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Educate me on Gathering Storm:Fracture

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by Dreadspectre, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. I've been out of the loop on 40k TT for awhile, the hell is going on? Are they pulling an End Times or just a big event?

    And what the hell is with the Fracture of Biel-Tan? Are these dark eldar, harlequins, eldar, all 3? That avatar is looking mighty Slaanesh-y too....

  2. Sariel Searva Ordinate

    Big event, no 8th edition coming out this year at least. They explicitly stated that this is NOT the End Times, they are just blowing up a planet or two which is just another day in 40k.

    Biel-Tan is a fleet based Craft system rather than a true craftworld. The "Fracture" of Biel-Tan is all about some of them choosing to join Ynnead's cult as the way of the future and hope for the Eldar race. The Cult of Ynnead will at the very least be Eldar/Dark Eldar. It would be strage for Harlequins to be in it as they have always served the Laughing God though its possible I guess.

    They do look sort of "Slaanesh-y" because Ynnead, the Eldar God of Death, is Slaanesh's sibling. Slaanesh was to be born at the Eldar's peak while Ynnead would come at their fall to kill Slaanesh. The Cult of Ynnead believes that if Ynnead kills Slaanesh, he will save all of the Eldar's souls and that they would be reborn in his image.

    Death Masque was all about Eldrad and his Seers trying to funnel warp energy into a ritual to summon Ynnead early. He was stopped by the Death Watch and captured by (i believe) Biel-Tan. Part of the story in this saturday's book is the chick with the cat in the new Triumvirate saving Eldrad from being put to death.
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  3. Eldrad is still alive? I thought he died awhile ago haha.
  4. He "died" during the 13th Black Crusade... which was retconned in its entirety I think.
  5. Sneaky ass Eldar bein sneaky I see haha.

    Are they planning on doing anything with Orks/Tyranids in this "Gathering Storm" event?
  6. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    .....Are you aware that the Primarchs are waking up Dread?

    Specifically Magnus has awoken.

    Roboute Guilliman is next...
  7. Don't forget he has Daddy's flaming sword, because Ward secretly got re-hired, it seems.
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  8. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    Meh, if anyone is going to use it, it should be him I suppose.

    In all of this it's Marneus I really feel sorry for. I almost hope he pulls a Horus and totally fucks with Roboute causing the Marneus heresy, then he heads to the eye of terror and bitch slaps Abaddon for being such a fail all the time.
  9. They've redone the 13th Black Crusade as part of advancing the 40K plot.
    Intead of being "10 minutes to midnight" on the 40K Doomsday Clock, it is now "5 minutes to midnight".

    The story arc of this began with the Fall of Cadia.
    The Fracture of Biel-Tan happens at about the same time.

    Unlike most Craftworlds Biel-Tan is not one big ship, but is made from a large collective of ships bound together by the Infinity Circuit.
    This breaks, and Biel-Tan is now a massive fleet.

    At the centre of what was the Craftworld a new Avatar forms. The Avatar of Ynnead the Eldar god of the Dead.
    Ynnead was/is being created as a weapon against She-Who-Thirsts.

    The new Ynnead-worshipping faction of Aeldari incorporates members of the various kinds of Eldar, as they seek to destroy Slaanesh and rebirth their civilisation as it was before her birth. They are led by Yvraine who has been a Dire Avenger, a Warlock/Farseer, a Corsair, an Outcast, a Hekatrix of a Wych cult, etc.
    Not all Eldar support this, and are even prepared to fight these Aeldari over it.

    The next part is on Macragge with characters from the previous two parts turning up and reviving Roboute Guilliman.
    Guilliman is then joined by Cypher and a Grand Master of the Grey Knights to face an invading Chaos force.
  10. Oohh...I do enjoy me some Grey Knights(even if they are a bit OP cheesey).

    So that's a no on any sort of Ork/Tyranid love in this event?

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