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EC isn't as dead as you might think... (I think)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    because he loves the game , the community wants to help , but its not our will that will revive the game its the devs ,they still havent released workshop yet , our community manager speaks less than my dead cat , our lead producer hasnt said a word for a month , they only way for us to get something is to talk directly to jordan , tons of content is already made but our hope is slowly dying because they take forever to realease the workshop
  2. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    With all due respect, not everyone shares your liking for community involvement after the real devs left. Imagine someone buying the game for full price before it went f2p only to learn that the 10 year plan and the expansions and campaigns were replaced by a bunch of hobby devs living out their dream as unpaid volunteers? That you do the work you do is admirable and definately praiseworthy but forgive me if this doesnt throw the best light on bE or the EC team cause they should be doing these things like professionally.

    You know that people are not black and white. Proteus and others were and some still are very much involved in their communities and clans, brought people to the game and participated in UAT tests, gave 100 threads of input, wrote tickets some since the early stages of alpha. To suggest these people should not be allowed to have their opinion is hillarious. If he followed things like the founding it is just fair for him to come to his own conclusion. If EC picked up the pace or would be bought and resurrected i am sure alot of people who are completely unsatisfied with what EC became how Nathan and the crew handled things and how they were lead on from the start, would jump on and give it another go. However at this point of time things look dark and a game which failed to deliver on so much it promised needs to have the guts and thick skin to accept people (even some of the most valiant previous supporters) are not happy or lost hope. To lash out towards them just gives the whole thing and unneeded additional bitter taste.

    It is good some do but in all honesty youve not delivered anything praiseworthy and neither has bE when it comes to workshop, balancing and lore. I mean do YOU remember the return of the famous 40k writer who would write all our campaign stories and was advertised around summer? He must have died in a car crash or something because the lore pieces on the campaigns after that were some of the most cringeworthy and terrible thing i've ever read. You know the team has a habit of announcing things and never delivering on them so forgive me if i will be sceptical about the implementation of your work until i see it ingame. Otherwise it might end up in the same box with the vehicle map, the reworked venerable/legacy weapons, terminators, founderbadges and and and.
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  3. Last line first. Its not going to my head. You have said this yourself, "If this game was anything else in terms of setting - if you simply changed the aesthetic but kept the mechanical stats behind everything and made it into an original IP, it would be a garbage third person shooter..." You say people won't give a damn about the fluff, and yet time after time the refrain is the same: "If this wasn't a game set in the 40k universe I'd of been gone ages ago." People are here for the license; for the lore and the setting. THAT'S what Nathan's entrusting my team with, and I want to deliver the absolute best results I can for the community. Since my days running Vox Arkhona, I have flatly refused any offer, consideration, or promotion they've extended me. Any time I've been given codes they go to the community as prizes or gifts to newer players (nobody should have shit cosmetics if the can help it. Lol.) "I Fight for the Users." Its my watchcry and at the core of every decision I make.

    Call it LARP; I'm a LARPer recognized nationally for the quality of my work in the medium, so its no insult. Call it mediocre fanfic; I'm getting to write for a licensed GW product so tick that box on my gamer nerd bucket list. Call it fluff, creamy, window dressing, whatever you want. I don't claim to know much if anything about weapon balance (my KDR would make your eyes try to escape your skull just to get away from seeing how bad it is) or much else in that vein; notice I'm not saying shit in balance threads. For my filthy casual ass, I enjoy EC for what it is enough that I have talents I can put forward for the community's use, and I'm doing that. Nathan's decided to use those assets to make that part of the game better. I really want him to give the crunch side that much attention, but as I have nothing meaningful to contribute to that side I'm left trusting people like you, @DemonKingBAAL and @Krayt to hold down and anchor those debates.

    I can't think of better standard bearers in that field.
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  4. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    People play the game because the game LOOKS like 40k - not because of the fluff text that pops up on the campaign screen and isn't mentioned in-game at all once you get into a match. Or are you suggesting that if the game had a completely different artstyle and was its own IP that having 40k lore in it would make the game enjoyable?

    I mean, as I've said, more power to you but without changes in other aspects of the game, this will have zero impact and I'm not even on about balance. The melee vs ranged gameplay in this game is garbage, melee takes zero skill to do well with consistently and I-frames & Rollex plague the game and I've already spoken to the developers on this and they've told me flatly that they will not fix anything to do with animations because of the amount of work it will require, so those exploits will never be gone and might as well be *features* now.

    So, you do you - I'm not saying stop - but at the very least just make sure you are enjoying the time you have left with EC because whilst a miracle might occur and the game might recover in which case people will flock back, it's more likely that the days that EC is still online are numbered so enjoy the time we have left.
  5. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    We play to be a spacemarine/elf/mushroom , to shoot a bolter , to purge , to feel the atmoshphere of the 41 th millenium , to feel the eternal war and fight ... not because i participated at the battle of X that will never be written in any book
    The day our Names will be remembered for our heroic actions in the game then maybe people will start giving a fuck about the lore
    We dont want shit lore but we dont care if the lore is cool or just medium , we are just playing a shooter , our actions have 0 consequences on the lore , so we dont care ... thats how human works
  6. Yeah I have my theories on the "famous 40k writer," and their failure is why I'm working as frenetically as I can; you/I/we deserve SO much better than what we got. I haven't delivered, you're right, but I am in process and have even committed to updating the community weekly, because that is another thing I feel we as a community deserve. If we don't live in an age of exemplars, I believe it falls to us to be the exemplar.

    If we submit these campaigns and they are binned, then yeah that's my last straw, my utmost and last effort given. But 1) I'll walk away with the knowledge that I did what I could and 2) I will have a much better understanding of the development process and licensing procedures than I ever had before.
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  7. From Steamcharts:

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  8. Aislinn Aislinn First Blood!

    It twitched! Bring in the flamethrowers!
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  9. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    2.35 percent for 150 people means 3 people , stop beign existed for nothing
  10. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    3 people increased during a month
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