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Educate me on Gathering Storm:Fracture

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Dreadspectre, Feb 6, 2017.

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    Kseniya had felt Jain-Zar’s death all those years ago beneath Velioss, had felt the pain of her rebirth. The Phoenix Lord leapt into the air, the triskele blade flashing towards Drytha, the speartip arcing towards her own heart.

    Time stopped as Kseniya closed her eyes let the vision that had brought them all to Arkhona pour from her; the burning skies, the fire-husked eldar corpses and the torrents of blood filling the stars. It filled the cavern in a frozen moment, every scrap of pain, every moment of horror, the doom that united them all.

    She sang the song that filled her nightmares, its words etched in blood upon her soul.

    _’Ancient fingers, twice forlorn,
    Those that weave, and pluck, and turn,
    In sanguine dreams, were petals shorn,
    T’was wisdom’s price, that she did learn.
    A relic lost, has now been found,
    From death reborn, will vengeance bloom,
    Power seized by Abaddon’s Hound,
    Brings war to Arkhona, and Eldar doom.’

    sigh this is a shame..
    really a shame...
    eternal crusade was the start of gathering stom in warhammer 40k background. sadly the sthort stories stopped.
  2. GratLurking Recruit

    So... Gathering Storm is spoilers for EC if we ever get further in that? *blam*

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