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Eldar Strikeforce (dw Style)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Shadhunter, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Urian finally convinced me to give Gm'ing a try so this will be my first attempt. :D

    There are 10 positions available and all Aspect Warriors are welcome. (Want to be a Swooping Hawk? Go for it. Want to be a Guardian? You can go for a Black Guardian of Ulthwe.) Warlocks are welcome as well, but no Farseers, that slot is filled. :) The available number of slots may or may not change as the RP goes on.

    Rules are similar to that of the current Deathwatch Roleplays by Urian and Deran Vendar.

    Character Sheets are done via "Urian Style."

    1st traits free.
    2nd requires 1 flaw
    3rd requires 2 flaws
    4th requires 3 flaws
    5th requires 5 flaws
    6th requires 7 flaws
    And so on...

    Some leeway with equipment is given. Dark Reapers may not normally carry plasma grenades but if you want them, feel free to take them. Nothing too absurd though, I don't want to see Striking Scorpions running around with a Reaper Launcher.

    You're also free to choose what Craftworld you hail from, be it Ulthwe, Biel-Tan or Mymeara.


    The council had deemed it necessary. A small group of warriors fit to carry out missions where larger numbers would be considered a greater risk. They would be guided by a single Farseer, capable of leading them and providing the necessary support when it was called for. The Warriors could come from any Craftworld on the grounds that it was the choice of the individual to join. The messages had already been sent and now it was merely a matter of time before they would arrive. Though time was short, the council would not have sanctioned the action if it was not of utmost importance.

    -List of Playable Classes.-
    Howling Banshee
    Striking Scorpion
    Dark Reaper
    Shadow Spectre
    Dire Avenger
    Black Guardian
    Swooping Hawk
    Fire Dragon
    Warp Spider
    Shining Spear
    (Feel free to contact me if theres something I missed or something you'd like to play I didn't list.)

    Mission #1

    Mission #2
    Character Sheets

    Mission #3
    Character Sheets

    Mission #4

    Mission #5
    Character Sheets
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  2. CousinTp Cousintp Subordinate

    Scorpion, I'll post character sheet later
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  3. Colapse Colapse Forum Beta Tester

    Character name: Razauil

    Class: Dark Reaper

    Craftworld: Altansar

    Aspect Armor
    Aspect Helmet - Death Mask
    Reaper Launcher
    Venom knife


    Ranged warrior: As every member of his Aspect Shrine, Razauil is master of ranged combat, and he proves that over and over again, by killing his enemies from afar.

    Death Incarnate: Razauil is obsessed with death. He believes it represents the height of each creature in this galaxy and he took upon himself to bring others this knowledge. Like his shrine teaches, he became one with death and both his appearance and attitude unnerves his enemies, which leads to lower morale when fighting in prolonged battles with this particular Dark Reaper.

    Hunter: He looks upon battle as a sport, and he enjoys the thrill it brings him. His enemies are his prey, and he has a supernatural way of sensing when the enemies are close, like he could almost feel them. He is also adept at tracking his prey and dispatching it quickly and cunningly.

    Stealthy: His hunter skills had to be compensated with tracking skills. Therefore, Razauil increased his stealth abilities, and is adept at hiding in plain sight, waiting for a perfect moment to strike at his prey.


    Sadistic: Razauil considers his victims as a trophies and he acts accordingly. He loves dispatching them in most gruesome way possible, which even his fellow Dark Reapers shy from. During one encounter, he took a hold of a Venom knife from a dead Wych, and he carried ever since, using it's sharp blade to end lives of victims he previously shot down with his Reaper Launcher.

    Brooding: His obsession with death made him quite a pain for others. If he is not talking about hunting, he is talking about inevitability of death. That is all there is about him, and other Eldar which haven't walked the path of Dark Reapers don't understand him that much, and don't like to be in his presence.

