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Eldar Loadout Guide

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Training' started by Rheeva, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I finally got around to it. It has 'guide' in it, and Eldar, making it much better than the Ork-one (duh).
    I cant, unfortunately, get the image small enough to upload it here without making it look crappy, so use the following link for true glory:
    This topic is likely not supposed to be about Eldar Balance. Eldar, as any faction, have a set of strenghts and weaknesses that can play out more or less powerful in specific scenarios, its called 'assymmetrical balance'.

    Eldar are not 'Overpowered'. If you shoot them, they die.
    Eldar are not 'Underpowered'. If they shoot someone, someone dies.

    Whatever your opinion on this topic, whatever you want to say: It has been said like a million times now and you are not contributing anything new to the discussion. Every Eldar is kinda sick of hearing how 'OP' they allegedly are and every non-Eldar is sick of being told to 'Git Gud'.

    The general problem is that Eldar, in their current state, are deeply unsatisfying to play and play against. They need fixing, but for 'fun' reasons, not for balancing reasons.
    It is in all of our interest to make that process as fair as possible and consider concerns from both sides equally, not just a singular or assymmetric answer.

    Regardless. There is a pretty good chance this topic was never supposed to be about Eldar so just try not to make it about Eldar.
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  2. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    You should add one more build: DA with normal ASC and impulse accelerator on the barrel and scope. That thing extends the damage dropoff range quite a bit (though it reduces DPS on close range) and gives you at least an option on maps like Promethium Mine when you have to take a DA. You can more or less reliably drop people coming from attacker spawn off from C tower top with it and reach about to the B point with still acceptable damage output (you'll need to restock alot though, so have a chest nearby).

    Works best against LSM, CSM often much less effective due to Nurgle marks (pen clip helps a bit). Never use against Orks, simply too weak against them as it relies on the headshot multiplier to stay deadly enough.
  3. Get this on Steam ASAP(better than translation required for the Russian one)! Players flock there to check the guides, not a games forum(I only came here because I was wondering why I had to register an account in-game and stuck around since).

    Where/how to unlock these items? What to spend Advancement Points on for new characters?

    Also, pink/purple borders? Not rainbow? You risk pissing off those that remain true to their individual craftworlds(different colours) - alternatively contributing to the theory that all Eldar are women.
  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    DA with ASC can be a viable option, but I dont think I could be driven to use the Impulse Accelerator.
    A DA is not, nor will ever be, a sniper, not even a mediocre one. Even the Tacticals Shooting across the entire map with Boltguns are wasting their time and they might even kill me from time to time. It still not worth doing.
    If you want to go long-range, Reaper Launcher and Hawk should be your options. as a DA, you want to fight up-close and at the point.
  5. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Actually this was a rational choice: Background is mostly Dark/Blue, so a Light/Red font would be easiest to see.
    (or yellow but that is too bright and would sting)
    I wont deny tho that it also looks very pretty.

    I was going to add to steam eventually, but thanks for the reminder.
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  6. Sceviour Sceviour Arkhona Vanguard

    IMO Storm and Fury is mandatory for Dark Reaper. You can get 3-4 kills in a single clip with that monster of a weapon
  7. Sin Sobaki TheEmprahsWorst Active Member

    Only from 30k box. But yeah.
  8. Personally I prefer the Triparte Launcher over the Storm and Fury. But I can see the value of someone who is good with the SaF so I will not say its a bad weapon by any means, mandatory? Maybe not but it is good in a reapers hands who knows how to use it well.
  9. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    I would like to add: The Forcelock. Melee-focussed Warlock build, similar stats to a Banshee, but with permanent buff instead of temporary debuff and Self-Healing instead of Lifesteal.
    Take a Witchblade or MC Witchblade, mod for Damage and Impact, use Embolden and Force as spells, Enhanced Armour and Keen Vitality Gem.

    As for the Storm and Fury or Tempest in general: I play a loadout with them, currently. Let me say that the weapon is simply not good enough to justify a permanent slot.
    The old applications, like Maggon B simply dont work anymore. You will still hurt people, but you are almost always better off with a DA or Reaper Launcher.
    If the enemy team allows you to properly put this weapon to use, its entirely on them, not you. If they do, it can still kill very well, but even then its still a lot of luck.
    Currently I enjoy this weapon as a fallback. An option of despair when nothing else works.
    If you use it, not in the old 'suicide-bombing'-Fashion, go for area-denial.

    Finally, since I had a conversation about my preference for Lifesteal-Banshee, I rewatched a couple of my best fights of the last, few weeks.
    In an extended engagement, I regenerate about 2 times my health on average, so 300-400 HP.
    What you essentially do, trading direct EHP for lifesteal, is you will get yourself killed much faster if you make a mistake or are unlucky, but can hold the fray much longer if you are on a roll.
    The bonus health btw also helps if you have a pocket-healer.

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