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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Duximus, Dec 8, 2017.


When will dev fix f2p demo button on steam

  1. December 2017

  2. January 2018

  3. March 2018

  4. May 2018

  5. Julyl 2018

  6. September 2018(game will die prob)

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  1. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    A month ago we had around average 200 players, which is bad for massively multiplayer genre.
    Today we only have around 100 to 150 average. The highest peak is around 200 and lowest is 50 players, which is the WORST.
    SO How come the massively multiplayer f2p game (each battle with 40 players) came to like this?
    Honestly, Nathan's decision to put f2p and changing it to Demo version is just pathetic.
    We can already see they used the card 'f2p' just to bring players and miserably failed and not even trying to improvising f2p model.
    Now they are removing f2p and turn it into demo version.
    To make matters worse developers removed f2p button from steam and haven't fixed for a month now.
    This game needs players even if its tiny little small base. but they just left this game to die.
    They could have easily fixed this like around november but they are doing nothing!

    Plus god damn workshop (CPR to this game)
  2. In before Asheru...


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