    No Fate has hold on me: Contrary to other Eldar, Razauil doesn't believe in fate controlling his life. He doesn't talk about it much, but when Farseers start talking about threads of fate, he has no interest in hearing them. He spits on their way, for he is a hunter and a killer, and there is no fate that can save his prey once he tracks it down.
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Character Name:
    - Zu'ark

    - Male

    - Shadow Spectre

    - Mymeara

    - Aspect Armor incl. Helmet
    - Prism Rifle
    - Jetpack
    - Holo-Field


    Experienced Aspect Warrior (Eagle Pilot & Dire Avenger; counts as 2 traits) - Zu'ark has wandered the Path of the Warrior for quite a while, including the Eagle Pilot and Dire Avenger shrines of Mymeara. Therefor having more experience in warfare and different facets of war which he is able to utilize even as a Shadow Spectre.

    Superior Aim (counts as 2 traits) - Zu'ark is a master with ranged weapons and can hit anything, the only way he would shoot even better would be with other Shadow Spectres using the Ghostlight together with him. But even without it, his skills come up to a Pathfinder if not even superior to many.

    One with the Shadows - Zu'ark understands the teachings and ways of Mymeara, especially their Shadow Spectre Shrines. He can wander the dark without being seen, except by the most talented foes. Not just covering body in darkness, but also the sounds of his steps covering into silence and his mind into nothingness.


    Extreme Dislike and Misfortune with Melee Weapons (counts as 2 flaws) - Zu'ark does not only dislike melee weapons but seems to be simply hit by misfortune the moment a blade is in his hands. He never understood why, but it seems that whenever he uses Melee Weapons the allies around him die, or that he is unable to kill his foes, even if unarmed, with a sword. Not even in most extreme situations he would use a melee weapon, but would rely on Hand-To-Hand combat.

    Imperium of Mankind, The Arch-Nemesis - There is no mercy for the Men of the Imperium! They must suffer as the Mymeareans suffered at their hands! No Words shall be exchanged, only blood!

    Dislike of Wraith-Constructs - The Wraith constructs are uncanny and mysterious. Zu'ark swore to himself that he would never become one, also he has not just a great dislike but also mistrust into them. Even if it's for a greater objective he rather would work alone before he would ally with such a creature.

    Fascination of the Tau - The Tau Empire may be young and naive, but so are they also creative. Marvelous architecture, incredible speed of adapting to their enemies and more has fascinated Zu'ark since the first time he encountered them. It was not so far in the past, a major recent event in his lifespan. Therefor he would never kill a Tau, except there is truly no other way. Rather the species should be preserved, they are the only ones who understand a concept of sacrifices for a higher goal, unlike the Imperium of Mon'keigh!
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  5. CousinTp Cousintp Subordinate

    Name: Ashura
    Class: Striking Scorpion
    Craftworld: Il-Kaithe

    Aspect armour
    Scorpion Claw

    Patient Hunter- excels at stalking his prey from stealth, but suffers if he is unable to attack from stealth (T&F)
    Melee Proficiency
    Friendly Terms- Dark Eldar and Imperium (2 traits)

    Ranged Deficiency+(2 traits)
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  6. Loldoom Loldoom Well-Known Member

    Charactar name: Saruhai

    Gender: male

    Aspect: Fire dragon

    Craftworld: Saim-Hann

    -aspect armour
    -fire pike
    -melta bombs
    -2 mono knives

    Accustomed to armour:
    He has used his armour for long enough to work out how to best move in it and avoid losing to much mobility, though he is still less acrobatic than lighter armoured foes.

    Keen eye:
    He can quickly spot the weak points on enemy vehicles and use them to his advantage, though this trait has also helped navigate the intricacies of eldar society.

    Strong of will:
    A veteran of many wars against the orks, he has seen bloodshed unimaginable, but unfortunately not all of it on the orks side. This has lead to him becoming more dulled to loss and indeed fear.

    A mind of destruction:
    In the heat of combat he loses himself in the need to destroy all foes he can find, wantonly attacking any target he can lay his hands on. Needless to say this can, and has gotten, him into some bad situations.

