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Eldar Campaign Nov 10-20

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KatieFleming, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Not sure what happened to the thread on this as I cannot find it today but replied yesterday; let me elaborate.

    The RTC earned for these campaigns is not global but restricted to the faction you earned it with.

    You have to buy the RTC from Steam for it to be applied globally across all characters.


    SM - win 10 = RTC SM only
    CSM - win 10 = RTC CSM only
    Ork - win 10 = RTC Ork only
    Eldar - win 10 = RTC Eldar only
  2. Yvelfir Yvelfir Arkhona Vanguard

    The thread was removed for an unknown reason, but you still seem to be missing the point about the rewards. Nobody said anything about wanting the RTC to be global, we're saying that during the other factions campaigns, only they received the RTC and that isn't fair considering they are now receiving more during the Eldar.

    Ork campaign - only Orks received 25k req and 5k RTC
    Chaos campaign - only Chaos received 25k req and 5k RTC
    LSM campaign - only LSM received 25k req and 5k RTC
    Eldar campaign - Eldar will receive 25k req and 5k RTC, as will Ork, Chaos and LSM

    This is what my salt is about. That is what my thread was about. The other 3 factions are double dipping on rewards and are getting twice as much as Eldar out of these 'faction specific campaigns'.
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  3. I know how RTC/Faction RTC works, that's not what my post was about. I guess I worded it poorly? Either way @Yvelfir 's response nails it.
  4. @Cyborg_Dragon @Yvelfir

    Ok, thanks....The team introduced the faction specific RTC and the equivalent rewards for all factions to encourage players not to just play the faction of the campaign(Eldar this time); as they want there to be a healthy number of players in all factions.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Just waiting for Orks to pick up again. :OrkDeffskull:
  5. I'm sorry but you're still missing the point we're trying to make. I won't speak for anyone else but I personally don't have any problem with the other 3 factions getting bonuses, like I said in my initial post (and like you say) it'll help spread the playerbase out and it should have been done that way with the other solo campaigns. The problem is that across all the solo campaigns the other factions will earn more total Faction RTC than the Eldar:

    LSM: 5,000RTC from LSM + 5,000RTC from Eldar
    CSM: 5,000RTC from CSM + 5,000RTC from Eldar
    Ork: 5,000RTC from Ork + 5,000RTC from Eldar
    Eldar: 5,000RTC from Eldar

    All we want is to increase the rewards for Eldar so that ALL factions will earn 10k RTC over the solo campaigns, otherwise this isn't really the Eldar campaign but just another regular one.
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  6. is Eldar campaign! lmao :OrkMoon:

    Previous campaigns are in the past - devs have moved on, clearly and for the better - let all be rewarded equally should they win.
  7. Thana Thana Curator

    here is the thing 5k =/= 10K RTC.

    So no, the reward is not equal
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  8. So you don't have better things like faction balance to worry about? Rather than currency.....lmao. Best get making those Eldar cosmetics for workshop as the developers won't!
  9. Seadee Seadee New Member

    so they changed the formula for this campaign and probably all future ones, don't bitch about it too much, its not like it really matters at the end of the day.
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  10. Not ev'ryone makes dere own teef, @Corie . Da Umies and Panzies 'ave ta WURK fer dere 'kurunsee'.

    Heh... Stoopid 'Umies...
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