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Eldar Feedback - First Hours

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Redthirst, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Guirlos Guirlos Member

    As far as I can see, there are two kinds of comments in the thread. The first one isn't of much use, in my opinion, the devs have algorithms and specialist that know exactly how to make a more balanced game, and there is already a special place to report bugs. So if we use this thread to repeat what they can know through an established route I think we are wasting their time and ours. The second one is harder and more interesting for all of us. It is, again in my opinion, the experience of playing the Eldar. And I'm not talking about the numbers, but the feel and experience they are providing us in game specifically with the Eldar. Right now they feel like an aesthetic version of the SM and CSM, again without taking into account the numbers.

    We should focus in giving them feedback on that issue, because for me at least is a problem. The problem of stealth is, for example, a great topic that should be discussed. Another one is the Warlock because it feels like the sorcerer, becoming a template class for CSM and Eldar, maybe changing the way is played could be interesting making buffs or debuffs in an AoE around the Warlock instead of a ray that spreads through the selected player. Or maybe by selecting a buff or debuff but not choosing a circumstantial 'spell', I don't know. The other thing that I find very interesting is the way the Rock Paper Scissors game should affect the gameplay style of the Eldar, maybe by making more obvious when the player is in its spot and when is not. Let's remember that SM and CSM are basically the same type of experience, maybe with a little difference in flavor. But the Eldar should be a completely different dish.
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  2. OrochiFuror OrochiFuror Arkhona Vanguard

    Here's some things of the few hours I got to play over the weekend. In video form, warning: language and random chat from my TS.

    First thing I noticed when I played.

    We know that all melta is over tuned right now, so the question is when it gets toned down, what will Fire dragons have that Melta Tacticals don't already do while having more health and able to cap? If fusion guns keep close to this strength with the fast over heat, then I think it fits the eldars close range hit and run/ambush tactics since it doesn't have a lot of constant killing power. If they put in the warm up time and slow turn while firing that will limit it a lot as well to make it a very precision weapon.
    Side note, on the second clip eldar dbash is still very wonky, assault gets two swings in while I'm stuck in my bash animation, I do a second bash and actually manage to stun him a fraction of a second to fire and get the kill while he swings at me and takes me down.

    Anyone who's played Planetside 2 knows that these kinds of cloaking effects vary wildly with graphics settings from working as intended, being totally undetectable and being easily seen. Sadly that's not likely to ever change when people can change their graphic settings as much as they can.
    Melee over all is very wonky right now. Power attack never seems to go off while chaining attacks, every time I get hit in the video it's because I dbash and follow up with a power attack but it never comes out so I just stand there or it does a regular attack into the enemies dbash. Many of my fast attacks just seem to cleave through the enemies clangs, letting me chain attacks until they dbash.

    Lots of things to talk about here. First off the suriken cannon doesn't seem to suppress very much, still take plenty of damage here, and I've done it plenty at much longer ranges and I still get shot to death while not being able to return any real amount of damage. Perhaps lower the CoF increase and change the numbers so it can be a viable damage option.

    Side note: in the second clip, two problems. I dbash as this guy runs up to me and he just steadily attacks through it, I dbash a second time and still he just cleaves through it like I'm not doing anything. Then I get revived and stand there, doing a two second+ long stand up animation that gets me killed. Could we get some damage immunity or reduction while stuck in this crazy long animation or lower the animation time so we can get control of our characters. I notice this is a huge problem when playing as warlock, you revive someone and if there's any amount of damage incoming to them they instantly get gibbed when they revive.

    Reaper cannon. So much is wrong and clunky with this weapon. First off, when braced, the projectiles leave the gun at a very off angle, appearing fairly far from my right shoulder. Then when you aim it down, it will often hit the ledge you are braced over and do damage to yourself, this leads into the next major problem with this weapon, you push the button once and it fires a fraction of a second later, and then another half second after you push the button it shoots again, killing yourself if your aiming down. There's nothing you can do to control the firing of this weapon, it always shoots more shots then you intend.
    This is supposed to be a long range support weapon, but it fails miserably at long range, the projectiles are too slow and too inaccurate with too small of a splash radius to even do damage. Perhaps improve the RoF, lower the damage and greatly increase it's splash damage. Right now it just wrecks in mid/short and we already have plenty of things that are good at that range. It's amazingly good at shooting down from elevation, enjoyable when it works right, but I'm not sure that's it's intended role.
    Also on the second clip of the fortress, after the fight on the stairs, there was a bug I encountered and only noticed it once, I finished my reload but didn't get a full clip.
    The damage against vehicles feels alright to me, it's sorta low, but considering this weapon is good vs infantry as well as being able to damage stationary vehicles at long ranges, I don't think the damage needs to be much more.
    In the last clip, guy has me dead to rights, but he panics because of the reaper launcher and gives me the time I need to put things into my favor. I think that's how Reapers should work, if you don't attack them from a position of strength then they should have the advantage. When you get them out of position in any way though, they should fold. While this is true of all the heavy classes, I think Reapers should be the epitome of this play style.

    A free note to all my craftworld companions, if there is a warlock keeping his heal beam on you, get close to the enemy. That's right, close in on the enemy, this will make the heal beam chain to the enemy and makes them take additional damage.

    So overall it's fun, but Eldar still need a lot of work. Each class needs a specific role and be good at it.
    I think the direction with Dire Avengers will work once people get used to using cover, they move fast from cover to cover and do extreme close range damage. If they have pin point accuracy while aiming from cover and can shred a marine in under a second, especially with head shots then they will fill that role well.
    Banshees are lighter armored then scorpions, so I don't see how they will be able to get into combat to fill the assault role in the way the other ground assaults can even with the suppression scream unless it does what the autocannon does now and makes your screen wobble around like your drunk. and maybe somehow make their running attack be a leap of some sort, otherwise they are going to get shredded by random fire.
    Swooping hawks were super fun on founders, but there's one thing that I fear will keep them from ever being useful at the type of roles they should have, and that's the wing clip mechanic. If you get hit twice or so in the air you fall to the ground, this doesn't effect the current jump troopers because they are going up only to come down again very swiftly, where as hawks want to stay up and glide around, slowly as very easy targets in the air while shooting. If the wing clip is taken out, and a hawk could have a firefight with someone while floating, then things would be much better. As well as being able to exit aim/hover mode when getting shot at to swoop around more. With how easy they can be grounded by smart pistols or any amount of decent aim I think they will lose a lot of their ability to be a highly mobile harassment unit if they have to land somewhere before they can start taking shots and doing enough damage to even get through armor.
    Once each class has a role and play style it excels at and everything works properly for that class then I think Eldar will come together well.
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