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Eldar Steam Profile/ID Dump: For War Parties!

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Cegorach, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. Being as Forever Quest™ is to be getting its Quest Parties in soon I thought it would be a good idea for us to dump our Steam Profile and/or IDs so we can always team up with our kinfolk even if our clan isn't online. If your not in a clan you may make some Eldar friends to start one with or just play with on and off if joining a clan is the last thing on your mind.

    Yeah, we'll still be clunky men in metal bawkses rather the being all fabulous and fleet of foot but it'll be good practice for when(ever) the Eldar drop.

    Thought it'd be a nice way to gather the community together and play together, play other games and generally interact and have fun.

    Figured Profile links may be best as it can be damn hard to find people on Steam sometimes but you can post whichever you prefer.

    Happy to go first! :)

    Forum Name:Cegorach
    Steam Profile:
    Current In Game Names: LSM: Saradomin / CSM: Zamorak

    (If this has been done before, sorry, couldn't find anything from the search and I figured if it was there it was better to start over than to necronpost!)
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  2. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

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  4. redsimon redsimon Ordinate

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  5. jeths jeths Ordinate

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  6. 㐃_Miirk Miirk Xenotechnologist

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  7. THE NATHANIMAL EventHorizon Arkhona Vanguard

    Steam profile:I have no idea.
    In game names: CSM: The-Butt-Whisperer
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  8. If you log into Steam via an internet browser and click your profile pic it will bring up your profile page and you can just cut and paste it.

    (Your CSM character name is a thing of beauty btw! :D)
  9. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

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  10. IdranelLives IdranelLives Well-Known Member

    Steam name: Iron Lung
    Loyalist: Beretta.
    Traitor: Vendetta.
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