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Eldar Fan Appreciation (Founder's Pack Giveaway)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Bloodbourne, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Actually, the dark eldar did not come from the craftworlds(most of them). The dark eldar originated from the hedonist eldar that used the webway as their personal pleasure palaces, and when ill tidings began, many of the hedonists ran to the webway for protection. So they are the same eldar that caused the fall to begin with. They use cloning technology to keep their numbers high, which is why they dont run out of warriors with their high mortality lifestyle.
  2. Korze we iz

    We'z da bezzt you weedy lil git

    At the very least, the Orks aren't pretending they're the good guys. The Orks fight anyone and anything, including themselves. Why? Because they need to fight to live, and it's a lot of fun for them. They don't bitch about losing their empire, they barely remember or cared they had one. Orks aren't humble at all, but they can recognize strength, even if it comes from a git, and they respect strength. If you know how to fight, the Orks will like fighting you.

    The Eldar don't respect anyone else but themselves. They can't even bring themselves to admit to their own mistakes, it might ruin the vision they have for themselves as shining god like people of perfection. It's not the Eldars lack of humility that irks me, it's the fact that they still have the gall to act like they're beings of perfection who can do no wrong even after annilating themselves like morons.

    You would think that'd be like some sort of wake up call from their dreamlike state they live in...


    Do these clones have souls?

    Also, why are they still stupidly hedonistic, have they learned nothing?
  3. Idrial Idrial Menial

    I doubt the Eldar look upon themselves as the 'good guys'. They make hard choices everyday. They blow up trillion of dirty Orks and Mon-Keigh just to save a few of their own. That must make them EVIL!!! Eldar probably scoff at that. Yes, they are ruthless. They have to be if they want to preserve their race, and rule the galaxy. They don't care what other races perceive them as 'good or evil' there just trying to survive, and restore their Empire. If that means killing a bunch of other species, tough luck. To them it's necessary to survive.

    And since when did the Orks fight to live? They are just programmed to be fungus maniacs. They can't create anything worth while, only destroy. They don't whine about having empires, because they are incapable of having one or any deep thoughts and feelings. They have no ambitions, dreams, no desire to build civilizations.

    Of course the Eldar will never respect you. From the Eldar's perspective they see you as little more than tools to distract their real nemesis. You're disposable. Your only use to them is a means to a end, so no they not going to respect you or be your friend.

    And on the contrary they do admit their races mistakes. Hence why they left their core worlds on
    Craftworlds, to escape the plagued culture that their depraved kin created. That doesn't mean they are going to change who they are. That's why they created the Paths. To keep their emotions in check, and prevent the degenerative society of 'The Fall' from happening again. So how have they not learned anything?
  4. Well actually if an Ork goes on without fighting for awhile, they will shrivel up and die. Literally, they need to fight to live. The only thing making this not seem tragic is the affably evil nature of the Orks, they love fighting and can't comprehend why others wouldn't like it.They need to fight as much as any other species needs food, water, and air

    A peaceful Galaxy would kill them more then one in constant war with itself.

    And Orks have plenty of ambition, the most ambitious end up becoming Warbosses and leading a WAAAGH! of epic proportions. Orks instinctively follow the biggest boss, but that means somebody needs to be the biggest in the first place. That comes with fighting and winning, and possessing the strength and cunning to stomp anyone who would speak out against you.

    Just because an Orks dream can be equivalent to "make a big shiny thing that kills people" doesn't mean they don't have any. They have simple pleasures, but it doesn't necessarily make them simpletons. There are a lot of dumb Orks, but they have their geniuses and thinkers too...or at least the Orkish equivalent.

    The Ork Meks make crazy shit all the time. They have a need to invent and make things no one else have thought of before. The fact that Orks love sticking pointy bits and scrap on something to personally customize something means they have their own form of aesthetics. Like how the Imperium loves everything with gold trim. They're means of expression is just crude and simplistic, and ramshackled by comparison to the other races. They make things that are rather impressive, it's just the main purpose of these contraptions is to kill.

    Orks don't have the means of mass production. That means every bit of Ork Tek is made by hand, and no two Meks work the same way, meaning every bit of Tek made is unique in some way. Now whether it works as intended depends on the Mek.

