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Eldar Executions

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Dragonkindred, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Murtag Murtag Cipher

    I agree. Eldar are typically seen as all finesse, but Striking Scorpions are pretty brutal. They're the patient hunters.

    I would think like a chainsword attack before a quick burst of mandiblaster shots. Or a mandiblaster shot then decapitation. Quick and Eldar like but still showing the bloodthirstiness that is part of being an aspect warrior.
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  2. Stelpher Stelpher Arkhona Vanguard

    Eldar are an elegant and graceful race, but they are just as visceral and brutal in combat as any other race. They just go about it in a different manor.
    I think there should be a minimum of two forms of execution for each aspect, one if they are executed from the front, the other from behind. Keeping in mind that executions can only be performed on downed players, so all animations will start with the foe on the ground.
    As a side-note, i'm just going to use examples from base aspect warriors with their presumed default equipment, no Exarchs and their fancy weapons.

    Dire Avengers:
    Dire Avenger executions should be quick and efficient, like many of you have said. To the Eldar in this state, finishing a fallen foe is as simple and casual a motion as reloading their weapon.
    The Dire Avenger approaches the target, holding out their Shuriken Catapult in and finishing the foe with a quick burst to the head, followed by a small animation such as checking their plasti-crystal ammunition or holding a hand to their helmet as if they received an order. This reinforces the feeling of the execution meaning nothing to the Avenger, just a mundane affair in their mission as a whole.
    The Dire Avenger approaches the foe from behind, placing a foot on their back and pushing them to the ground, then unloading a burst or two from their Shuriken Catapult in the back their enemy. This could be followed by the Avenger stepping over the body and continuing their advance (however this is not ideal, as it results in the player being in a different position from when the animation started).

    Howling Banshees:
    Howling Banshees are graceful and yet incredibly deadly combatants, and as such their executions should be fluid and clean (the word clean being used hesitantly).
    The Howling Banshee releases a cry from their Banshee Mask, causing the enemy to collapse, attempting to cover their ears. The Banshee would then impale them through the chest (with minimum gore splashing), then move on.
    The Banshee approaches the target from behind, firing a shot from her Shuriken Pistol into the back of each leg, then wraps her arm around the forehead of the enemy, raising it to present their neck. She then slices her blade across said neck, then drops the body and stands.

    Striking Scorpions:
    Striking Scorpions may be a very stealth-based aspect, but they are by far one of the more brutal in combat. They *do* use Chainswords after all. Kills by Striking Scorpions should be messy and bloody. Another thing to keep in mind is the Mandiblasters. A fair few of you have said that the Mandiblasters should deliver the final blow, but i disagree with that. Their whole purpose is to stun, disorientate and blind the enemy, not kill them (Unless they are exceptionally weak).
    The Scorpion grabs the foe by the neck, lifting them up-right. They release a burst of Mandiblaster fire into their enemies face, hen they slice their Chainsword into the enemies torso, the blade's teeth biting deep into the targets body before tearing through completely. The legs fall to the ground, and the Scorpion discards the upper half. (This one may not be possible, as i'm unsure if they could cut the model in half and create two separate ragdolls from it. Of course they could do it, but it may just be a little too much effort for one animation.)
    The Scorpion releases a burst from their Shuriken pistol into the back of the enemy, causing them to collapse. The Scorpion then flips their Chainsword into a backwards grip, and drags it along the back of the target as they pass, the blade ripping through armour and into the flesh of the incapacitated body's back.

    Fire Dragon:
    The Fire Dragon is pretty simple. Nothing should remain of the body, except maybe a superheated puddle or some vapor in the air. I don't think ragdolls will be required for those executed by Fire Dragons, as there should be nothing left of them.
    The Fire Dragon approaches the target, stopping in front of them and readying their weapon. The enemy glances up, to see their possible savior or demise, only to be greeted by a torrent of hot death.
    The Fire Dragon draws a pistol or some other form of secondary weapon, deciding the enemy unworthy of the use of the Fusion Gun, killing them with a few shots to the back.

