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Eldar got a couple of nerfs already... so when we should wait an actual buffs?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Faeruin, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Since the "huge balance revamp" hitted the live servers i was trying to reassure myself with thoughts of suchkind: things could not go really bad, because other factions suffered some nerfs too. But after the half of the mounth i start to belive that other factions in general remained same as it was before revamp. And towards their real status eldar feels REALLY broken.
    And its about gameplay felleings like the old firefight excitement when you could get bursts and hide and had enough time to react for danger and roll with tiny bit of HP to cover.
    But now. Now you cant. You are gunned down in a moment by any weapons. Even boltpistol able to outgun twinlinked catapult carried be avenger in gold armor. It sounds wildly. Dont bark about gitgud, please. I know how to be good...
    The core issue is why eldar became broken is goddamn low time to kill. So even boltpistol as i said down any eldar extremely fast. I cant dare even mention a stormbolter or terrifying boltgun with mods. I noticed that spacemarines in most cases even forgot how to get cover. They stupidly stand and shoot you aimed or from hip beeing hardly sure that they will punch you in a nuts anyway. And so they do.
    You survive about 3-4 boltrounds and see deploy screen again. Or even 2 if you marked with auspex skull (hello its EHP is more than eldar's EHP haha).

    Stormbolter shreds you. In a pieces. I see the guy who runs towards me. We starting to shoot each other but when im pulling a trigger and sending few surikens blam - im dead.

    Another my favorite situation. When you react to first hit on you then you pushing SPACE button immediately but instead rolling you are already dead.

    Before patch any firefight was fun. Grabbing covers. Shooting till armor is downed. Hit and hide. You was sure that you can sneak throw some fire with roll. It was real action. And all factions ved been able to taste such gameplay. Now still any faction can but except eldar.

    You can try to tell me about enhace but i want to be real. Its cant compensate extremely low eldar TTK. Its not healthy. TTK between races should be equal. Eldar are getting butchered and noone have problems with hitting the "THIN HITBOXiiiiS" with boltor and never had before truly said.

    Enhace cant solve that problem in general. Although if its good skill.
    In my opinion devs srewed with their meaning of "eldar balance" - eldar currently UP. Im tired of this shit. I can state confidently that eldar nowadays probably have winrate even lower than spacemarine faction filled with bunch of roleplaying nubs.
    Playing with pugs is constant pain in the ass. The skill ceiling is too high for common players. Its rly bad. Even eldar premades have to deal big effort to success.

    Salt, salt, frustration, "i told you about cutting not moar than 25HP", eldar UP, spacemarines whined us to death, make eldar great again - we are not Imperial guard cosplayers.
  2. Although I agree that Eldar had a bit too much EHP before but, the whole "thin" hit boxes and "large" hit box of the Orks is bullshit! The accuracy of most guns is just ridiculous where you really need to be a complete FPS noob to miss anything. It would of been better to Buff the EHP of the other races and keep Eldar EHP the same as in post patch. Now the TTK is too low with the horrible latency.

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  3. Forever Dancing First Blood!

    The smaller hit box argument, isn't an Eldar helmet three times bigger then other factions therefore easier to get headshots against? Or is it just certain bits of the helmet that count?
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  4. Cat Cat Arkhona Vanguard

    I mean, I was ducking in cover and got downed by two headshots from a regular bolter. So yeah, our headshot hitboxes are much larger than SM/CSM, and are much more prominent, thanks to Eldar not having massie bulky armor to reduce the effective area that can block a headshot. (Meaning, you can get headshots against Eldar brom any angle, even below them, I'd say, but good luck getting a headshot against a SM who has their back turned towards you. Side shots it is possible, but very difficult.)
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  5. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm pretty sure a Smart pistol doesn't give a damn how big your hitbox is and it especially loves to down low EHP targets.

    Eldar need more Armour. Banshees need a choice between speed enhancing wargear or more armour. Give Eldar a medium armour set.

    ALL factions should get more armour for a cheaper LP cost. +1 armour trinket should be +10 armour and +2 armour trinket should be +20 armour for the same LP cost.

    Even with this change Eldar will have the lowest EHP of all factions and things should be better all around.
  6. Cat Cat Arkhona Vanguard

    I would love increased speed on Banshee's, or again, as I've been saying for awhile, make their scream apply a snare to the enemy, like the grav weapons. They can't complain that because they're SM/CSM/Orks, they shouldn't recieve that much of a negative effect, since it's actually a psychosonic attack on their nervous system. Any normal target would be stunned, or even be bleeding from their eyes/ears if they were on the recieving end. A slow would be more than fair, in my eyes.

    Honestly though, I'm loving being able to kill SM's with my smart shuriken pistol, that does about 10 damage per shot, give or take a couple points.
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  7. Safreadis Safreadis Arkhona Vanguard

    Making trinkets give a tremendous amount of armour or other bonuses is basically against the idea of trinkets. They are little thingies you take when you don't know what else to put in your loadout, They aren't the core elements of your loadout.

    @Cat I'd love to see this snare on the banshee scream. I wish the dodge distance of the banshee was a bit longer and more "acrobatic" than the flipety-flip we currently have, and I'd like to see a short speed buff when a banshee screams to help her reach CQC. But we couldn't get all that. At most we'd have to pick 2.

    I don't mind THAT much the new patch for Eldar honestly, safe for one point that I will keep hammering down: Jump units given how squishy they have become, SHOULDN'T be spotted on the map when using a jump pack/wings (and I mean all jump units).

    Otherwise, if you're an experimented players, you can still find your way around with the Eldar. But I kinda feel bad for the new players that have no clue of what's going on and get torn to pieces in a split second... Aren't Default loadouts pretty tanky? (if they aren't, they should)
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  8. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard

    I just think Time To Kill should be raised for all factions by a touch and I think more armour for cheaper LP cost is the way to do it. Just a touch more armour may help getting time to kill back to a slightly higher spot than this patch but lower than last patch and make most people happy by being able to react a little after taking a few hits.

    Why shouldn't trinkets provide that functionality towards rounding off a build?
  9. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Problem is vet players are having this problem now. TBH, if u want a humble orks opinion...

    I think the general skill of eldar players is higher than most other factions. As in ability to play the game and aim well, etc. Whenever I play vs eldar I accept the fact I'm gonna be downed in 5 headshots by pretty well half the team. Which is good for you guys to play so well.

    Eldar already felt the pain before the patch because you were all downed in 5-8 regular shots just because of low armor and toughness. I thought it was fairly balanced, maybe a little tweak to your EHP would have been nice, but not as drastic as they did. Down in 2-3 shots makes you not even wanna play the game. Yeah, it's A challenge to get better, but who wants to play on the field for 30 seconds running or driving to an engagement and the whole team being dead 10 seconds later, then spawning for 15 seconds again, run for 30-40 seconds again....

    If u gotta spend more time getting to action instead of being in action, there's a problem. My advice? Move into a different game. Keep playin EC, but it's gone's officially gonna be unsupported by devs in probably less than a year. It'll get a few patches here and there, but it's now been cast to the wayside.
  10. Tarot NeonWeaver Steam Early Access

    Before the balance patch eldar had the higher kill ratio proportion, but I really want to know how is it now. We need facts and data.

    Who should we ask for it? ô_o
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