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(ec) Devastator Space Marine In Melee

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by SergeantDracopickles, May 16, 2014.

  1. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    davastator role will probally be:
    suppression(heavy bolter)
    anti vehicles long range (lascannon)
    anti vehicles short range (melta)
    anti infantry/heavy infantry AOE (plasma cannon)
    versatile weapon with multiple ammo time (missile launcher)

    i doubt they will have a dedicate weapon/role for the melee,
    but maybe some secondary slot where you can choose to have or a boltpistol or a combat knife
  2. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    I really hope they'll have lascannons. It is one of my favourite weapon in the lore.
  3. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Also guys, the weight of the heavy bolter is nothing for an Astartes to carry or wield in melee- the only problem is it simply getting in the way. But seeing that they can carry logs or armor astartes while they're naked, swinging around a heavy bolter would be nothing. Same with Orks carrying heavy shootas.
  4. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Smashing something with a heavy bolter would work. The Astartes can lift it easily. One of the books states that seventy kilograms is almost weightless for a non-armored marine.

    The drawback is, that hitting something with the heavy bolter can damage the weapon.
  5. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Better yet just have a button to release the Heavy Bolter and the supply feed from your power back to enable easy melee, then walk back over and pick it up if you survived.
  6. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    That maybe a bit too difficult to code in into a game.
  7. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    It wouldn't be difficult to code, it would just sort of add more gameplay elements that probably wouldn't be necessary. If you drop a heavy bolter/power pack, then would you send all that information to everybody else in network? If you do, can other people pick it up and use it? etc, etc.
  8. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    It doesn't really matter whether or not it's possible in the fluff/lore of 40k.

    What matters is, is it a balanced mechanic? Is it balanced to allow Devastators to have the best ranged fire power of any Space Marine infantry, the ability to suppress foes and have the largest pool of ammunition and then on top of that, be allowed to be capable in melee?

    I think that allowing Devastators to use melee for a slight knockback that can be dodged with skill/quick reflexes but if it hits allows the Devastator to create enough space to open fire is about the only acceptable melee they could be given in my opinion, anything more would result in them being the be-all end-all class to play for Space Marine infantry unless you're trying to jump behind enemy lines, it'd render tactical marines obsolete.

    They can't be great at everything, why would you play any class other than Devastator if they are?
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  9. As long as their main devastator weapon doesnt totally vanish when they switch to melee/pistol, like it did in the THQ Space Marine game.

    There is the argument that a Devastator SM is still a SM and capable of being deadly in close combat. I'm not well read on how long it takes to "dawn" and set up their main weapon, or how long it takes them to "ditch" or drop it. It could be possible to implement this process in game, however it shouldnt be and instant switch like you saw in THQ Space Marine. And when you drop the weapon, it's off your person, and takes a minute or so to get the main weapon equipped again, loaded, and synced with the backpack.

    If the devs arent going to model the whole process of "ditch and dawn" of the main weapon, devastators should have limited melee abilities, to keep the game balanced.
  10. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    The problem is that with different weapons the devastators role in the battlefield changes and also his position in said battlefield changes some weapons will force you in close-ranged combat and others to extreme long range.
    So a cc weapon option for a devastator carrying a multi-melta/heavy flamer isnt that much in my opinion.

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