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Eldar currently

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nether, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Nether Nether Master

    Ok, I know there is going to be a lot of salt and insults thrown in this thread, so I will start with if you don't have anything constructive to say then @Asheru please just remove them, same for any OP comments ext. I would rather avoid such trolls from derailing this and I'm trying to prevent the thread from being locked because of it.

    I am looking to hear the communities feedback;
    -Eldar players, are you noticing the same things, or you find we have other issues not listed, or anything else? (I will add your comments here)
    -Non-Eldar players, how are you guys finding fighting them recently? (please keep this civil)

    So my view currently of Eldar from playing primarily as a guild stack vs Pug games have been very limited to guild battles due to none available unless rolling with the guild. I can say with shame that with guild stack we have been struggling ... vs pugs. That's putting it at best. We have some very solid players, know all map entries and tactics ext but for the last while it has been rough to say the least.
    Vs a guild, it feels like they just pug stomped us as if we had no clue how to play. In comparison, when we play other factions as guild, even if some aren't as familiar with weapons / loadouts, we have had a much easier result.

    I have to wonder as we are the only guild for Eldar I see playing anymore, and I've heard similar from pugs.

    This isn't all fact, just opinion for how the factions feels currently and can be updated if valid points made.

    Issues I've noticed;
    -We currently move = to LSM/CSM, (this has been proven currently)


    -We die so much faster than any other, and when playing LSM/CSM they drop em so much faster than other factions.
    ---accuracy boost to ranged makes ranged weapons much more damaging to our low EHP
    ---Melee damage, seems like I have to work harder for the kill then when playing other factions.
    -Our ASC is the worst battle rifle of all factions DPS to EHP for Tac class, and stacked with all factions are more durable than Avenger means straight up comparison that it's guaranteed loss. (bolter, ASC, ext)(also to add, the ASC has crappy accuracy and large spread, I believe it is the worst of all battle rifles on that front, even Orks. It's effective range is a few meters before drop-off neuters it)
    -feels like TLSC as well is just not as effective as it used to be, and that's vs a bolter
    -we have the worst pistol in the game
    -Our ability to hold a point for cap has been much harder this last while, and even pushing in on points we seem to evaporate before anything effective can be done.

    I will add more as you add them or I think of it, just want to get this started.
    Currently World map supports what I have been finding as I suspect most of the Eldar games being played are losses.

    Could you comment on any of these issues if you have aware of?

    Eldare are Ok but of course they gonna receive soon huge bufs as usual , because why not !
  3. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Nothing has changed for me same as always , Eldar is not meant to 1v1 , play as ateam
  4. Fryskar Fryskar Active Member

    Only thing i really dislike to fight against are tempest launchers on hold the line maps as you often can't do much against with pugs. Else they are mostly handleable, even if scorps and hawks reap a high toll on pugs and firedragons can win a battle by melting transports (getting really difficult to do anything on medusa/torias w.o. metal boxes) means if your team can't hold the points long enough or know how to keep the boxes alive, you will have a bad (and often boring) day.
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  5. LucianNostra Well-Known Member

    Just gonna nitpick this cuse right away people are gonna jump on how it does more DPS, what you mean to say is that given the EHP of Eldar and the EHP of Marines and Orkz that the TTK (time to kill) for a DA using an ASC is the worst despite the ASC having a higher dps. But the ASC goes further by having less potential damage per ammo load, crappy accuracy and a large spread if you just hold the trigger, it is by far the worst rifle there is no engagement range or type that favors it which is just wrong.

    As for how it feels I dunno, I haven't played since the CSM campaign where it was ok but seeing as how the changes they've made have just brought in nerfs to Eldar (whether they are intentional or not) I can't see them holding a candle to the already dominate CSM
  6. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    In lore they die in 1v1 by 1 bolt only , they need the numbers to bleed the ennemy without having casualties so that they can win a fight with same numbers
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  7. Some review from DA player.
    1) ASC damage loss with distance is unbearable. Mostly you are not effectivly damage even if hit head every shot - just warn enemy to roll and evade.
    2) ASC lack of ammo and small clip. It eats ammo very fast - damage falloff, toughness 130-160 durability, misses, some shuri hit iframes even if you stop firing. Effectiveness of clip is OKAY if compare with 30bolt clip of Boltgun. But we see only Drums. You cant DODGE at least some shots and catch LSM/CSM on reload. 60 ammo never end if you engage firefight.
    So we need ammo clip increased may be to 70 for ASC or have Drum for 110ammo.
    3) DPS advantage annuled by EHP disadvantage. Simply. Not enough damage output for "agility DPS race without HP"
    4) Agility is gone. Its proven. Speed advantage nullified. Still we have EHP nerfed because of speed was an advantage in past since february.
    5) Lack of red armor
    6) Evade. ? Iframe feels way much shorter than emey's one. Any proofs pls can somone?
    7) Heavy frontal attacks oneshots. Melee was good before. Pretty balanced. Now its madness.
    8) ASC lack of x2, x4, x6 scopes
    9) Hawk missing scopes as well.
    10) Impulse accelerator decreases DPS.
    Good things.
    1) ASC good recoil. Eh...

    About gameplay.
    Eldar looks good against bad players. Struggling if enemy have even few good players. Eldar guilds (where it is eh) have to perform VERY GOOD to win even agaisnt pugs. Another decent guild just roflstomp eldar because of reasons - not enough staying power - EHP disparity is critical, cheese only - fucking dirty shit, its like you force LSM to spam only Plasma cannons and JPA, imagine how it would be fun pro plasma players and melee jumpers)

    Remind me pls when Eldar guild won a good enemy guild last time.

    main classes suck - DA, shee - making them dependant of warlock powers is a very bad desgin, also not lore friendly. where are Guardans then?)
    how many eldar OKAY to exchange warlock's crutches for staying power in stats? Like it was before "enhance" crutch.
  8. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    WP has always won against anybody besides BLOP just saying ... might be the problem with the race :rolleyes:
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  9. My own opinion is that 1) the Dire Avenger needs to have the most work done, they are a pretty weak capture class (the weakest). Give them speed buffs or damage buffs, please. 2) Every other faction has an inherent advantage in the game in that they have one life where if they spent the money they can spawn a cheese elite character. Give the Eldar their elite already!

    There isn't much else to complain about, as a striking scorpion main I can't remember the last game I had less then 20 melee kills. Eldar supports and support buffs and debuffs are great.
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  10. WP refused to play against BLOP with us on EB. So WP cant be a good guild. Cowards heh. Still never seen WP stacks for a half of the year.

    ABout BLOPS. You guys, you Krayt say about PLAY AS A TEAM but looks like good teamwork is not enough to deal with personal skill of lone wolfing blops.

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