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EC 5v5 Season

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekra, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Dekra Dekra Member

    Greetings my fellow crusaders!

    In collaboration with jbregg, ELWP will be organizing the next iteration of the 5v5 tournaments with the intention of both improving upon the lessons learnt from the last one, and making this type of event a regular occurrence. The PDF below goes into detail on all aspects of how this event will be conducted and is available both in English and Russian.

    The season will begin the 14th of July and conclude the 14th of August.

    EDIT: To clarify, the weekend games will be held using "BATTLE NOW" on UAT.
    To sign up your team/guild simply leave a reply on this forum with the names of the players in your roster and the division you wish to participate in. (Keep in mind division one will most likely feature guilds such as Bro and BLOP)
    Also please have your team members join the discord of your respective division for ease of coordination.

    Div. 1:
    Div. 2:

    Divison 1 teams:
    (If all teams wish to play as the same faction then a rotation system will be used)

    Eldar: (Name TBD) - Wyhno, Brusmug, Volber, Belegis, Coriven, Lady.
    Ork: BLOP - Armgarion, Leroy, Durash, Argel, Smorcrest, Antheus.
    SM: Bro - Nico, Chess, Aeternios, Blocka, Colin, passion, blackwolf, pies, ezakton.
    SM: ELWP - Eliphas, Arjuna, Nieko, Nalcius, Bloodynine.
    Division 2 teams:

    Eldar: MYST - Menetys, Black Hawk, Rogue, Talossar, Orkhan.
    Ork: RUNT- Lickingtoad, Kilz'em, Skullbits, Gragnar Skullsplitta, SkullSnappa, Groglack, Toofpikka, Deffwish, Da'Ard Kebab
    CSM: BLOP - Alpharius, Alpharius, Xepherial, Kotovasy, IronInsideIronOutside, Proebatov, Mysanthropy-AU.
    SM: ELWP - Dekra, Tengu, Claudianus, Red Raccoon, Leverian, Yaku, Grim.

    SM: XIII - Whicker, Dominae, Doomsayer2112, Gaston Dreyfus, Ampra.



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  2. DavyBoy CuCulainn Curator

    Great idea! Go Dekra :)
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  3. Dekra Dekra Member

    Have you even read the PDF? That is what the division system is there for.
  4. Dekra Dekra Member

    Div 1 yes, but the other teams have the chance to also win a cosmetic prize in Div 2. The prizes in Div 1 arent better then Div 2.
  5. I'd like a competition more... accessable to people outside of guilds
  6. Dekra Dekra Member

    You don't have to be in a guild to sign up, you just have to make a team of 5 people, that's it. If you think its a skill gap issue that is what the division system is there for.
  7. Smorcest Elector Eternal Battles Moderator

    "Unwarranted Tbagging" lol
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  8. No no no, not a skill gap thing. The best deserve to win. Just where exactly do you get a group of 5 players on the forums, who are not in a guild, who want to form a team?
    What I meant is more having it better advertised to the game population (not on the forums, we are a very small minority here).
  9. Dekra Dekra Member

    Its posted on community discord as well. And if finding 4 other players to play with you is too much, then thats your issue.
  10. Mr. Blakwolf Caspera Drill Abbott

    I think this is a great idea. Kudos for coming up with it, hope it follows through.
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