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EC/LSM Guide, eHP Calculator and FPS Guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oan-Mkoll, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    This looks and sounds great...unfortunately I haven't a damned clue how to use it. Spreadsheets just kind of melt together for me.

    Here's hoping someone will turn it into a simpler input-output calculator format. Won't be as detailed but might make it a bit faster and easier to use.

    Now, back to figuring this out...
  2. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    For ranged movementspeed is king to survive, for melee its iframes. Dodging in a 1v1 fire fight is really bad since you stop firing and the enemy can instantly nail you when you get out of the iframes and you cant shootback cause you are in recovery still.
  3. Arteek Arteek First Blood!

    The first 10 points give 4.49% damage mitigation, the next 10 points will give 4.44% damage mitigation and for all intend and purpose those 0.05% are completely meaningless. That won't even translate into 1hp on an ork slugga veteran loadout. Use the real formula instead of using approximations based on in-game empirical trials and numbers (which are also round-up)

    So as I said, you don't need complicated math or spreadsheets or whatever, all you need to know is that 10 toughness is roughly equal to 4.5% more EHP and you're good to go.
  4. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    oh it is meaningful to have the proper calculation cause it will mean living by 0.01hp or dying by -0.01 hp and as I said its not a constant game rounds up only visually best to see with the bolter cqc barrel. btw this nearly linear stacking mitigation gets better and better with more toughness. cause going from 0 to 5% mitigation or which is only 5% more ehp but going from 90% to 95% is 100% more ehp on top what you had before
  5. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    You are wrong. Toughness suffers from diminishing returns the higher above the Penetration of the incoming weapon you go.

    Edit: Oh, and nice spreadsheet by the way @Oan-Mkoll . Was there a reason to split the Toughness Mitigation formula into multiple different columns? Seems to make comprehension more difficult than it needs to be.
  6. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    I used the base from slough monster thats why it is this way I think I could change that (and I did hope you like it that way better)
  7. Arteek Arteek First Blood!

    I never said it didn't. As a matter of fact I never even commented once about it being linear or having diminishing returns. Simply because, as shown above, it's completely negligeable. I made a spreadsheet, like, 10 months ago using the toughness formula provided by the devs. It's not really news to me :rolleyes:
  8. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    I misunderstood then, because it seemed to be implied. I apologise.

    I think a lot of people saying they're a bit confused haven't realised they should basically ignore all of the numbers on the left-side apart from the bolded column.

    Seeing your nice pretty layout has given me the impetus to tweak my own Spreadsheet to be a bit more user-friendly as well. :) It was all just plain white and boxed off before, but colours are so much nicer.
  9. Mkoll Oan-Mkoll Steam Early Access

    its not negligeable ffs! 362hp@130 toughness is 417,42hp or 9.987 bullets to kill or 10 in total vs 363hp@130toughness which is 10.0137 bullets to kill which is 11Bullets.

    the game does rounds numbers only visually its plain normal calculation.

    first example you have -0.5033602674 hp DEAD (tested)
    second example you have 0.4966397326 hp ALIVE (tested)

    if you would do estimates or round numbers you could not reproduce accurate numbers and you DID say its a constant which it is not.

    @Shiani I fixed that now
  10. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    Nice one, that is much more readable now. :)

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