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Eldar Fan Appreciation (Founder's Pack Giveaway)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Bloodbourne, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. You will see it yourself with Chaos Space Marines running all over the place. Baaah, Humans are such sorry mistakes. Sometimes I feel bad for them
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    I can and do.
  3. Tengu Tengu New Member

    Man, don't take it too serious, I know that LCB was writen more than 8 years ago and by 14-year old guy, and he took 3E lore as a basis where possible existence of a hybrid of the Eldar and humans (just remember half-Eldar Ultramarine Chief Librarian Astropath...), also in 3E DE was Slaaneshi cultists, so y'know... But it's still quite nice story.

    Well CSM deserve death of course, but I don't think same about regular Imperial citizen.
  4. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    That doesn't mean I can't ignore it :D
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  5. Tengu Tengu New Member

    man, don't force me to use this picture always...
  6. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... Would have loved to have given this a go but deadline is tomorrow and I'm working tonight and tomorrow... I think the word I'm looking for is "Bugger"...
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  7. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Write anyway when you can - I for one would like to read more good Eldar tales :)
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  8. Kusukyu Kusukyu Subordinate

    Agreed! These tales of my kin bring me great pleasure!
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  9. alorbe alorbe Recruit

    Hello, It´s my first time writing something like this but as an eldar fan I couldn´t let this opportunity escape.
    PS: When you get to the link open it, it’s essential to the story immersion :p

    "Eldar, probably the greatest creation of the old ones, probably one of the best civilizations in every aspect of all time. But even the most perfect creation has his own imperfections."-Elrahith

    Elrahith was born in the glorious Craftworld of Iyanden during the 41M, his family members were mainly following the path of the warrior, and the only exception was his uncle which had followed the path of the Dreamer. Elrahith’s grandfather, whose name was Lendrad, followed the path of the warrior like most of the other members but he went further and was not satisfied with what the path of warrior had brought to his life, he wanted more, so he joined the path of the leader. His grandfather became a remarkable autarch which brought many victories to the Iyanden Craftworld but it all ended in one of the most horrific and catastrophic wars that this Craftworld had to face… the war against the Kraken invasion, which was one of the biggest Tyranid hive fleets.

    During one of the many battles fought against these brutal enemies, his grandfather was leading his army in a defense of major importance to the victory of the Eldar, it was a key point that the eldar had to hold otherwise the enemy would break into the command center, and if that happened the Craftworld would be out of control, not because the enemy would control the Craftworld, because tyranids can´t do that, instead they would completely destroy it.

    It wasn´t a surprise attack since Lendrad knew that this mortal enemy would not stop until the ship was completely destroyed and consumed, but tyranid attacks were so frequent that he had such a small amount of time to prepare for the defense and the troops were tired from all these battles. So, Lendrad plan was to put the most capable warriors, mainly the ones that followed the path of the warrior and were not wounded, in the front line to ease the enemy and hopefully stop it and of course in the last line of defense were the eldar guardians.

    Everyone was ready for the battle and in position, and suddenly is heard a huge "
    " from the distance, everyone knew what was coming, there was no fear in between these eldar warriors, the casualties were enormous, their home was being destroyed, there was no place for fear only anger and a revenge feeling in each of their hearts. The first wave of Tyranid warriors was spotted, they were approaching really fast and as the howling banshees advanced and attacked the enemy, suddenly the atmosphere became crowded with a single sound… the sound of death… Endless swarms of Tyranids kept coming, the banshees were doing a great job defending, as every other aspect warrior, but eventually the enemy gained momentum, and started to push eldar lines backwards reaching the guardians and some other aspect warriors that were still alive. Lendrad seeing his eldar brothers and sisters dying decided to join them in the fight against the vicious tyranids. That act of bravery from Lendrad helped bring the morale up, and finally the Tyranids started to ease, the waves were less intense and there was more time to breath… until… the beast arrived, a giant Carnifex attacked the eldar warriors and as it was slaughtering them, Lendrad realized that he couldn’t stay there and watch his Craftworld be wiped out, he couldn’t let it be destroyed by a bunch of animals whose only purpose was to feed, grow and evolve. He decided to attack the beast… dodging it’s attacks, landing hit after hit, the beast started to show some weakness and eventually it was brought down but while finishing the Carnifex, one of the enemy Hive Tyrant struck Lendrad in the back as he was weary from having just defeated the beast, killing him… after that, the Tyranids started to act more desperately and even more primal, causing the control that the Hive Tyrants had over the smaller Tyranids to grow weaker which led to a chaotic retreat of the enemy army and fleet which was forced to go find another prey to feed on as the Eldar would never lay down their weapons and surrender; much to the Eldar’s benefit as the long and difficult war that had cost so many Eldar lives, centuries spent mastering the paths and have all of that lost in that single, bloody war.

