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Eldar Strikeforce (dw Style)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Shadhunter, Apr 2, 2014.

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    Areena sighed and then nodded. "Upon our initial arrival here, we were aware of this group of which you call 'Chaos'... But we were... Unaware of how they operated. Due to time constraints we considered them as, well, less than a threat. They seemed to operate under someone or something's guidance, but... not as one." She paused as the Farseer came to join them.

    "I'm afraid that from what I can gather from this situation, Selene is correct." Caerys began. "It would seem Erythea is... well her ability to foresee the future may be far above mine... I would assume Erythea followed us here in order to launch this specific attack. And if she is already on the retreat she has no doubt already accomplished her goal here."

    Areena nodded slowly. "You did mention requesting our aid?"

    "Perhaps she desired to prevent you from providing any form of support that could pose any form of threat to her?"

    Celexia nodded at Jyraielle and hobbled slowly along with her, leaning on the Eldar but trying not to put too much of her weight onto Jyraielle. After all, the weight and height difference could prove too great, or at least, that's what Celexia thought. She nodded in the direction of a door within the area. "There please... I think I'd like to have these wounds treated... properly." She chuckled softly and then coughed, the pain evident. "I have no quarrel giving my life for my Queen... but if I have a choice, I'd much rather live."
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    Jyraielle nodded, taking as much of the lizardwoman's weight as she could. The slight build of the Eldar belied their strength, but the Venari were tall and muscular.

    "Let us get you to the healers," she said, briefly wishing once again that she'd taken that particular Witch Path.

    [OOC ... or today ... :oops: It's been a while, can you refresh my brain? Are we regrouping with Caerys and Areena? That sounds like a good plan anyway, then back to the ship?]

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