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Eldar Fan Appreciation (Founder's Pack Giveaway)

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Bloodbourne, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Yes, they still have souls, though they are considered lesser than true born dark eldar. Clones are also used as a type of immortality, so that when they die, they can be brought back into the clone, they just lose a little of themselves at a time when they do it, not that that stops them.

    As for the hedonism, they did learn from their mistakes in a way, they found out that the webway is mostly safe from slaneesh, and they can practice whatever they want there without drawing attention. Khorne's gate however may soon let a horde of demons into Commorah, though I doubt it would fall due to the constant readiness of the dark eldar and the craftworld allies they would call in to aid.
  2. Oh yes I'm sure they were, you know, not getting their asses handed to them or anything. Their strategy of drowning them in corpses must have been top notch.

    I bet the Orks were just made for shits and giggles and not for you know, fighting soulless machines or anything like that

    Eldar are superior and everything....yep...
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  3. So lore is a bit contradictory about this, I thought the Necrons were forced into hibernation by the enslaver plague that nearly wiped out all life in the galaxy, and they then ran out of souls to cull. In that way they could wait for a time when life had been replenished to purge the galaxy anew. (that also may be old necron lore or a combination of old and new, as a general rule I don't like the new lore(post 5th ed.) outside of the personalities for the necron lords)

  4. (skip to 10:30 and watch the rest)
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  5. Sily Sily Firebrand

    I am new to this, did I do it right? Also, I do not own Eternal Crusade yet, consider me new to the game. - I also know I am late to the party, but OP said as long as there are keys...

    Sily, veteran Navigator

    1. How old is your character?
    300 years old
    2. Male or Female?
    3. What Path are they on?
    Path of the Warrior
    4. Have they walked any other Paths?
    Walked Path of the Mariner
    5. Which Shrine do they belong to?
    Eagle Pilot
    6. Which Craftworld are they from?

    Background below
    Born upon the craftworld of Ulthwé, Sily was schooled and trained to the proper Eldar standards, her fate bound to be that of a pilot among their great starships. She served her time in the various seats aboard various starships, sticking strictly to civilian duties. Most of her time was spent in flight running logistics, something what she found mostly peaceful and quiet.

    As a Mariner, Sily was content with her life, her Path almost complete. She had no experience with combat, until fate would have her thrust into flying ad hoc transport for the Black Guardians. The taste of blood followed, put to her in a skirmish against the forces of Chaos. - The motto “Every Eldar is trained and ready to fight as a Guardian if need be” holds more than true, for as she put on her war mask and took her murehk, her past as a civilian was for that short moment buried. In a hail of bolter- and shuriken fire, she took her first steps as a true Eldar Warrior, retaliating against the boarding party which came upon her ship.

    Having found purpose, unity and unusual success in battle, Sily took to the Path of Warrior. With her experience and past as a pilot, she was schooled among Eagle Pilots, but not trained to fly their usual interceptor. Due to her skill with navigation and hours behind cockpit, Sily found herself right at home as the Navigator of a Phoenix ground attack fighter, taking the wrath of her kin wherever she would be deployed.
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  6. Shids Shids Preacher

    Hello! Just like Sily here above so am I also new to Eternal Crusade and do not own it yet, but I am not new to the Warhammer 40k franchise! So I thought I'd try my luck and write about my little Eldar here..


    1. Unknown, 278 years since she reawoke.

    2. Female.

    3. Path of the Seer.

    4. Path of the Warrior.

    5. None currently, as she walks the Path of the Seer. The Hidden Strike while she walked the Path of the Warrior.

    6. Unknown, currently with Alaitoc.

    The Troupe descended upon the ominous facility, which they came upon in a secluded pocket of the Webway. Horrific machinery and apparatuses sprung to life once more, after years of neglect, as they with cunning and practiced steps bypassed the various traps left for unwanted intruders. They were met by blood-curdling sights as they made their way through the abandoned Haemonculi laboratory until they came across a sealed chamber. Upon opening it up they found a Eldar female unconcious and suspended in a contraption which must have sustained her through the years. As the first Harlequin stepped inside the machine pulled various needles out of the woman's body and released her from its clutches. She was free.

    The woman, whom could neither offer name or explanation to what had happend to her was allowed to wander with the Troupe, for a time. For she had not heeded the call of the Laughing God and was therefor told that she had to walk another path. Her time with the Harlequin came to an end as the Troupe encountered an Alaitoc fleet. She were welcomed, even if reluctantly so, for she was not of the Craftworld, nor could she name who she was or were she hailed from.

    She chose her path, to serve, to fight for the Craftworld. She sought out the Disciples of the Hidden Strike and through trails and training became a Striking Scorpion. She were pontent in the way of manipulating the Warp, and during the time she spent with the Harlequins the Shadowseer had been her mentor. She were taught dicipline, how to keep the deamons of the Warp from influencing her mind, before She Who Thirsts would take it from her. So after she had been acknowledged as a warrior, she now chose to walk the Path of the Seer, were her skills with both mind and sword serve her well, as she leads her fellow kin against their foes. A Warlock she is, currently.. but who knows what the future will hold for Niriari, the raven haired Eldar whose past is still a mystery, even for herself.
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  7. Tyzar Tyzar New Member


    1. How old is your character?
    300 years old

    2. Male or Female?

    3. What Path are they on?
    Path of the Warrior

    4. Have they walked any other Paths?
    Path of Grief
    Path of the Seer

    5. Which Shrine do they belong to?

    6. Which Craftworld are they from?

    Isedra, born upon the craftworld of Ulthwé, was schooled and trained, demonstrating herself to be very proficient with psyker abilities she quickly found herself taken in by the Path of the Seer. She spent many of her years studying to master the full power of her mind. Accepting the Seer Runes and her own Spirit Stone containing her personal Spirit-Guide.

    She spent much of her time in quiet contemplation and meditation, mixed with study of the anatomy and medicine. After much contemplation and the loss of a personal friend she turned her sights to the lines of combat, attending her talents to healing the wounded and soothing the psychically pained.

    This was until a squad of Chaos Marauders broke into the medical facility. Without thinking and without training Isedra immediately set her practised skills to the Marauders, wracking them with pain enough for her surviving colleagues to escape, challenging and evading them long enough for reinforcements to arrive. It was then, that she decided that her skills could be put to better use, following the Path of the Warrior to ensure that she would never be as helpless again.

    Now, with her new training she serves on the front lines with her fellow warriors, applying her skills in battle to channel her psychic powers to defeat the forces of chaos and to protect her companions against others that would do them harm.
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  8. Yvaelle Yvaelle Curator

    Not participating in the contest as I'm already a Captain, just posting for funsies :)

    1) How old is your character?

    2) Male or Female?

    3) What Path are they on?
    Path of the Witch

    4) Have they walked any other Paths?
    Path of Shaping
    Path of the Thought Talker
    Path of the Warrior: Banshee
    The Path Abandoned
    The Path Twisted

    5) Which Shrine do they belong to?

    6) Which Craftworld are they from?
    Originally Telennar, now a Witch of Altansar.
  9. Idrial Idrial Menial

    I like the fact that you switched Craftworlds. Hope they allow that in-game, but oh well.

    "Path of shaping" Can you shape me a Banshee Aspect armour set that is gold and silver? I got a lot of negative dispute for requesting such a thing in the Eldar Aspect Customization thread.
  10. Yvaelle Yvaelle Curator

    I don't see why not - wearing your Craftworlds colors is customary for the rank and file - but the elite may wear what they please. I may lack the skill to craft such ingenious armor as you desire - but I see no reason it should not exist :)
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