    Iyanden, once one of the greatest eldar Craftworlds, stood now as just a shadow of its former glory, permanently scarred but spirit and will unshaken, the war made the desire for vengeance within the hearts of the surviving Iyanden grow. Thousands of Eldar lives were lost, but thanks to the Spirit stones bound to the infinity circuit, “She who thirsts” wasn’t able to consume any of their souls, so the dead were safe from being devoured by this monstrosity and cast forever into the warp as long as the Craftworld still remained operational and inhabited.

    Elrahith is an eldar with 547 years and was very fascinated by his uncle’s ability to control his own dreams, and so it was common for Elrahith to listen to the stories that his uncle dreamt of. He was so enthusiastic about that ability, that he thought of following the path of the dreamer but when his mother Elahina told him about the war that his grandfather had been part of, a sentiment of revenge started to grow in Elrahith heart, he wanted to make the tyranids pay for what they had done to his once glorious but still proud Craftworld and for the way his grandfather had died, killed by a coward strike from a Hive Tyrant. Elrahith was now confused because he loved the art of being able to control his dreams, although he had a burning desire to make the tyranids pay for what they had done, so he decided to talk with his mother about what should he choose.

    Elahina followed the path of the warrior like most of her family, so she knew what war was, she knew what kind of feelings were experienced during battles and how it changed people, she told Elrahith that if he chooses the path of the warrior, he will have to experience feelings like pain and suffering, because seeing his brother and sisters die in battle wouldn´t be something easy, so he had to be ready for that. But Elahina also told him that the most rewarding thing as a warrior was to experience victory, the result of all your hard work and sacrifice, and by victory she meant every step to make their enemy pay for each of the Eldar lives stolen. Elahina, about the path of the dreamer, didn´t knew much but she told Elrahith “Follow what your heart says, don´t follow what other say for you, you are the one who must select the path, so make sure that the path you are following is the one that will bring you the most rewarding feelings, the one where after all of your hard work you see that it paid off, but remember that not every time there will be a victory, so if you are going to follow the path of the warrior there are two main objectives that you need to take in count: Always protect the Craftworld, do not let anyone take it from you otherwise, you will lose everything including your soul which will be devoured, and the second one is that in every war, in every battle make sure to never leave any Eldar behind and if that happens make sure to avenge his sacrifice”.

    After talking with his mother, Elrahith realized that his destiny was to bring the Tyranids all the pain that they had caused on Iyanden’s people, so he knew that the path of the warrior was the best for him, although his love for the path of the dreamer was still alive he knew that by choosing the path of the warrior, that didn´t mean that he wouldn´t be able to learn the art of the dreamer one day, but the priority was to avenge his grandfather, avenge his people.

    Elrahith became a notable dire avenger of the Sun Blade Shrine because it was the shrine that he identified with the most and its battle characteristics. He became a notable warrior, not only because he was exceptionally good with a weapon in his hands, but also because he followed what his mother had taught him, applying it in every single battle he fought as much as he could, which was to never leave an Eldar behind. He got so enthusiastic about the path of the warrior that he didn´t want to leave, so he decided to focus all of his skill and time in the path of the warrior, and after all his hard work, he eventually achieved the rank of Exarch of the Dire Avengers.

    Now once again, there’s another big war approaching, one located in the planet of Arkhona, and Elrahith was called to aid the forces of eldar in achieving the victory and control of that planet, the reports of Tyranids invading that planet, not only gave Elrahith the opportunity to help control the planet for the mysterious purpose that the Eldar had in store for it but also the chance for him and his other Iyanden brothers and sisters to be able to continue their never-ending quest for vengeance against the Tyranids and to all who have ever wronged the Eldar.
  10. And because of... She Who Thirsts, life of Eldar born in these times can be worse than a nightmare. I dont count the amount of training two must overcome to control their level of emotions to create ones life. Most unfortunate. But you seem to cling through that like a bird. I believe your talent will be used and you will continue on the Path of other Aspects. Nice story by the way. (How Mon´Keigh would tell). Nvm that racism. In fact, Isha smiles on you =)

    And remember that their numbers avail them nothing!

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