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Eldar Fan Appreciation (Founder's Pack Giveaway)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Bloodbourne, Aug 25, 2015.

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    Born near the end of the Eldar Empire Lorundil was only a hundred and twenty nine when he was taken to the Craftworld of Altansar where the Craftworld forced anyone and everyone who joined to be trained in the ways of war to protect the Craftworld for the future that had been foreseen was one of horror and death.

    Lorundil went into Altansar alone. No one else in his family or friends believed the future that some of the Seers had seen with the Eldar Empire falling. It was unthinkable at the time, honestly it was. Nothing no matter how large the Orks massed or even if the Deathless Ones returned they'd be unable to defeat the Eldar once they locate the threat. The Eldar Empire was the most powerful force within the Galaxy bar none but the Gods themselves.

    It was only a few more years after Lorundil joined the Craftworld of Altansar until Altansar set sail but when the Craftworld began to leave the heart of the Eldar Empire the end of the Empire had come and with that so came the birth of Slaanesh and the Eye of Terror. Altansar made great strides and did make it just out of the edge of the Eldar Empire but as the Eye of Terror was born a gravity well formed and dragged Altansar into the what once was the edge of the once great, powerful and once considered wise Eldar Empire.

    As the Craftworld was dragged into what is now known as the Eye not a single soul aboard knew what was happening. The screams of trillions dying was unheard, the planets that were transformed by eldritch energies were unseen and the Gods that had defended, guided and fought with the Eldar in countless wars were killed unheard and unseen by almost the Eldar within Altansar all except the Seers of Altansar. The knowledge of the Gods, the Eldar race and the Homeworlds were unknown to the people of Altansar until they finally left the Eye of Terror.

    Lorundil had spent the time when Altansar was within the Eye of Terror simply contemplating what was happening as did all of the Eldar. No one had seen or heard of the legendary and feared Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra since he left the Craftworld when it was being pulled in and he left in what we assumed was to try and get help from anyone "if" anyone else had survived. For all Lorundil and the other Eldar knew they were the last ones to survive or perhaps the other Craftworlds were in just the exact same situation they were.

    Regardless Daemons hounded the Craftworld constantly and took a toll on the population and that was how Lorundil proved himself a capable warrior and defender of the Craftworld. It came at the cost of many Eldar but those who survived were hardened and when Maugan Ra returned he had aged. Mon-Keigh or other lesser races might not have been able to see it but the Altansar saw it, not on his face of skin but his entire aura had aged since they'd last seen him. It made little sense at the time. Maugan Ra was gone a few days and when he returned it was as if he'd been gone most of his life.

    He walked with a weight of an Eldar who'd seen or caused horrors that none of the Eldar Empire could have ever imagined. Lorundil was just a simple defender of the Craftworld, a Guardian of the Craftworld. He'd seen what had become known as She Who Thirst's servants, her Daemons that had torn apart many of the Craftworld's inhabitants but he'd also killed many. With his shuriken catapult and the red and black signature armour of Craftworld Altansar Lorundil had proven himself worthy of accompanying Maugan Ra into battle against a foe that the Eldar Empire had never seen. They were Mon-Keigh servants of She Who Thirsts and the others "Gods of Chaos" who were on the verge of victory of spreading the Eye further and further into reality. That was something the Eldar could not allow.

    Maugan Ra managed to return during Abaddon's thirteenth Black Crusade where a rift between the material universe and the insane reality known as the Warp were bridged allowing Maugan Ra to travel through to rejoin the Craftworld. As Maugan Ra did go on this perilous journey he left a trail of Soulfire behind him allowing himself and hopefully Altansar to return to the material universe to show the Galaxy Eldar might.

    To Maugan Ra's surprise after the millennia of waiting for his chance to return to the Craftworld of Altansar he'd notice it'd only been a few weeks for the inhabitants of Altansar but that'd had been more than enough for the population to dwindle after constant attacks by Daemons.