    And the Orks did have an Empire, until the Emperor started killing off all the Big Bosses and expanded the Imperium of man. At that point the Orks broke down into the clan system they have in place now.

    On the other hand the Eldar lost their Empire themselves, and they think they have the right to call a do over. Like a spoiled self-entitled child they believe the empire is still their's by right. They desperately try to hold on to the fragments of an Empire that is lost due to their own actions. Their story isn't a tragedy, it's one of foolishness.

    Orks act foolish, but they're foolish by design. It what comes with being comic relief.
  5. Idrial Idrial Menial

    The very notion that a Eldar could have anything in common with a Ork... It turns my stomach...

    Yes, they do have a right to aspire to create a new empire for themselves. There not going to shrivel up and die. Orks were designed to be stupid and expendable. We are the Old Ones favored children, you're just jealous.
  6. Andraina Andraina Curator

    So you're saying that both races lost their empires and even though both races are trying to rebuild their Empire they shouldn't have that right because they're losers. That's like saying the Tau are the only ones allowed to win, because lets face it. Humanity is going to lose their Empire next. (Not that I'm looking forward to Age of the Starchild)

    I don't think that's how Life works. You got the mandate to do whatever the hell you want as long as you're still alive. Whatever keeps your race alive.
  7. Idrial Idrial Menial

  8. Wait I never said Orks were trying to rebuild their Empire

    I'm saying exactly the opposite

    They don't give a shit, they're not moping about it. They're doing what they want, fighting gitz.

    The Eldar can rebuild their empire if it's what they really want, not saying they shouldn't try. But their arrogance and belief that they're superior means it'll probably involve no innovations to their empire, no means of changeing policies, no real improvement to their society at all. Why should they feel the need to improve if they believe they're superior to everybody? There would be no progress made or evolution in their new empire.

    look at me, I sound like a Tzneetchian

    The Old Ones did make the Orks knowing full well the Eldar didn't stand a chance in hell against the Necrons themselves

    So you might actually be right about that. They made a guard dog for their favorite child....but it turned out turned out the guard dog had rabies and started biting everything after scaring away the problem.
  9. Kelvara Kelvara Member


    I’ll be serving Craftworld Iyanden. Here’s the backstory for my character -

    1) How old is your character?
    2) Male or Female?
    3) What Path are they on?
    Path of the Seer
    4) Have they walked any other Paths?
    Path of the Warrior, Path of Service
    5) Which Shrine do they belong to?
    Shrine of the Deadly Web when on the Path of the Warrior
    6) Which Craftworld are they from?


    Kelvara was quite young and had been walking the Path of Service when Hive Fleet Kraken invaded. She had very little taste for war, though she had once walked the Path of the Warrior as a warp spider. All of that changed when the tyranids laid waste to her home and took the lives of nearly everyone she knew. Consumed by both fear and anger, Kelvara rejoined the warp spider shrine.

    The abhorrent creatures were without number and crashed into the eldar’s lines with terrifying force. She had once fought against the forces of the Imperium but never had she seen anything like this. Her shrine faced waves of tyranids with long, chitinous claws. At one point when it looked like it was going to be her final stand, shuriken fire rang out from behind her.

    Kelvara turned to see a wraithlord with flamer on each wrist, a blade in its grip and shuriken cannon on its shoulder. Behind the wraithlord were an army of wraith constructs armed with an assortment of ranged and melee weapons. A warlock nearby spoke into her mind and gave her courage and Kelvara continued the fight, doing hit and warp attacks with her squad until every last tyranid was wiped out or until her fate on the skein was cut.

    The war had brought great ruin to Iyanden and there was much to be rebuilt. She walked amongst the wreckage collecting the spirit stones of the fallen. Had the wraith constructs not joined the battle, the craftworld would have been surely lost. Kelvara felt called to a new Path and became a seer, where she learned how to read the skein and watch for perils of the future so that doom may never again threaten her craftworld.

    As time passed she learned how to guide the spirits of the dead and became a spiritseer. She now travels to Arkhona, to aid sister craftworlds in a war that could change the fate of the universe.
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  10. Idrial Idrial Menial

    They made them out of desperation, which didn't prove that useful. The Eldar defeated the Necrons and they retreated to slumber. The Orks didn't scare them away and the Eldar sure as hell didn't need them as bodyguards.

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