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EC 5v5 Season

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekra, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Thana Thana Curator

    Just use a female model on Eldar. You should be fine.
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  2. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    Then it becomes sexual assault.
  3. Waagheur Recruit

    I am here to sign up XIII's team in the 2nd Division :
    (main)-Bro-Collin ; ferro caerula
    (main)Whicker : Whicker
    (main)Dominae ; Augustus Dominatus
    (main)Doomsayer2112 ; Brother Galenus
    (main)Gaston Dreyfus ; Gaston Dreyfus
    [XIII] Ampra ; Ampra
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  4. Deathwish Deathwish Well-Known Member

    Why is Colin submitting a team for Div 2? He said that Div 2 was for the less skilled/less competitive group.
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  5. Waagheur Recruit

    Why does blop even have a team on division 2, he said that Div 2 was for the less skilled/less competitive group.
  6. Ez killz muh skill
  7. Dekra Dekra Member

    A tag doesn't make you a good player. The BLOP team in division 2 has no overwhelming advantage that would make them not suitable to play in said division.
  8. Durash Durash Arkhona Vanguard

    Penitent crusade for failing to protect our Lord,savior, and mascot Slash from the predations of the warp.

    They're now forced to play this a̶b̶s̶o̶l̶u̶t̶e̶l̶y̶ ̶g̶a̶r̶b̶a̶g̶e̶ game for a standard terran century in memory of Slash.

    Waqha deathfaq @Deathwish
  9. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    Can we have Eldar and Ork cheerleader squads?
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  10. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    No Orks for gods sake
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