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Eldar need a leader

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Talron, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. -WCA-Vola Talron Confessor

    So how do you fix not finding a match? Get the numbers to find games.
  2. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    I havw no qualms whatsoever @Talron about the state of the Eldar in terms of playability and balance. They can be beaten and can beat anyone.

    What I have taken at least a bit of pride in is fulfilling my charge of making the Eldar race terrifying to face even when we're clowning with seer councils and 7+Banshees. Not since WoW, and never in a shooter have I seen people actually run away from others in a match, die horrifically, be salty, Ragequit the match, come onto the forums within 15 mintues, cry about a made up grievance, go onto Reddit and other sites and broadcast generalizations naming guilds and suggest they are killing them game, join a boycott (that didn't work in the slightest anyway), and then join the faction and realize how much better our teamplay is, because without it the Eldar are by far the weakest individually. Oh the sweet sweet salty irony of watching that growth occur. But there is a consequence to that growth. For every 1 person that makes that long transition he convinces 20 others Eldar, and specifically the guilds within, are the true enemy, to be cursed and beaten at every turn. Every loss convinces him deeper to the meme of Eldar OP, every victory vindication over said handicap. It has it's own draining effect on would be recruits and newcomers to thr community. It's not fun to try the game and get yelled at from both sides, especially when they lose and get called a bunch of cunts and faggots LITERALLY every game. We at MYST laugh our asses off at it because we made you mad as though you can't control your own emotions and need to lash out because of a contest of teamwork. We offer our condolences for uneven matches, and swiftly end a game that's a total pugstomp in order to move on with our training and their fun. Common. It's a game, have fun with it. It's also a community, the campaign of verbal abuse is continuing a cycle that only affects the lower rungs of our community. You probably can't get rid of the upper levels and then you'll be stuck fighting us whenever we log on and then it'll be a true Eldar experience; 15-20 Elite Vets running around constantly all with over 1-2k hours of xp. That sounds like fun lol.
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  3. Orfeask Orfeask Steam Early Access

    Here is an easier solution: play another faction.
    Also the game not having anough numbers to get matches isnt something i should do about it, its the dev's job to make the game better/replayble/whatever so that it attracts more players/bring back the old players.
  4. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    For me it's not even the balance of eldar. Or even the salt of other players. For me it's literally there ARE NO players left. And the devs deliberately say stuff to piss off the fan base and throw eldar into the back corner and ignore them in favour of every other faction. I'd be down to play the game if 1- I felt appreciated and 2- knew I wasn't gonna end up in a match outnumbered by 6 or more until all points are capped by enemies, and then the Calvary comes the last 2 minutes to watch us lose.

    I get that I'm part of try problem by not playing, but at the same time we all have our limits. It's not like I'm the only one out there...literally hundreds of players across ALL factions have vanished over the past 2-3 months. It's not just eldar players moving on, it's everyone. It just impacts eldar more cause our population base was shit to begin with.

    And balance doesn't matter. When my guild was active we had a win rate of like 75 percent or more AFTER the March patch that screwed eldar EHP over. Problem is my guild all got tired of BE excuses and no players and moved onto other games like overwatch, total war warhammer, etc. Yeah they arnt warhammer 40k, but at least the devs can release a properly fleshed out and complete game without fucking over the founders and player base.
  5. Awesome. We'll look for y'all's tag on the field this weekend!
  6. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Eldar need their campaign first to begin with.
  7. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    Honestly what Eldar need is a reason to play, I was having waning interest in EC over lack of content for Eldar. It took forever for the RTC prices of cosmetics to drop, our first round of weapon mods that took an eternity where a total let down to me (still nothing like a drum mag, just something that drops my dps to become more ammo efficentish?) and when Noah came out n said "Eldar where a mistake" and than the Autarch being relegated to "soon" along with the Eldar campaign?

