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Educate me on Gathering Storm:Fracture

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Dreadspectre, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. o_O Why the hell would a Necron care to help the Imperium defend against CSM? WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE STORYLINES?
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  3. Trazyn the Infinite is a near-psychopathic collector who saw the chance of collecting a greater prize by releasing lesser ones.

    And that greater prize?
    Ursakar Creed.
    Though he may have made other new additions to his collection at the time.
  4. You should read the 'Note' he left for Inquisitor Valeria.

    "Dear Lady, let me express my fulsome appreciation for your most generous gift. It is so very rare to discover another of my own kind that appreciates my work, therefore to find understanding amongst a member of another race is nothing short of a revelation. I realise that you briefly trod my galleries, but the fact that you spotted in so short a time that my Acabrius War collection was lacking three regiments of Catachan warriors reveals that you truly have a collector's eye for detail. And to send five regiments! Such generosity will allow me to weed out and replace a few of the more substandard pieces in my collection. If I might level a minor criticism, the instructions issued to your gift were manifestly not as clear as you thought, as most of them had to be forcibly restrained -- sadly it seems that the lower orders will always behave like an army of invasion, whether that be their purpose or not. However, this is a minor complaint and seems almost churlish under the circumstances, so please allow me to repay your gift with one of my own. Accompanying this message is the Hyperstone Maze, one of a series of Tesseract Labyrinths constructed at the height of the Charnovokh Dynasty. It is a trinket really, only of interest to scholars such as you and I, but I trust you will find it amusing -- assuming you have the wit to escape its clutches, of course."
    — Hyperscroll message from Trazyn the Infinite, addressed to Inquisitor Valeria, c. 805.M41

    Talk about a Psycho-Boyfriend/Killer.
    Reminds me of this.

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  7. The bit with the 1k Sons and them seemingly....being reversed is a bit mental and cool
  8. Phalaris of Akragas Phalaris Nickname Change

    I don't know seems a little bit randome for me. Beside that eldar are tucking idiots not making a secret alliance with Ahriman promising the reversal of the rubric
  9. The constant attacking and trying to get in the Black Libary might make them predisposed to say no. However the way it's laid out.....Seems to in your face to be more eldar dickery and there was the Rumours going around Pre these Books that one will fall/one will return.
    Making such a clear point here for me at least opens the door for that to Highlight the 1ksons to some degree but it is majorly hurt by Magnus doing the deed on the wolves.

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