    The time apart from reality had harmed some of the Eldar practices. One of these was always wearing their armour, Daemons could attack at any time and the time between putting on armour and gathering weapons could be the time that could result in life or death for a brother or sister. Even once the Altansar left the Eye of Terror they kept these customs.

    When Lorundil heard that several other Craftworlds had survived The Fall he was ecstatic, perhaps even the Empire could be revived from the ashes. Little did Lorundil know that the other Craftworlds wouldn't really even speak the Eldar from Altansar as they had a great distrust of them since they lived within the Eye of Terror and returned without being corrupt for what everyone else had seen as ten thousand years. Most of those who'd originally joined the Craftworlds before The Fall were long gone and most of the Eldar had never seen the glory of the Eldar Empire apart from images and stories from those times.

    Lorundil wondered about finally walking a Aspect Path but after the battles against the Chaotic subdued Mon-Keigh in what they called the Thirteenth Black Crusade the numbers of Altansar had reached an all time low and Lorundil knew it was his purpose to defend the Craftworld and it's ideals to his death.

    The Craftworld had been inside Solar Segmentum for sometime, why the Craftworld was there no one except the Seers of Altansar Perhaps it was to learn more about what the Mon-Keigh are like and what they've done since Altansar had been gone but even though the Mon-Keigh were technologically and racially inferior they could pick up almost anything that'd go near their Homeworld. Perhaps Altansar was able to avoid detection but that was highly unlikely, perhaps the Mon-Keigh allowed the Craftworld to observe them for their efforts against the Chaos subdued Mon-Keigh but whatever the reason was for them arriving in Solar Segmentum that was over.

    Lorundil and his Craftworld were moving on to Segmentum Obscurus into the Kharon System to a world known as Arkhona. What is there we do not know but all we know is the Craftworld needs to go there and for that Lorundil will defend the Craftworld against any and all. If the other Craftworlds are suspicious of Lorundil and Altansar then let them so long as they fight together Lorundil doesn't care what they think so long as Altansar is secure and ever ready for war.

    Hope I didn't murder the lore too much... Anyway hope someone enjoyed it...
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  2. Use every tool fate presents! You see for yourself, you did it. I believe it was worth it. We will meet on Arkhona.
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  3. I have a founders pack, but wanted to do this to flesh out my character.

    Info about me: I actually ran a tabletop rpg eldar campaign for over a year, we all had a blast. I love the warhammer/40k lore, and have read some of the books, including a few eldar ones(rare as they are) and pretty much all of the lexicanum and warhammer wiki at couple times. I plan on reading the horus heresy series at some point when I can get a full set of paperbacks. I also currently am running a Black crusade campaign that started as rogue trader, which has been pretty fun thus far.

    So background below:

    For my reference
    1) How old is your character?
    2) Male or Female?
    3) What Path are they on?
    4) Have they walked any other Paths?
    5) Which Shrine do they belong to?
    6) Which Craftworld are they from?
    Kaesen Caerdras is an Eldar from Altansar, the fallen world and home of the largest concentration of Dark Reapers in the galaxy. The leader of this craftworld is Maugan Ra. Kaesen is one of the original inhabitants of Altansar, having his lifespan elongated to over 11000 years due to his life in the Eye of Terror.

    When Kaesen was a young eldar, he was known as Kaesen Caerdras, and was an esteemed chef, and acomplished artist. He walked both paths before the fall and relished the things of beauty in the Eldar Empire. He abhorred the decadence of his fellows on the core worlds, seeing it as a weakness and corruption that ran rampant through his species. When the fighting broke out, he was forced to leave his beloved path as a cook and take up the path of the warrior, donning his families ancient suit of armor, he fought like a demon against the hedonists, torture cults, and the murder cults that now ruled the streets. When it appeared that his fellow traditionalists were going to be overwhelmed and slaughtered, the great warrior Maugan Ra with a contingent of warriors and wraithbone constructs dropped from the sky like angels in an all consuming darkness. His savior had not come here by accident however, and fully expected compensation for taking the time to save Kaesen and his fellow traditionalists. His price was for them to abandon the fight on the home worlds and leave with him on Altansar, abandoning his homeworld to it's fate and becoming some of the first of his disciples.

