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Eldar Campaign Nov 10-20

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Morseth Rockalypse Steam Early Access

    Campaign get 3 more days? What? Is it Autarch delay?
  2. 10-20... Campaigns have always been 10-days unless there's a server issue.
  3. Morseth Rockalypse Steam Early Access

    I am saying that 3 more days were added. Now it says that it is 6 days until campaign is done.
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  4. Wait... What am I supposed to say here? "Jeez, bend the rules for the ELDAR. Eldar OP. Terminators when?"

    Good: maybe I'll be able to play and get my wins in this weekend.
  5. Morseth Rockalypse Steam Early Access

    You are not supposed to say anything, devs got the message about extension now. And as you said all campaigns were 10 days Eldars is 14. Truly OP.


  7. As the Farseers like to say... It is as was foreseen.
  8. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Wait are people complaining because more people now have a chance at free rtc or complaining because Autarch is delayed? Be honest.
  9. Morseth Rockalypse Steam Early Access

    All this campaign is big mess, first nerfes came deserved (tempest) and undeserved (fusion pistol), than Eldar campaign that is not Eldar for two reasons: first - every faction participates, second - no promised shoulder pad, and now this delay of Autarch because some faction are unable to complete their campaign in given time.

    For me it is Autarch and how things went overall, still glad to have more time to try and get lsm and ork 10 wins but man, thats dumb decisions on BE side.
  10. Truly epic chicanery is afoot...

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