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Eldar Newsletter: Thoughts/opinions

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Abhean, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Dagda Abhean Curator

    All the Dev team would have to say is that this game happens before the Nids decimated Iyanden. That would make it one of the most populous Craftworlds out there and one of the 2 craftworlds that wanted to resettle planets with eldar.
  2. Al'Chir Alchy Subordinate

    I sense anger in you young one, the weaves of fate are laid bare but which will the devs dare to follow?
    What you said is a bit 'wut?', any military organization can or will have different roles during different conflicts or during one. Don't forget Iyanden doesn't fight alone, other craftworlds are joining the fight, and being eldar as they are, they're going to implement the resources of each craftworld in the most efficient manner, whilst cutting their losses.
  3. Vox de Vacuo Vox-de-Vacuo Active Member

    Hmm, that was good and reasonable point, I'd like it be exactly as you say.
  4. Vox de Vacuo Vox-de-Vacuo Active Member

    I'm not sure you would pass Turing test. But random text compilation test passed. Next.
  5. Pm713 Pm713 Subordinate

    I'm horrified I didn't think of that....
  6. Poodlec Poodlec Subordinate

    Well, i can assume it's because Eldar melee is countercharge(banshee), and stealth(scorpions). So banshees is hard to throw in combat throw ranged fire, and stealth will not be implemented at launch. As for myself - i totally ok with a stand-and-shoot army, though we could have Warlock as melee class with psyker abilities.

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