    After being brought to Altansar, and fleeing the coreworld area with all speed, Kaesen began lessons with Maugan Ra and his now brother-disciples. The training was hard and arduous , but the seers of the craftworld believed that many warriors would be needed soon, as a great and dark future was seen for the Eldar Empire. Kaeson trained for nearly 100 years with Maugan Ra, while also learning the craft of wraithbone shaping as there were not strict and rigid paths as of yet. After that 100 years however, the great and terrible god of the Eldar was born, Slannesh, the great devourer. Many of the craftworld eldar fell in the first few moments after it's birth, their souls torn from their bodies, Maugan Ra and his disciples however had conditioned themselves physically and mentally through their training and were able to emerge in reasonable shape, though after that, nothing would be the same. The stars themselves had changed and the coreworlds once so beloved by Kaesen had suddenly vanished, replaced by a gaping black hole of terror and doom. This doom was quickly realized as the leaders of Altansar realized they would be unable to escape from the gravitational anomalies that the great eye produced. After that realization, Maugan Ra left for some 300 years to train under the great Asurmen, promising to return and continue as their teacher in the ways of bringing death to their enemies. For those years, Kaeson and the rest of the craftworld lived in perpetual fear and war. Kaeson was the leader of his group of acolytes fighting against demonic encursion, orks, and warp entities of unkown origin. The battles were bloody, and every Eldar death was one less of the greatest species to ever grace the stars. His fellow brothers fell one by one to attrition, and most of the Eldar of the craftworld were militarized, while wraithbone constructs became something utilized more and more frequently.

    Maugan Ra returned after his self imposed exile, and for 200 years he helped defend Altansar from the chaos spawns and abominations tainting his cherished craftworld, while teaching what was left of his old disciples and large groups of new ones the path of the destroyer. At first we didn't recognize him, but once he began to take command, his bearing and voice were unmistakable, we knew our savior had arrived. A great celebration took place in his honor, and then our training began anew. We were to forget the old ways of fighting in place for his new way, a way of pinpoint accuracy and long range overwhelming firepower. We trained and trained, finding that the path of the destroyer excelled at defensive warfare, and our casualties were reduced to almost none. we were able to destroy all that trespassed on our home, and for the first time in hundreds of years, a sense of calm and safety descended upon the craftworld.

    We were gravely mistaken. 200 years after his arrival, we still had not found a way to escape the eye, ever pulling and ever tormenting us, enveloping the horizon, those who looked to long into it found that it looked back into them and hungered for their souls. When the end was upon us, the council of seers declared that Maugan Ra must go, for he would be our redemption from the hell we would go to, and it was the only way to save us all. I was named the first Dark Reaper exarch, and was put in charge of continuing the training of the other dark reapers, for I was the only one who could never leave the path so far. I had not realized it until then, but that was my calling, my purpose for being. The destruction of the enemies of the Eldar was what I excelled at, and when he said that, I knew that he was right, and that I could never be on any path but that one, ever again. And so he went, during the greatest incursion we had ever faced, we held the enemies back so that Maugan Ra, our savior, could escape our fate and return one day to save us.

    From that day forward our lives became hell. We were swallowed by the eye of the great devourer. Many of us gave up hope, and I had little to say that could help them, we were adrift in the warp, under constant attack by the minions of the god we had created in our ignorance. As the years flowed on, most of the Eldar I knew fell, and there were few to replace them, we had to rely increasingly on wraithbone constructs for help, and even then, we couldn't easily replace those. Making wraithbone drew her attention, and that was something we never wanted to do, less the circumstances were the most grave. Our avatar of Khaine had to be awoken regularly to battle the great demons that dared to encroach upon our sacred ground. I don't know how long it had been, but one day when I woke, I realized I could not remove my helmet, nor my armor. Time blurred together, we had been in this hell for so long, some thousands of years. I still don't know how we survived so long, holding out against the corruption. The thoughts of some turned dark, and occasionally there were insurrections that had to be put down, and then there were those that went insane.... those were the worst, and they would use their psychic powers unrestrained, drawing attention from her, costing more precious Eldar lives.

