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EC isn't as dead as you might think... (I think)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Data8671, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Don’t buy this hype. Soulstorm is only played because it’s required for Ultimate Apocalypse, a mod which fundamentally reworks/rewrites the entire game. People are playing UA, not DoW:Soulstorm.

    That’s like using War3 numbers when everyone knows people are just playing the original DOTA mod.

    But hey, I’m sure somebody will come along and state that OUR efforts at community revitalization of a game are VASTLY DIFFERENT than UA/DOTA and therefore we are just deluded and should quit. At least when I ‘waste time’ its In a game I still play.
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  2. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    i know that why im waiting for steam workshop

    i already ask 4 friends in nexus mods for help

    and 5 more by still no respond
  3. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    I mean, you can be in denial if you want to - that's your prerogative - but this game has failed.

    Regardless of whether people are playing the vanilla game or a mod - Dawn of War Soulstorm is the most successful 40k game to date and if Soulstorm's Ultimate Apocalypse is outperforming EC for replay value, a game that is over a decade old, then there's a problem :p

    Try and revive it all you want but it has burned anyone who would ever give it a go with awful balance and mediocre gameplay and nothing short of an entirely new game will fix the core issues it has.

    If this game was anything else in terms of setting - if you simply changed the aesthetic but kept the mechanical stats behind everything and made it into an original IP, it would be a garbage third person shooter - not even close to as good as the original Gears of War which also came out just about a decade ago.

    At this point, the ball is in the developer's court. Maybe the workshop makes the game interesting, maybe they perform a miracle but I doubt it.
  4. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    THAT 's why for character details only

    better servers are rely needed

    stability is fix by good programmers

    optimize game is 2nd

    1st is servers

    better server's means more people playing

    even new players rage quit because increase pings

    in the past tiger knight ping is 300+

    i told them fix the shit, now i have stable pings 20 -70

    but to many leave the game already sad so sad
  5. That's what i also thought yeah ^^
    I am only playing Dow I with Ultimate Apocalypse Mod with some friends over LAN from Time to time.

    Nothing more satisfying then running an Emperor Titan into your enemys base while he allready kills it all before he made half the journey :D
  6. I mean, you can deny potential and the capabilities of your fellow community members if you want to - that's your prerogative - but this game is still standing.

    Okay so DoW 1 'died,' was revitalized due to community involvement and input, and is a really great time after all this time. But community involvement in Eternal Crusade is somehow a deluded waste of time?

    And yes; at this time the ball IS in the developer's court. Why do you think the workshop and the lore team are things happening in real time? I'm not saying its perfect: I'm saying its happening.

    Enjoy the rest of your day; I have things that need to get done and I don't have time to waste on people who trash a game but lurk the forums like a needy teenage ex-girlfriend. You're either done or you aren't. If you're done with EC, do us one last favor go be somewhere else. We still give a shit about this game and are working for its betterment.
  7. Well... the thing is, Dawn of War 1 is an RTS Game, while EC is a Multiplayer Online Shooter.

    For a Match of Dawn of War 1, all you need is 2 People Minimum to start and have a full game experiance allready. Both computers connect to each others, and so if the Developer cuts work on Dawn of war, you can still play it as long as you find someone to play with.

    Eternal Crusade requires full matches, 15v15 across 4 different Factions. You need a Server that hosts those matches, and this server has a montly rent. If Behaviour cuts support for EC all together and they pull the plug, you have clients that have no server to connect to.

    To Revive EC once it is "dead" you would have to agree on 1 centeral server again, someone would have to pay for it so people could play and then you would be able to revitalize it with Workshop.

    So, it's much easier with RTS Games then with Online Multiplayer Shooters. Not that it's impossible, but you need some really dedicated people and money to do it.
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  8. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    Is this the part where usually "developers" or those community white knights who feel like they are part of the team without actually getting paid get really annoyed by their fellow community and call them names?

    Proteus like anyone else paid for this game and can voice his opinion on EC for all eternity. It does not matter if he plays 400 hours a month or 2h. He is a customer and he can tell the world how he feels about it aslong as he abides the forum rules.

    If you really intended to "save" this game with all it's flaws or shortcomings you might consider that alienating more people is definately not the right way to do so. You might disagree with his views, you might get rubbed the wrong way cause he calls your vision delusional or overly optimistic but telling people to "quit" does nothing good for this game. Especially since it impacts uninvolved and neutral people aswell. Noone likes an elitist (whiteknight) communities bashing different opinions with "can i have your stuff" or "quit if you dont like what you see". Cause people will quickly follow that advice and say not worth my time.
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  9. No this is the part where a guy going out of his way to deliver something interesting and fun for his fellow players, current and former guildmates, and anybody he's never met but still logs into the game he really likes is finally at the end of his rope, pissed off, and unlike the Devs gets to say what he thinks because he, too, paid for this game.

    And no one likes the bile-filled hate-spewers doing nothing but condemning when there are clearly people stepping up and working to move the project and community forward, yet they still come out of the woodwork over the slightest provocation (not you specifically; just in general.) You want to talk about people not liking my self-righteous attitude for telling someone who is saying 'the game has failed' to quit? I'm saying is the game is over to him why's he still here? More importantly, if the game is dead why's he still making it a point to come here, run around, and yell to anyone listening how dead it is? Clearly people are here and playing, so... not dead.

    I mean shit @Vaanes and I have had our share of knock-down, drag-out fights here but when he saw that I'm working to get us a better overall campaign experience and to actually deepen the story/lore, he's stepped up and offered a lot of advice we've been looking at. I wish other people would embrace the community actors who are working for the game with half as much intensity as they claim to revile this game. Then we might have a shot.

    We're at the point in this game's life cycle where community volunteers are going to form a very real part of the overall effort.
  10. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    I still enjoy EC mind you, but I'm not delusional, I'm still happy to help out the developers and still actively partake in balance discussions with said developers so... *shrug*.

    I've got my 1,843 hours of playtime out of the game and I had fun with it, but the developers can't even afford the staff to repair the game and players will not be able to take part in this without the developers adding modding support which is against their terms with GW so it won't happen.

    If you enjoy the game, more power to you, my post isn't intended to convince you to quit but instead to point out that this game is pretty much done so do whatever you want but above all enjoy the time you have left with EC if you like the game, because I reckon it won't be around in a year's time.

    DoW 1 was revived because the community made mods for it - not because of developer input. If EC was as open as Dawn of War 1 is, I'd be the first one to start making mods for it to try and fix the game.

    Lore team is LARP at best, people won't give a damn about the fluff if the gameplay is this mediocre and the gameplay itself is not being addressed by the workshop, just cosmetics. I mean I'm hopeful, maybe they'll add the option to make mods with actual gameplay impact, dedicated servers & basically turn it into an offline/online match-based shooter but I doubt it.

    I think that title Nathan unofficially gave you has already gone to your head - I'd advise you against shoving your head so far up your arse though.

    Don't pretend my dude, you're writing mediocre fanfiction which the bE devs can make use of in their campaigns. I mean, more power to you, but you're not saving the game by writing some rather mediocre fluff which the vast majority of players will simply brush over. The issue with EC is content - not fluff or immersion.

    If you want to save EC though, I'd suggest a crash course in C# & C++.

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