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Eldar Strikeforce (dw Style)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Shadhunter, Apr 2, 2014.

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    "Thank you, Seer. We will withdraw and await further instructions." The Scorpion relayed her vox to the others.

    Jyraielle then moved to support the wounded Venari. "Come with me, you need to rest," she sai to Celexia, "and then you will be fit to fight once more." She nodded to her Eldar sisters in arms. "Sisters, I suggest we fall back in rearguard formation. Majesty, please show the way, we will guard your retreat and then come with you."
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  2. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    OOC: Anyone else or shall I continue?
  3. Cat Cat Arkhona Vanguard

    OOC: I just woke up from a nap not long ago, so you may continue if you wish. I don't have anything to really add right now.
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    OOC: So you want to go along with Jyraielle then?
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    OOC: Mhm, perfectly ok with that.
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    Areena nodded and then set off in the direction to move deeper inward. For the entire duration of the journey, they encountered no hostiles. In fact they encountered nearly no one. The occasional Venari who had somewhere else to be. Some were carting wounded around. Others were carrying weapons, likely to continue the defense, though the pressure from Erythea's forces was shrinking rapidly. After some time they arrived at a wall. To the Eldar, it appeared much like any other wall they'd encountered within the caverns save for a few cracks running along it. Areena approached it and slid a claw into the cracks. She moved her claw along the crack and inserted it into a small hole, hidden beneath. A distinct click could be heard a moment later. The door then opened, revealing a thin path for the group to travel through.

    "I never thought we'd have a use for such security measures..." Areena stated as she began to enter the hall, expecting the others to follow. "We only ever came to this galaxy to be left alone, to get away from such pain. To live in peace in a way we saw fit." It seemed the pain of what had occurred was now beginning to set in. "Now I can only ask..." She paused. "Why?... Why were my people slaughtered like animals? What have we ever done to deserve such bloodshed?" They then came to large clearing, filled with hundreds of Venari, each seemed to be hustling about carrying out different tasks and moving various goods.
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    Selene followed the Venari Queen at a respectable distance. Carefully observing how she opened that door, shortly following her within. Hearing her ask those no doubt rhetorical questions, she still felt the need to respond, though she did so carefully. "Such is the way of chaos, noble Queen. It strikes without provocation, and without mercy. I cannot help but feel partly responsible for the loss of life your people have suffered this day."
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    (OOC Sorry guys I will be delayed as I am nursing a sick hard drive :( and I will be at my mum's for a few days. Wish me luck :O)
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    Zerelith Followed behind Selene watching her while keeping silent as she wen't her eyes scanned the room making mental images in her head of something to remember. she kept her steps the same as others giving of rarely any noise. she could tell all of the sadness for the Venari but they may live yet another day.
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    OOC: Sorry guys! I haven't forgotten about this, I've just been busy. My school year's coming to a close, so quite a few exams. That and I'm currently studying for a certification I intend to get. Will get a post up soon.

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