    After 10000 years in the hell that we were trapped in, we had all been touched by chaos in some way, and marked by the horrors that had befallen us. We had become more like the wraithbone constructs we fought along side then our Eldar brothers. I had forgotten how to paint, and no longer knew what Eldar were supposed to eat. When at least we had reached our will power's end, he came for us. Maugan Ra came out of the abyss of nothingness, a single black star in a sea of chaos. Unlike before we had little rejoicing, for she wanted his soul more than all of our pathetic souls together. They came, demons and warhosts, all to take him, but he would not be taken. He rallied in us the lost faith in ourselves and brought the rage of 10000 years out of us, and we fought like the demons that had come to take us to her. We had the ferocity never before seen by the Eldar, with our salvation in sight and the eye getting smaller in the distance, we vanquished the last demon in a hail of rockets and shuriken blades.

    Today: We fought in the black crusade with the cold efficiency that is now expected by the Dark Reapers. We are the destroyers, and the bringers of death. With my last name forgotten and meaningless, and the soulstones of my closest fallen friends in my armor with me, so that they may better me in the wars ahead, we go to Arkhona. Our lord Maugan Ra has sent us there at the request of our sister craftworld Ulthwe, and we will answer their call. We are no longer trusted by our fellows, or seen as brothers and sisters in arms, but we will continue to fight, continue to destroy, for that is all we know now and all we will ever be.

    Kind of rushed at the end, feel free to give feedback :) always appreciated!
  4. Auzor Auzor Menial

    Oh dear.. I may have overdone it XD. Quite a dangerous thing, no max word count limit.
    I don't have a founders pack, the original timeframe of the competition has passed, so eh, maybe I'll get one maybe not,
    hearing some news about the eldar situation in-game would be great either way though!
    (when would they join the beta, how is the shuricen catapult different from the bolter, eldar from space marines (less health? less armor), and uh, what is the lasblaster like? Does a hawk shoot whilst swooping,.. )

    It is possible there are typo's of course, I tried to follow eldar background where possible and also to not create a "Phoenix lord level" backstory. (uhu yeah, Auzor is a pretty standard eldar warrior. On the battlefield of PlotArmor he singlehandedly banished a Keeper of Secrets and a Khorne daemonprince)
    An inspiration or big part of background for eldar stuff below is "Path of the Warrior" by Gav Thorpe.
    I do like striking scorpions, but decided to go for Swooping Hawks, to prevent a copy-paste scenario.
    That said, "path of the warrior" has some tidbits with sudden changes in the path the character is on, I tried to avoid that, but everyone can have their own little background of course.

    Eldar are my favorite faction I think, but I'll probably play all 4 factions.

    Alaitoc: possibly my favorite craftworld; big fleet, big titan legions, assymetric disruption warfare, ambushes,.. duality: very strict society.. but as a result a lot of outcasts living a wild life.
    If you're familiar with eldar, you'll know the first part quite well.

    Without further ado, and my apologies for the length:

    Auzor "Nightraven" (Raibh Anastari) Snepthys
    Auzor Snepthys is among a small percentage of eldar known to the Imperium.
    He has aged now to 437 years, by Terran standards that is.
    Born on Alaitoc, a craftworld known for a strict adherence to paths, and complex unbending rules that many young eldar find restrictive. This leads to many Alaitoc eldar leaving the craftworld, for various durations. Taking on the path of the outcast, the wanderer, the explorer. Some become pirates, joining as crew on small eldar fleets that prey on transports, hiding in asteroid belts and nebula from retaliation.

    In combat, Alaitoc summons the outcasts to fight for their craftworld. To Eldar accustomed to complex social interactions and the regulated life on board a craftworld, these outsiders come across as rude vagrants, using direct and short phrases and gestures with disregard for the usual variance in language and the different titles for a fellow eldar. Yet, their eyes scour the galaxy, and indeed the battlefields, their minds feel the full thrill of the hunt and battle.
    It can be a lifestyle abruptly cut short however.