    Growing up on Saim-Hainn has given him a much laxer lifestyle then other craftworlds, meaning he can sometimes catch other eldar off guard with his immature antics.

    Strange fascination for dark eldar:
    Although he was taught to stay wary of the dark eldar, he has an unhealthy obsession with them. Most notably when he had to fight them on a exodite world due to them wanting to enslave the inhabitants. Their weapons, combat doctrine and fighting style all interested him, always he spends his spare time looking at old logs of dark eldar fighting off the galaxys threats. But he has never revealed this obsession to anyone, lest he be shamed for it.
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  7. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    "Four warriors have answered our call Farseer." The Wayseer stated. She was young, having silver hair that descended down her back, and her eyes matching the color of her hair. She was of a cheerful personality and her voice reflected that.

    "Indeed. Bring them in. Let them meet each other, answer their questions if they have any but leave any that pertain to the mission to me. I wish to answer those questions personally." The Farseer replied.

    "And if more arrive?" The Wayseer asked.

    "Then we will bring them in as soon as they accept." She replied calmly.

    The Wayseer smiled at the Farseer and nodded. "I'll bring them in." She then left began preparations to bring the new Warriors in.


    A Saim-Hann Fire Dragon, a Saim-Hann Warp Spider, a Striking Scorpion of Il-Kaithe, a Dark Reaper of Altansar, and a Shadow Spectre of Mymeara. They all stood in a room that was quite bare, save for the Webway Gate they had entered through.

    "Greetings Aspect Warriors. I am Uiriel; Wayseer of this Vessel. The Farseer has been expecting you, but she is not yet ready to begin the briefing. Until then I have been told to bring you into this vessel to meet one another and answer any potential questions you may have." Uiriel stated with a smile on her face.

    OOC: This is not the start and if anyone still wants to join I'd be glad to have Uiriel bring you in :D .
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  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    Name: Mederion
    Gender: Male
    Craft World: Saim-Hainn
    Class: Warp Spider
    Aspect Armor with Jump Generator
    Power Blades x2
    Spinneret Rifle
    Anti-Gravity Grenades

    Swift- Even in with the bulkier armor of the Warp Spider Mederion is a swift and for the most part graceful fighter; a skill he's developed to keep him alive should his Jump Generator be unavailable or conditions too unstable.

    Melee Proficiency- Speaks for itself.

    Armor Modifications- (Trait and Flaw) To better suit his style and that of his Craftworld Mederion's Aspect Armor is lighter and more flexible than other suits but this comes at the cost of protection in all areas barring the all important Warp Generator. [[NOTE: If armor modification is taboo/not touched on in Eldar Society ignore this one and just count the other two and the flaw ^.^]

    Glorious!- Like all Saim-Hainn Craftworlders Mederion is a fair bit wilder than most Eldar and he particularly embraces the fanfare to be created during battle. Even the most efficient and logical battle plan will bring grave displeasure to the warrior if he doesn't get a chance to stir up commotion and otherwise run amuck amidst explosions or tides of dead bodies. Needless to say stealth missions are liable to make him very,very twitchy.
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  9. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    OOC: I will keep reading for all eternity 'Urian' instead of 'Uirian' so in case I forget the 2nd i.... you guys know why :p

    The Shadow Spectre simply nodded in acknowledgment and looked to the others. "Warriors of the different shrines, we came here with the same task, as we shall succeed and fight together, we should know each other at least a bit. My name is Zu'ark, the Imperium is our arch-nemesis and the only weapons I will wield are ranged weapons for they are my calling." The Spectre bowed slightly with his upper body towards the other warriors.

    Awaiting the readiness of the Farseer. Why those manners and introductions? A Dark Reaper of Mymeara he had once fought along made it always a big and important thing, it seemed to still cling unto him.
  10. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    OOC: Deran, edited previous post to mention your warp spider to make the introductions simpler.
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