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(ec) Devastator Space Marine In Melee

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by SergeantDracopickles, May 16, 2014.

  1. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    "And They Shall Know No Fear".
    If they can duck it, they duck.
  2. Fox Fox Active Member

    At this point, the devastator is being ambushed since he'd have gunned down most enemies in a head-to-head charge. Heavy weapons are connected to the devastator's backpack. The backpack either supplies the weapon with energy or bullets to fire, so you wouldn't be able to just dump the weapon in a split second.

    In the situation you described, the devastator would probably try to block the chainsword with his own heavy weapon, smash it aside, and then swing with the reverse stroke and try to smash the enemy back with the sheer weight of the weapon. At that point, it's just using whatever desperate strategy is available to you because the knife will have no chance against a chainsword.
  3. thanks to everyone who responded on this post i've liked all that i've read so far but the blocking in melee is still another concern of mine sense its true it would be a last ditch effort but do you tink the devastator will have the ability to?
  4. Aritol Aritol Prefectus

    Yes he should, but there should be a chance that his weapon gets damaged, so that he has to take some time to "repair" it on the field.
    Maybe blocking with a plasma canon could...well...end explosiv, but that would be to much i think
  5. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    Just because it's tied to your backpack due to an ammo feed, doesn't mean you can't drop it, it just means you can't leave without it.

    As a trained space marine, bred on war, I'd imagine if a devastator found himself in close combat, he'd use the most efficient way possible to kill his enemy. Having your hands tied holding a heavy weapon isn't the most efficient way other than overwatch.
  6. Fox Fox Active Member

    You'd imagine incorrectly, then.

    The feed to the devastator's weapon isn't very long, and melee combat involves a lot of moving around which means you now have a heavy chain and ball attached to you which eliminates the only advantage a knife might present a Space Marine: agility. You say a Space Marine wouldn't fight inefficiently, even in a desperate brawl, which is exactly why he wouldn't pull out his knife. The knife would be useless. He'd already be putting one foot into his own grave by abandoning the only weapon with a real chance of killing his enemy, weighing himself down, and then engaging an enemy with a superior ranged melee weapon.

    The combat knife rarely even shows up in the books. Out of all the novels I've read, their knife was used twice. Once to silently kill a checkpoint of traitor guardsmen, and another time when the main character was pinned down and being choked to death.

    No, there is no reason for a devastator wielding a heavy weapon to use a combat knife. The other battle brothers in the squad that aren't on heavy weapon duty might carry them, but the heavy weapons battle brothers would not.
  7. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    well he could just remove the belt feeding the weapon and throw the weapon away...
  8. Fox Fox Active Member

    If you had time to release the belt from the weapon, discard it, and pull out your knife, then you had time to blast away the enemy in front of you with your heavy bolter in the first place.
  9. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    M.I.U. and magnets m8 it could work....or it could be similar to Relics SM where when you used your pistol as devastator you main weapon dissapeared....
  10. Fox Fox Active Member

    Which didn't really save you, either. Devastators would kick / stomp before hopping back and firing with their heavy weapon.
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