    Growing up, Auzor too found the path system restrictive, and initially seemed to fail to find a fitting path. However, to the young eldar, leaving the craftworld as an outcast posed an unacceptable danger. He finally found his first role in the eldar society: he started the role of the merchant, the trader. Initially acting as a broker between eldar onboard the craftworld, he later visited eldar outposts, and mining installations. Feeling himself growing in confidence and experience, he left the craftworld, on several trading missions. This brought him into contact with the Imperium of Man, although usually indirectly via Rogue Traders.

    For their part, the Imperium is always keen on learning about the enigmatic eldar race, and surely the Inquisition has pieced together files on every word or gesture heard or seen by an agent of the Imperium. For Auzor however, the contact would lead to a drastic change in his life.

    The barbaric Monkeigh were a disgusting encounter each time, and other races were not much better. Each mission outside the craftworld, Auzor tried increasingly to minimize his own exposure to the filth of other races, and found himself increasingly longing back for Alaitoc during the travels.
    The still young Eldar, whom had taken a Path with some freedom that would lead him safely across the stars suddenly longed for the complex rigidity of home.

    Auzor found a new endeavour into which he could trust his now grown intellect: science, or more specifically, aerodynamics. Eldar knowledge of such things naturally far outstrips that of the Monkeigh, and Snepthys the Scholar had much to learn, now using his last name more often in his new solemn path. Statisfied in his new role he developed various subtheories, and left the craftworld repeatedly to test adjusted devices in the many atmospheres the sector in which the craftworld drifted had to offer. No longer burdened by Monkeigh contact, begotten a respectable social role on the craftworld and the freedom to leave for experimentation, Auzor might have gotten fully stuck on this path.

    However, whilst his designs became more elaborate, as could be expected, form started to favor function. His symposia on his findings and improvements were increasingly supported by elaborate sound and visual effects, even practical demonstrations rather than theoretical exposition. Snepthys the Scholar was not destined to become affixed on a path, a fate many eldar dread.

    Fascinated by effects of turbulent streams, no longer merely from a scientific perspective, Auzor the Artist came into existence. Constantly changing flow vectors, colorisation, prismatic effects,.. Auzor used the knowledge of his previous path to a magnificent extent. Now fully integrated in the Alaitoc craftworld social life, Auzor became finally well known and respected, a peer, no longer a youth.

    And yet, something was missing.

    It was the holonet that guided him, inspiring him with eldar flight for new art projects, or so Auzor thought at first. But, he realised where his paths had taken him. The Path of the Merchant, to the outside, away from the safety of the craftworld. The Path of the Scholar, further increasing his intelligence, and leading to a profound understanding of flight. The Path of the Artist, the use of more than cold science and the thrill of experiencing emotional involvement.
    The path of the artist was his shortest career, his most well known, but it was time.

    Auzor sought out the Shrine of Bahurkan, the Hawk Strike. He became a disciple of the Path set forth by Baharroth, Asurmens finest pupil.
    Mastering flight steadily, it was his first encounter with weaponry: he had not been called upon to serve as guardian yet. The light Swooping Hawk suits, the wings, the mobility, Auzor drank it all in. Even the weaponry suited him exceptionally well: both as Scholar and Artist he had worked with lasers, and he found the design, the lightness, the ergonomy and even the poetry of death by light, a necessity for life, fascinating.

    In his chamber, Auzor gave a mental command to the memory stones he was using.
    He had a task after all.
    Yet for him, his remembering focused on a single point in time.

    Auzor flew.
    A thrilling sensation, yet he was not truly free: he had donned his warmask, and he skillfully followed his exarch in a loose formation, scanning both the sky and the ground for targets as night fell quickly.
    Auzor looked forward to nightfall, his preference for nocturnal flights and sudden attacks had earned him the moniker "the nightraven" from his exarch, Loranel. Perhaps if he distinguished himself tonight, he would be known as the nighthawk instead.
    A short command, target indications, and the squad split up and dove down, they would individually approach using tree canopy's and building ruins for cover.
    He had already spotted several targets on his own sensor suite. Monkeigh. Astartes.
    His dive offered him speed, and he adjusted the settings on his blaster for well armored targets.
    Using terrain minimized his exposure, and the marines below could only see glimpses of him, never enough to lead a barbaric bolter round into him. Besides, like true Monkeigh, they were primarily trained to engage ground forces, or perhaps big aircraft with heavier weaponry.

