makin' sense wot wiv' yer dum git brainz? So daz meenz dat I'z dun get 'it by dis "gra-vidy".

    Now dis Iz why us orkz iz betta, yooz all busy mukkin' about wiv all dis fancy fingz, 'an 'ere I iz winnin' da argument, koz I'z not mukkin' about. Koz I'z busy doin' not finkin'.

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