    I mean.. how am I, a player suppose to get excited about getting online to play some EC when the dev team just can't even be bothered to do anything with the Eldar? How do you drop the ball so hard on the Eldar hero class that you managed to squeeze out the other 3 but don't even have a date on the Eldar one? Honestly I don't even really want the Autarch it's just the damned principle of the thing. Not all of us but I feel a majority of us are sick of bE just thinking of Eldar as a constant after-thought and stuff like this doesn't help motivate me to do anything except come onto the forums to type posts like this, because honestly at first I had a lot of fun with EC and playing Eldar but now yeah I'm bitter.

    Also as I've said before the constant excuses and BS they come up for as to why "Eldar where a mistake" are lame, there's many options they have available for weapons and cosmetics they just DON'T add them because "excuse #1231321321414515" but hey, here's a few more LSM cosmetics and a new gizmo for them.

    Another monster problem with bE's choices lately is they just pander to LSM, cosmetics, guns, toys, LSM LSM LSM, and sure that SOUNDS like a good idea, LSM make up the majority of players so give them more stuff to buy = make more money. That design philosophy works in games like Star Trek online where Federation character account for a full 73% of the population and Klingons + Romulans are a meak 27%. But here's the kicker... the game is 99.5% pve... it doesnt matter if those small factions don't see a lotta dev time because overall the BULK of players play Fed and it doesn't harm them. But this game is 99.9% pvp... when those factions are under devloped.. nobody plays them.. no matchs form.. all those LSM players got nothing to do except run around the garrison.
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  8. Auzor Auzor Menial

    If anything, 'squishy' fits the Eldar, mostly,
    I'm more concerned by the Eldar weaponry.

    No equivalent to plasmagun: fine.
    No equivalent to Grav gun: fine..
    No equivalent to Stalker boltgun: WHY?

    Tabletop: Fusion gun > Dire Catapult vs Marines.
    EC: err.. no.

    Space Marines get their specialist and sergeant weapons.
    Where are the Eldar exarch weapons? Only the Dark reapers have some, and yes, DA, 1.

    The Dark reaper launcher: urghk.
    The Fusion gun and pistol are pretty weak vs infantry; recommend a bit more range or something.. maybe less delay before actually shooting.
    The Tempest launcher is extremely difficult to use properly.
    The Swooping Hawk weapons are also low on DPS; harassment weapons; and the flight model and grenade packs are again, very difficult to use properly.
    Not saying the game should not have a skill ceiling, but honestly, quite a few of the eldar "offensive" capability is due solely to "enhance". Take away enhance and.. poof.
    On the subject of warlocks: Destructor:
    sacrifice one buff/healing slot (see above for enhance necessity), for.. 15???? damage per 'bzap'.
    Apothecary bolter: 38 dmg, 333 rpm. And his melee attack deals poison damage. AoE heal grenade 20s cooldown, cannot run out.

    Some of the Eldar relic/loot supply weapons too. 'meh' ahoi.

    The Eldar advancement point line then is also.. painful.
    Space Marine armor is essentially discounted; buy it once, all classes, great, and the loadout cost is 250 lp.
    Eldar pay 300 at *least*, for an extra -0.5s of armor regen. a very bad trade; 60 lp is -15%, close to 1s.

    The Reaper launcher, 600 LP? The Tempest Launcher, 680?
    Yes, double melta bombs! 400 LP.
    Dark reaper special armor: 360 LP, for +30 armor, +30 toughness.
    +30 armor: 210 LP. +30 toughness= 150 LP. 0 discount. none, nada.

    Faster dark reaper: 300 LP. Slaanesh: 150 LP if memory serves, for slower armor regen..

    Give us a cheaper armor (+20 armor, -0.5s armor regen, no toughness?? Starting from the LSM 250 armor, and removing the +20 toughness at 'normal' cost would mean 150 LP, which would be insanely good value. Somewhere between 150 & 180 probably ), and give us some "discount" on combined items, like the armors Chaos and LSM get, maybe on a few other expensive items too.
  9. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Twin link ASC, though the animation is wrong.
    Fire pike, Dire sword when?

    EDIT: on armor, don't forget eldars run faster and have good animation response. So technically can't have equaling EHP for balance. On the other hand, you could be quite tough with a Vet loadout (discounting hawk).
  10. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    It is done. The Webway has opened. Please PM me for the invite.
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