    He broke cover in a blur of speed, from his ankles his suit dispensed a plasma grenade down below. The Space Marines, realized their armor would offer little protection and dove to cover in a drilled in reflex, several still aiming their weapon simultaneously. He was too fast however, and their rounds were flying well behind him.

    Meanwhile, knowing Astartes to be well armored, tough, and have astonishing regenerative capabilities, he focused on a key target, aimed and fired a stream of laser blasts.
    He could not say how much time passed. Surely his suit registered the attack run, which was perfection.
    The laser blasts started in the warriors chest, and quickly went upward, the repeated impacts making a mockery of the ceramite helmet. The marine fell.
    Another grenade was dispensed on target as he crossed the area back into cover. The marine's plasma gun would detonate with the explosion, preventing the enemy from using it.

    He turned around for another attack run, now aware of the position and insignia of their leader. Before he could start his run however, he noticed the faint but telling sign of an eldar sniper rifle discharging.
    Even at his speed and altitude, he knew his brother would have a grin before the psychic message conferring amusement reached him. Tenran had recognised his brother, and had beaten him to his target. Still an outcast, the way of war differed as much as the rest of their lives. Where Auzor lived the calm and regulated life of the craftworld, he fought a mobile war, diving, climbing, a high rate of fire weapon, and explosive grenades contributing to an orgy of violence where only his warmask prevented his Fall. Tenran lived the wild, rough and unpredictable life of the ranger, yet in battle he followed a way of patience, of planning of hunting and observation; he lived without warmask and yet he existed now not in turbulence and chaos of emotions. Tenran existed now for the perfection of decisive action: one shot from his rifle had inspired the marines to consolidate into cover rather than continue their advance, lest they be cut down on open ground.

    A land speeder typhoon was engaging the eldar tank column, ducking and weaving behind cover, letting loose volleys of missiles when it peeked from the cover. The primitive missiles so far were fooled by the eldar holofields, but the threat was clear. Auzor banked and climbed using a ruined tower for cover.

    Now converging on a joint target, the squad picked up speed, the speeder had no paths of escape available, and his heart soared when it moved his way. He was unnoticed and the pilot thought he was avoiding and outspeeding the imminent danger of his squadmates. Auzor's volley of haywire grenades ended any such illusions, and the anti-grav plates and engines violently seized to function. He saw two Monkeigh on board going down, and then engulfed in the explosion as munitions and promethium fuel ignited in inferno. The visions, his flight, the sound and airwaves, it could have been an exceptional work of his art.

    Auzor screamed his victory, his glory and exhilaration.

    Sudden orders interrupted: retreat! Urgent, all forces disengage!
    Had they lost? How? How could barbarians force the magnificent eldar host into retreat?
    The retreat vector for his squad made little sense as they would surely be spotted, it didn't maximize their speed and the Monkeigh might well try to follow with their bikes and transports.
    Loranel had already requested explanation, and all became clear: Ork forces had gotten stuck in a sort of squabble among themselves. If the wrong side prevailed, it was likely they would attack eldar settlements. Instead, the eldar would guide the Ork and Monkeigh into each other.

    Auzor took his position towards the rear of the squad, letting his comrades build a lead. His excellent flying skills serving well in this position: he turned, he rolled and banked and laid down covering fire, taking shots of opportunity at the marines now in pursuit, probably confident of victory.