    Swooping Hawks:
    I'm not entirely sure what to put here, as i don't actually use Swooping Hawks myself, they never really caught my interest. I pressume they'd possess are certain amount of grace in their actions, and would involve a bit of hovering.
    The Swooping Hawk kicks the foe in the side of the head, rolling them over to lay belly up, then unloads between one and three shots into their head.
    The Hawk gives a small leap towards the enemy from behind, gliding over and landing on their shoulders. The Hawk then fires down into them a couple of times, before looking up and gliding back to their original position.

    Dark Reaper:
    My thoughts on the Dark Reaper matter are uncertain at the moment, but i believe they should either just have to shoot the downed body a few more times to perform a ranged execution, or go with the assist experience idea. Either way, the executions below will work just like any other execution, requiring close range.
    The Dark Reaper stands before the target, steadying themselves and bracing. They then fire a low-explosive shot at close range, reducing the enemy to a red stain and some gibs.
    The Reaper approaches the enemy from behind, then beats the already dying body to death with a few meaty thuds from their Reaper Launcher. (Plus have you seen the 'muzzle' of those things? They're damn pointy!)

    Warp Spiders:
    Warp Spiders will undoubtedly have some very gory Executions, due to the nature of their weapons.
    The Warp Spider fires at the enemy with their Death Spinner, the foe being wrapped in the Monofilament wire. The foe will then writhe on the ground in pain as it cuts into their bodies, in turn causing themselves to be even more sliced up. Before long, only gore or a heavily torn up body will remain.
    The Warp Spider grabs the fallen enemy from behind, then disappears in a flash from their Warp Jump Generator. A second or two later they reappear, the body gone, left to die in an unknown location if they're lucky, lost in the Warp if not.

    I'm well aware the Warlock is not an aspect, but it is a confirmed class and so i feel it should be included.
    The Warlock levitates the enemy up into the air, and then plunges their Witchblade deep into the enemies chest. The Warlock then withdraws the blade, discarding the body to the side.
    The Warlock raises their blade towards the target, then releases from the blade a blast of raging Warpfire, which engulfs the enemy and reduces them to a blackened husk.

    That's about all i can write down for now. Hope you agree with some of these ideas. ^^
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  3. Maybe they could kick the enemy onto their back, crouch and leer over their face, then stand up again and fire one shuriken into their gut/abdomen area
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  4. Tengu Tengu New Member

    Guys, if you wanna see some real good executions - just look at Dow 2. That just amasing (expecially execution by Warp Spider Exarch - multiple teleports and blows are simply superb)
  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Stelpher, those are some very Aspect-suitable animations and I would like to see something like that implemented (given that it's technically feasible of course) :)
  6. Stelpher Stelpher Arkhona Vanguard

    Thank you haha, praise me moar!

    You realize the Exarch is the only one who gets a Shuriken Cannon right? All the rest have Reaper Launchers.
  7. Diasaffected member Norm Well-Known Member

    Exarch weapons have been earmarked to be available to players of the appropriate Aspect. It's was stated a while ago, but it's one of the few shreds of info we have about the Eldar.
  8. Stelpher Stelpher Arkhona Vanguard

    Really? With no experience grinding or anything like that? ...That's kind of stupid. I like unlocking things, this takes all the joy out of what could have been a great leveling system.
    And yes i know, if everyone has access to all weapons (except those from the store) it balances everything out, but i mean, Exarch weapons are meant to be stronger. They belong to the Exarch after all, an Eldar trapped on the Path of the Warrior. Oh well.
  9. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    theres no vertical progression in EC ... new players characters are meant to be as viable as seasoned players characters to prevent new-comers from getting their arses handed to them everytime they log on
  10. Diasaffected member Norm Well-Known Member

    Imagine if there was vertical progression. Everyone would eventually become an exarch. That would be just as ridiculous. The weapons thing does bend the lore but it is probably the best solution so far.

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