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Eldar vehicle ideas

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Nudu, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Nudu Nudu First Blood!

    We all know that there is a lot wrong with eldar vehicles, being the lawnmowers that they are, and they just dont work for the meta of the game. Fundamentally if the game is about holding points and deploying there as fast as possible the eldar vehicles dominate because of their speed and unstoppability.

    So, this thread is about changing, not slightly, but completely the idea of those vehicles so give lots of suggestions since it feels like they just cannot be balanced with slight changes to health and what not.

    My few ideas that you can comment on:

    1 Make them a lot slower with a speed boost that takes away steering. Even though they "are supposed to be" super fast and stuff according to pretty much all the lore and fan fiction, they just cannot be what they currently are. In my opinion the 40k lore is all about how you interpret it anyway so slow speed for those vehicles would be just fine. Something similiar to covenant vehicles from halo would be kinda maybe balanced and still make sense. Being able to roll and dodge them would be the idea here.

    2 Change map design. Changes in map design could potentially have some effect on the eldar vehicles, for example if the maps would be more open and have sniping spots for lascannons it just could make a difference. currently i feel like that 1 lascannon is totally unable to snipe an eldar vehicle in any map since they can drive away from line of sight so fast. (fortress maps are and exception since lots of spots to snipe from and lascannon is meta)

    3 Give all the races some stopping tools. Like land mines that stun vehicles, somehow make powerfists able to stop them, more gravguns for everyone and so on.

    4 If for any reason they would be left as they are, they should at least be vulnerable to all weapons. You cant really counter those vehicles unless you have a team of melta guns shooting them at once. Also you are more than encouraged to just smash into the entire enemy team with your lawnmower so there should be some kind of limitation to it.

    5 The already lots mentioned nerf to roadkilling. Maybe only dmg on full speed, knock enemies aside instead of insta kill, also the point from suggestion#1 and so on. (This is a part of their bug fixing plan anyway?)
  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    You counter Eldar wehicles just like you counter them for every other faction:
    -You wait until they stop, go there with bomb and they dead.
    The fact of the matter is that Eldar, once again, have a more aware and cautious playerbase that occasionally keeps driving them around.
    To be fair its also much more fun and more rewarding to keep driving a Wave Serpent when compared to a Rhino.
    Yet any significant nerf, justified as it may be, would have to come with a respective buff, for instance to EHP, so they dont become too easy a target.

    Serpents and Falcons are the bane of bad teams. Lack of AV and coordination, lack of awareness of dangerous spots, an average LSM-pug cant do shit about them, thats where you are correct.
    Yet a team that actually has 2 or 3 coordinated AV-players (like 90% of all Eldar teams ever), should have no significant issues taking them out in an appropiate amount of time.

    As far as Falcons go they are completely non-competitive to a well-used predator. They can do the roadkill-thing against bad players as mentioned before, and they can safely deliver a Fire Dragon.
    Not gonna lie: I can get a solid amount of kills and 20+ destroyed vehicles on Maggon, but only if the enemy lets me. A single Lascannon or Grav Gun is able to utterly cripple my effort.
    Once again: A predator in the same situation can waste us too, but we dont normally let it live.

    You are saying you cant kill a serpent with a lascannon? You can literally threeshot it. And even if there is a way to drive away in time, and there isnt always, that tank would now be in a spot where it is of no use.

    TLDR: Yes, Eldar vehicles might currently be too powerful, especially against unorganized teams.
    But nerfing them without compensation would create more problems than it fixes.
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  3. Dorfus Dorfus Steam Early Access

    1. no way that's just lore-breaking lol

    2. no, we have enough with the current stalker bolter meta. plus the dev team is too slow for that.

    3. good point but there's still a problem that is the fact that most people don't like replacing their main combat tools with AV stuff because they're more easily killable in battle and stuff...

    4. lmao no that would make the WS's able to be destroyed in seconds by some people shooting at it together for some seconds lol

    5. good point too but again the dev team doesn't even bother looking at eldar.
  4. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    All tanks have the same top speed meaning a speed nerf would make Eldar have the slowest vehicles in the game and most fragile even if the boost make them slightly faster than other tanks, still the slowest overall and weakest, kinda of immersion breaking imo

    And all tanks have speed boosts already, honestly go play halo if you want to fight Ghosts, ideally Halo 3(because it's best game) because these are mobile gun boats not open topped jetbikes which the Covenant Ghost is, to be more accurate a Wave Serpent is more like a Covenant Reverent not a Ghost

    Honestly more people need to use a brain and be a champ and actually be helpful and pick up a multi melta, a dead tank is a worthless tank, it's why I main AV on all factions.
  5. Trashed Recruit

    3 - Every race has stopping tools already in play, I mean you can stop them with fists/klaws right? has to be timed right if its coming right at you or something? (or 3 las cannon shots + tacticals with AV bombs)
    I've seen a number of jetpack fist guys zooming over and immobilizing movement. But omg if everyone had grav guns.... i'd probably stop playing. The range on grav guns go damn near all the way across the map (reduce the range to a normal melta and i'll be okay with it).
  6. Thana Thana Curator

    @Nudu soooo. Right from the start. A Rhino and a wave serpent have the same top speed. A wave serpent has a better acceleration. But still both have same top speed.

    Eldar grav tanks have 40% less HP compared to the other vehicles. Rhino 8000 HP, Wave Serpent 4800 HP. And you are also asking for them to take damage from ALL weapons :EldarWarlock: .

    Power fist and power klaw already chain stun vehicles.
  7. Asyran Eldritch Arkhona Vanguard

    Just out of curiosity, does the Trukk have the same acceleration as Serpent? It seems to zip around.
  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I left my opinion above, but talking about actucal Eldar Vehicle ideas, could we remove the Falcon and, for each ticket, get five of these?
    I'd be totally fine with taking roadkill potential from the remaining Serpents if we got something shiny for it.

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