    Then, pain, suffering, loss of control. Loranel immediately mentally contacted him, mentally reciting emergency procedures. Auzor realized too late what had occured: an assault marine had been trying to catch the retreating Swooping Hawks Exarch, Auzor had ignored his futile attempts. Now, the marine had switched targets however, closed the distance and a bolt pistol shell had found it's mark in the form of Auzor's torso. His psychoplastic armor had absorbed most of the damage, and was already self-repairing. Back-up circuits and controls in his suit activated, and he started to pull up from his free fall. He could not evade the incoming Angel of Death, his chainsword roaring with fury.

    A sudden shot, escape, survival. From below, a master shot rang out, passing Auzor and hitting the left jumppack-engine of his adversary. Tenran had realized the peril of his brother, and made a desperate master stroke. Out of control the marine spun, and the nighthawk flew past the whizzing teeth of his chainsword. Bitter for failing to anticipate the attack, Auzor opened fire with his lasblaster, with only one aim, and found his mark. The second engine of the space marine was hit and disabled, and the Astartes plummeted to his death. Satisfied with this vengeance and fitting end of the marine, Auzor sped away at speed into the night now, still suffering from the bolt impact. His brother and other rangers still lured the battle company towards the Ork horde.

    Other elements of the Eldar force led the Orks into the Space Marines, and for the eldar, the day was won, and they withdrew, this time completely.

    Auzor's question on how the rangers would be extracted from between both armies went unanswered however. He felt a sharp unprecedented pain as the last psychic message of Tenran found him; first the clarity it was his badly wounded brother that made the contact, the forced grin that from now on Auzor should be more careful, then the panic of the dying Eldar's mind as his spirit stones did not function immediately, would they even be recovered, followed by nothing.

    Auzor sighed heavily, still weighted with guilt undiminished through the decades. Had he not abandoned the brother that had just saved him on the battlefield. He had tracked down his brother's spirit stone, worn as a trinket by an Ork, and recovered it. The sniper rifle adorned his wall. Because of the guild, he had refused the moniker of Nighthawk, for as long as he was a Swooping Hawk he would be referred as the Nightraven he swore, and he swore darker oaths, that spoke of vengeance and retribution.

    For him, the remembrance ceremony ended with this memory, still unfulfilled justice.
    As an outcast, the soul of his brother was never allowed to fuse into the holonet, and this pained both of them, as now Tenran was stuck in the soulstone Auzor often wore on his chest, bereft of the tranquility of the holonet and the comfort of fellow deceased eldar.

    Auzor felt a vibration, a pulse perhaps, and different thoughts and emotions started to fill his mind.
    On Arkhona, a distant planet, the same Space Marine chapter that they fought together for the last time was preparing a campaign against the eldar.
    He safely stored the soulstone away as he did not wish to expose it to any risk and to preserve it from the emotions he now allowed to fill him more freely.

    Blood runs

    Anger rises

    Death wakes

    War calls!

    Alaitoc would go to war. And Auzor the Nightraven would be in the vanguard.
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  5. Time for some real talk

    I have nothing against the Eldar fans

    In fact you guys are great

    Without you I probably would be inable to zog a single panzee due to no one else playing them

    All jokes aside I love seeing the sort of passion and creativity you lot have for your faction, it's nice to see.

    It's just unfortunate that I dislike the Eldar themselves.
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  6. Idrial Idrial Menial

    :eek:Non believer detected!!! :mad: Call the Tal Shiar for assistance!
  7. I think Tal Shiar would be already there by the time you post.

    Just take it. HE is Ork, as most Orks are laughing maniacs, and cause we dont have these "ReD bUTtaNs" we are not cool.
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  8. Auzor Auzor Menial

    Here mr Ork, a cool trinket for you to play with
    /tosses plasma grenade

    And uh.. the Ork faction could end up adhering to the background very well:
    what players would be drawn to the Ork faction.. the type that plans engagements, values combined assaults and.. oi, wherez you be going?

    And :
    free to play ork boys, providing numbers (although the game would start as matches..), and probably little else.
    Because the Ork boys can't switch classes when the situation calls for it for example.
  9. Tengu Tengu New Member

    Hey, calm down, are you from Inqusition or something like that?
  10. Idrial Idrial Menial

    :mad:How dare you question the Eldar Inquisition!

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