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Eldar Strikeforce V2.0 Interest Thread

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Shadhunter, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    So I've decided I may finally have enough information to post the interest thread for the rebirth of Strikeforce. There were a few things looking back that I'm not too proud of so this time I'm out to make an rp I can actually be pleased with in hindsight! Many of you may remember and have fond memories of the original, but for the second round, I intend to make 2.0 more lore-friendly and realistic to the 40k setting. Not all of the details are settled yet, so some thing are still subject to change.

    So what's changed?

    No more Exarch weapons available at character creation: While in the original Strikeforce this was done to provide more options to character's for customization, it wasn't exactly lore friendly and looking back, it was honestly unnecessary. Now this isn't to say you can't have your Scorpion's Claw, Diresword, or your Tempest launcher, it just means that they may be unlocked later in the game.

    Removal of the old Trait/Flaw system: Let's be fair, this system was rather poor and not always rewarding. (Are you sure my trait applied there?) This system is being removed and may/may not be replaced with something else in the future.

    Slower GM posts for game progression: Looking back, this RP flew rather quickly, I'll be slowing down the rate of gm posts so those with larger time constraints can enjoy the game as well! (Note: If a post pertains only to your character and does not effect anyone else in the progression of events, I may provide a faster response.)

    More lore friendly:
    Yea... I have no words for this. Expect a more setting appropriate game.

    That's nice and all.... but... What's new?

    Corsairs!: That's right, you're free to make a Corsair as your chosen character if you so desire. (Where they allowed before? I forget...) These may be limited to two or three slots depending on interest. (This is a predominantly Craftworld RP, having 6 Corsairs and 2 Craftworlders would be awkward.)

    More NPCs to interact with:
    I doubt there's many who forgot Caerys from the original Strikeforce (I few of you forgot poor Uiriel :() but this time I intend to have more important NPCs than just a single Farseer guiding the group. Great... More NPCs to follow me around and take all the glory. Don't expect the NPCs to accompany you on missions and steal your kills. Their role is going to be more one of an advisor. Each NPC having wildly different personalities and different advice for your chosen missions and objectives. Not all of which may prove helpful. (Disclaimer: NPCs may participate if it fits the plot, but expect it to be RARE. They're not coming to save you if you screw up.)

    Three Campaigns: Yes, that's right, THREE campaigns. There will be three campaigns open to you from the very start of the game, each with varying enemies and conflicts that need to be settled. (Each of these conflicts are ongoing and you can switch between them after each mission freely.) It's up to you, the players, which you will tackle. You can pursue one to its completion or perhaps do them all equally, but be warned, ignore one for too long and there may very well be dire consequences.

    Planned ending: This is a weird one, but rather than not having all too much of an ending in sight and dragging on into the weirdness that ensues from an RP having stayed passed its welcome, 2.o will have a reachable end goal. Once these three campaigns are seen to their completion the game will end. Now this doesn't necessarily mean that 2.0 will drag on for the duration of what would normally be 3 RPs, think of campaigns as a different word for "Plot lines" in this case.

    Okay, I'm in:

    All I need at this stage of the RP is a simple character sheet on what you'd like to play! While I myself am not a huge fan of homebrew Craftworlds, I won't be declining any characters for that reason, so feel free to have your character come from homebrew Craftworlds or Corsair groups! As for what you can play? Pretty much anything you can think of. Guardians, Warlocks, Fire Dragons, Howling Banshees, Wraiths, (Did he just say Wraiths? Yes, yes I did) Ghostwalkers, or Reavers, it's pretty open. If you're not sure what you can play, feel free to ask.

    Note: The Aforementioned Wraith class is limited to 1 currently. Warlocks are limited to 2.



    Class: What does your character qualify as? Guardian, Banshee, Reaver?

    Craftworld / Corsair Group: Where does your character hail from?


    History: Your character's past. Perhaps they were a bonesinger or perhaps they took part in an important battle somewhere? This doesn't have to be extensive.


    Please send all character sheets to me privately before posting them so I can approve them. And... I think that's everything! Happy RPing. ;)

    Ynnari are not currently allowed.

    Currently, there is no Discord server specifically for 2.0. You can find me in the E.C. RP Tavern if you wish to talk to me or other players:
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  2. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member


    p Spider Warp Spider Warp Spider Warp Spider
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  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Name: Zerelith

    Gender: Female.

    Class: Dark reaper

    Craftworld / Corsair Group: Taramas
    Appearance: Short semi small frame for a eldar, Often seen in body suit with her craftworlds colors upon her along with type of winter like robe that she seems to carry wear around carrying several markings of her family and craft world upon it, Several tattoos have been added recently to her body mainly a skeleton representing her recent path, but another one seems to be over lapping the new ones representing the Crimson hunters she once flew with. Many times carrying a old art book or a instrument Zerelith is considerably silent compared to most.

