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(ec) Devastator Space Marine In Melee

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by SergeantDracopickles, May 16, 2014.

  1. Njal Bjornson Active Member

    The GAU-21 50. Cal has a feed belt that clips into the weapons feed ramp and the ammo can and that was a bitch to remove, especially in the heat of the moment. It can be done, just rip the feed belt from the feed chute and use the spare feed belt to reconnect to your ammo can. Don't know how applicable that is, but I have done it.
  2. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    Ironically, you're using your lore justification incorrectly as an excuse for your point. Lore would be like saying: "you don't use melee weapons in combat as a devastator in accordance to the codex astartes." You know, in the same sort of way that the codex astartes dictates against the use of jump packs to make high altitude drops directly onto Cruisers from Thunderhawks in atmosphere. But oh wait, that did actually happen despite the lore saying they shouldn't.


    How is it not common sense to use MELEE WEAPONS in MELEE COMBAT?

    What's a combat knife? A melee weapon. Admittedly, it's a bit of an everyday tool as well, but it's sharp. It is used for stealth operations as well as you pointed out I grant you.

    Honestly, I can't answer this, I haven't read too many novels outside Fear To Tread, the Architect of Fate and misc HH novels.

    Nobody is going to use a combat knife when they have a superior weapon available, such as a chainsword above, but I freaking doubt any rationale space marine is going to use just their bare hands to attempt to block one of those monsters.

    No, but Titus uses his knife before he gets the better weapons available. I hardly doubt multiplayer matches counts as lore, but given your misunderstandings of what lore actually means, I can see why you might think that way.
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  3. Aritol Aritol Prefectus

    Its more the point, that a devastor dosnt have time to pull out his knife. If the enemy charges at you from the front, you keep shooting until he is point blank range. If he isnt dead yes, you faild as a devastor, but now that he is in meele range, you are NOT switching your weapons, does seconds to switch means your open to attacks. So you will do what is most logical, smash the enemy with your Weapon, or kick him with your Feet.

    If the enemy did outflank you and is already in range, well no point to pull out your knife too, again you would be hacked meat befor you can pull it out.

    The one time i see a combat knife actually be usefull, when you are out of ammo...and far away from your brothers or an ammunition storage. You will trop your heavy gun, your backpack und youse your knife and bolt Pistol, to survive and possible to kill more enemys.
  4. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    If someone springs on you from no where, that I can understand not having time to react by pulling out the weapon (but hey, Space marines are supposed to be super right?). But if someone is stupid enough to charge a devastator head on through a literal hail of bullets, then I think you have enough time to gauge distance and their likelihood of survival. Sometimes things are just too big and can survive that literal hell. I dont buy Fox's arguments that 'heavy weapons aren't heavy' though, giving up your handholds (which could be used to stop a chainsword, or a poweraxe or whatever) so you can attempt to bludgeon something with such shoddy centre of gravity is going to be an uphill climb as it is. I try and think of it through my minds eye the actual skeletal movement of a combatant trying to do this, and it looks more and more ridiculous everytime I attempt it.
  5. Aritol Aritol Prefectus

    Even if they survive, why would a devastor pull out a knife?
    To keep shooting seams to make more sense, even if you have to leave your stance.

    A high velocity high kaliber exploding bullet to the face should do more damage than a knife...
  6. I would assume that just using the heavy bolter itself as a giant club would be way more effective and quicker than pulling out the knife which will have lesser range, plus your weapon is going to get in the way anyway, it's not like you can really mag lock it that fast and pull out the knife before someone is on you, that would take up to 4 seconds because of balance reasons in why they can't make Astartes super fast.
  7. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    Mainly because swinging a giant ass gun around is going to be ungainly. Firing from the hip isn't going to avail yourself much if they manage to get around you in melee range, and if there are hordes of guys around you. I'd rather just jettison the heavy bolter (even the feed) to take them on, and after the crisis has resolved itself, pick it up and rejoin the line. Simple, and doesn't overly expose myself to risk. Reconnecting an ammo feed can't be that difficult, I mean, they would have to do it to get out of transport all the time surely.
  8. Nah, just give yourself a jetpack and call it "Plot Armour"
  9. Njal Bjornson Active Member

    Maybe we could petition the devs for both. Something like at first all you can do is swing your H.Bolter around and club them. Then when you class up the next perk will be to smash your opponent with a Sparta style kick. Later when you class up, you can quickly mag-lock the H.Bolt to your chest and whip out a knife. Maybe another class up and you can fix your combat knife on the H.Bolt bayonet style. It could be a happy medium.
  10. Aritol Aritol Prefectus

    If they manage to ge around you, then a wide swing with a heavy bolter should be more usefull against a single target AND multiple.
    But if there are multiple meele enemys around you, you are probably dead.

    An firing from the hip at close range is no problem with the heavy bolter.

    Maybe a little dash and shoulder tackle would be available for the plasma canon?
    Because you dont want to be firing that weapon at close range..

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