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Eldar Fan Appreciation (Founder's Pack Giveaway)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Bloodbourne, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Inquisition? Holy Isha, bless this warrior, she is thinking like Human!
  2. Well as far as the Eldar go, here's the issue I have with them.

    Their story is that of a bunch of stuck up snobs who were the first to create an expansive empire by getting it on like rabbits.

    They then ended up fighting along side the Krorks to fight the Necrontyr. Because even the Old Omes knew the Eldar didn't stand a chance in hell alone against them. And once the Krorks started turning on the Ones for shits and started killing them off, instead of doing anything productive or meaningful during this time the Eldar instead decided to host the great galactic orgy. This same orgy that fucked everything up for everyone everywhere forever by birthing Slaneesh, an event that twisted what was left of the realm of souls into the warp we know now. that created the eye of terror, and wiped out over 90% of the Eldar in the process.

    And even after their sheer stupidity cost them their empire, a majority of their kin, their future as a culture, society, and race of beings, and quite possibly doomed the rest of the Galaxy in the process by ripping reality a new one with the Eye of Terror forming out in real space.

    They....learned...nothing. They're still pompous assholes, with the futile goal of reclaiming the lost empire they themselves threw away carelessly. Their arrogance isn't just blinding, it's idiotic. They have a tragic story, but it's impossible to feel sorry for them because they brought this shit upon themselves, and they haven't been humbled by the experience at all.

    TL;DR: You'z panzees ar dumbah den a brain ded squig
  3. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    You're welcome.
  4. Why are we thankful

    If you guys didn't fuck everything up for yourselves,we might of actually had some opposition when we decided to make the Ork Empire.

    We would have had more fun if you actually tried to fight back. Probably could have had even bigger Orks back then, the Ork empire might still be around if you threw yourselves at us in sheer desperation to hold on to your empire.
  5. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    This Ork still has some humour to it.
  6. WRONG! WHAT A PROFANITY! The Eldar that made Eye of Terror possible and born of She Who Thrists werent same as us! They were blinded by power and they were degenerating. They stopped using codexes of right behaviour and started acting ike angry rabbits all over again. Craftworld Eldar were ones who were aganist this. Look how it ended! Craftworld Eldar were much different then majority of Eldar Empire. It hurts me to tell that about my kin. But its true.

    Humans fed the other gods for the rest of the time.And if Eye of Terror didnt exist, Humans wouldnt ever come to glory. And so 40k would never exist.
  7. So wait, you're telling me that Craftworld Eldar opposed the Empire Eradicating Orgy? And they had no part at all in the huge "creating Slaneesh" debacle?

    And you're telling me, that because you had said "I told you so!" to the corpses that make up the Eldar Empire that it validates the Craftworld Eldars actions of continuing the legacy of arrogance and superiority complexes?

    Also if this is true why did the Darker Half of the Eldar (who I'm assuming originated from Craftworlds) become sexual deviants and masochists as if they learned nothing from the whole affair?
  8. Andraina Andraina Curator

    Because it was the path they found to survive. I'm not saying I agree, it's just how they're going along doing it.

    But yes, the Craftworlds were built for those who knew something bad was coming for succumbing to decadence. They left before the Eye of Terror opened and many of them managed to just barely escape the eye of terror. And who knows what Altansar has went through or how they managed all this time.
  9. Is it just in Eldar nature to just act like a self righteous ass then?

    Kind of like how it's in our Orkish nature to barbecue gitz like the Eldar and add a pinch of squig spice to them to enhance the flavor?
  10. Andraina Andraina Curator

    Yes, because surely the Orks are shiny beacons of humility.

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