    History: A former Artisian, Zerelith is one of who has walked several paths in her life, Walking the path of the Artisan in her younger years and with the past of the Bone singer being the last path she walked that was that of non combat, Being raised on Craftworld Taramas, Zerelith was considerably runty compared to many of of her kin being smaller in size to most of them but making up for it in creativity walking the path of artisan at a young age, in her later years she would join one of the many crimson hunter aspect shrines her craft world held after several campaigns, and becoming close friends with several members of her squadron and a few other aspect warriors, Zerelith would go onto one of the more recent and bloodiest conflicts Taramas would have fighting both the forces of chaos and the xeno race of the tau losing several friends and gaining more insight and experience on the galaxy as a individual, After these campaigns several seers and commanders noticed a changed within Zerelith, Many could see she had mastered the crimson hunter and it was time to move on, and her next path she chose to take was the path of the dark reaper, As Zereltih served with the Dark reapers a noticeable change with her attitude was change as she served destroying threats from the craft world from afar she became more silent, Blunt, and seemingly uncaring, Many seers believe this to be from the campaigns and loss of several friends that have affected Zerelith, While others believe she is becoming more lost upon her path fearing that she may one day become lost upon it and then become a exarch for the path.
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  4. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Name: Ylsen

    Gender: Male

    Class: Corsair Reaver

    Craftworld / Corsair Group: Void Dragons

    Appearance: Blonde long hair with one bright blue stripe to remind him of Iyanden by mimicry of their colors, one thin scar runs vertically over his left eye all the way from the hair line, cutting his eyebrow in half and over to his jaw.

    History: Ylsen was a proud Iyanden craftworld Eldar. Because of the tyranid battle that rendered them to near extinction levels there wasn't much hope for the craftworld's survival. Growing more and more frustrated by their fate every day, Ylsen took to the stars and found more peace among the corsairs than with Iyanden.
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  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    So here's my sheet.

    Name: Kilania Yathernis
    Gender: Female
    Class: Corsair
    Craftworld / Corsair Group: Sky Raiders
    Appearance: About average height, with green eyes and jet-black hair that comes down to her shoulders. Small scar that cross her right jaw, faded but still visible.

    History: Kilania Yathernis was at first, a child of the Dark City and taking steps to become a Wych. However, unlike most of her kin Kilania found herself disenchanted with a life that entailed always watching her back for anyone planning to stick a blade into her. So she left Commorragh and instead took to life as a Corsair.

    Gear: Mesh Armour (with grappling hook) Corsair Jetpack, Lasblaster, Splinter Pistol, Sword.
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  6. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Edited my post above, would like to go Warp Spider if that's OK? :)
  7. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    Name: Akerath

    Sex: Male

    Craftworld: Ulthwe

    Class: Warlock

    Appearance: He wasn't overly tall for an Eldar, perhaps just above average. His coal-black hair ran well past his shoulders and, most of the time when out of his Aspect armour, he kept it tied neatly into a ponytail. His facial features were as angled and 'smooth' as most other Eldar may be, perhaps the only identifying features that could make him stand out amongst a crowd being the sideburns, as well as the slightly disfiguring scar that had cut itself from the right corner of his mouth to the middle of his cheek. It certainly would have healed by now, though the mark wouldn't fade anytime soon; nor would he want it to. He also had a set of jade-green eyes, constantly darting around his surroundings.

    For Rune armour he wore his slightly personalized, instead having the front half of the robes removed entirely for a sort of coat, or cloak, to show the rune armour beneath. Segmented plates that on top of the bodysuit, made him seem far more warrior than psyker, armoured head to toe with the typical oil-black colourations of his Craftworld, with bone-white trim.
    His witchblade would come in the form of a single-edged longsword with a slight curve to both the blade and the handle. Along the edge just above the guard there would be upward-facing serrations, potentially able to snag other weapons in them; those adept at melee may not fall prey to this, though even a moment's distraction or delay can always prove worthwhile.

    History: Akerath's life wasn't too exciting at first; going along the path of Awakening, and then along the Path of Service as a cook (even to the Part of the Artisan to perfect his cuisine, such was its fascination to him); it wasn't until he'd lost friends to the Old Enemy that he'd decided that he wished to do more than be a simple Guardian. For almost a millennia, he held his place as a Dire Avenger, and briefly as Striking Scorpions before moving on to the path of the Seer.

    It was here, that the man found his calling as a Warlock. Incinerating his foes and protecting his allies; and in desperate times, healing the injured.
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  8. Taec Taec Arkhona Vanguard

    Name: Laeduin

    Gender: male

    Class: Striking scorpion

    Craftworld: Iyanden

    Appearance: Average height, short platinum blonde hair and light blue eyes. A tattoo of the striking scorpion rune on his neck.

    History: Laeduin fought as a guardian in defence of Iyanden during the tyranid invasion. After watching his sister be cut apart by the bone swords of a tyranid warrior, he decided to train with the warrior shrines. He started first with the dire avenger, but moved onto the striking scorpion shrine of the hidden strike.
  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Hey shady are we allowed to create things while out of mission, Say if we were in the past, a Artist and or bone singer can we create gear or stuff of fluf?
  10. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Sorry vulp, I don't understand your question. Please reiterate?

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