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(ec) Devastator Space Marine In Melee

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by SergeantDracopickles, May 16, 2014.

  1. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    If a Devastator Marine has gotten into close combat, he has failed in his job as a Devastator Marine.

    There should be literally no melee short of attempting to kick their foes back to fire a few shots at them because there is literally no way a Devastator is going to drop this fuckhuge gun that is connected to his backpack via a belt which if dropped would most likely slow him down or even cause damage to the belt, there's no way for him to effectively fight with one hand in melee so at most I'd like to see a kick, they should be very powerful with ranged firepower at the cost of sacrificing their melee potential so they must rely on their brothers to assist them should anything attempt to close the distance with them.

    Doesn't matter if it is more true to the fluff that the Devastator is still capable of slamming his heavy bolter into a foe with about a ton of force behind it or not, it's the way the game should be balanced to prevent Devastator marines from just being the be-all end-all class for Space Marines in ranged combat.
  2. Aritol Aritol Prefectus

    It would be the fault of the Tactical Marines, not the Devastors. Assault Enemy could jump from the sides or Behind, its the Job of the Tactical Marines to cover that. :D

    Yes, Devastors should be very poor at meele, but...they should have an option to push the enemy back, once. If they dont kill him then, then yes we are toast. And of course they can only Push Enemys in front of them back. ^^
  3. I agree, devastators should be ally dependent, since they can be so powerful in game then they will have a huge drawback if they are alone or doing the wrong thing.
  4. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    Didn't explain what I meant with the first part, I fault the Devastator marine almost always because falling into tunnel vision is a very bad thing and the only thing that could get into melee with him is things that approach him directly as his brothers will be focused on keeping his flanks secure or rather should be focused on that and only firing on the targets ahead of him if there are far too many for him to kill.

    I agree with some sort of knockback but you should not be able to kill the enemy player unless they have practically no health or get the opportunity to fire, the Devastator should be able to push them back so that their team mates can get an opening to blow their foe apart but the class should rely on team mate support for almost everything besides setting up and putting down an incredibly deadly field of fire.
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  5. Lelorelyn DragonOfMars Active Member

    No worries and thanks for replying.

    It seems I underestimated the strength enhancing properties of power-armor. I usually just hear about how tough it is, how SMs are virtually invulnerable to small arms fire etc. I think somebody told me a couple of years ago that Boltguns and Chain Swords are not really effective against power armor (compared to plasma, melta and power weapons anyway). I figured that it has to be strong enough to deflect blows in pretty much the same fashion medieval plate armor would. A knight hitting or kicking another knight could cause considerable blunt force trauma but wouldn't be capable of damaging the armor itself a lot. But they didn't have electrically motivated fibre bundles so I suppose it all could very well make sense.

    Also, I thought most SMs use combat knives as part of their standard equipment. So thanks for clarifying.
  6. Pfft, who needs melee weapons when you can let go of Heavy Bolter and just spin around and hit everything around you?
    And pray for the Emperor it doesn't detach or if it does, it'll hit an enemy

  7. this is thought to the neophytes of the salamander albeit with a heavy flamer. totes legit. I wonder if smoke grenades are going to be a thing, those might be pesky as a devestator as well.
  8. Fox Fox Active Member

    Everything you've just said is all true.

    Astartes power armor is close to immune to your standard man portable rifles and pistols. Some shots will make it through, but their bodies also begin clotting blood and regenerating just as soon as the wound is created. In battle, Space Marines can charge into the "no man's land," that normal soldiers would get shredded with concentrated fire, and assault the enemy force. They use this a lot when working alongside the Imperial Guard. The Guardsmen form a battle line, and the Astartes wait for a weak point to appear that they can assault.

    Boltguns, with their standard ammunition, are an average weapon to use against Space Marines. Their armor will deflect many shots, but boltguns are still devastating if they pierce the armor since their ammunition has an explosive charge that is designed to detonate after penetrating a target. It's always bad news when something explodes inside of your body, Space Marine or not. Sometimes, the bolt can cleanly pass through a body without exploding, but that is not very common.

    Chainswords are no different, in the lore, at least. In the table top, chainswords have the same stats as punching, kicking, and stabbing with a knife (close combat). In the lore, chainswords will kill a Space Marine if you can get the teeth in him, but it still takes a lot of work since it relies on your physical strength to force the sword deep into his flesh and then tear it back out. It wouldn't be a surprise if the chainsword got jammed and lodged inside of the enemy, making it hard to retrieve without a 2-handed effort. Chainsword are better against unarmored and more fragile enemies where the weapon is basically like having a longer arm with which to smash and grind things apart.

    Their armor is reliable and strong, but it's not invincible, and they are very few in number, so each casulty is a blow to the Space Marine company. That's why heavier suits of armor, such as Terminator armor and the Centurion Warsuit, exist. They're useful when the enemy's firepower is so great that even when the holy battle plates of Astartes power armor fail, you can send an even bigger Space Marine with even holier power armor, hah.
  9. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    While doubtful; why even hold a 'heavy' weapon when someone's a heartbeat from trying to stab you through the eye socket with a giant chainsword. Surely it would make sense even as a simple survival mechanism to drop your weapon and draw your knife? Due to animation restrictions, I strongly doubt something like this would happen, but it would be impressive. Especially if it means that there'd be a 'reset' timer for the Devastator to pick up and reset his gun afterwards. I digress.

    Also, while a space marine is strength enhanced by his power armour, obviously having a proper weapon is going to be more efficient.
  10. Please no stomps they just look silly.
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