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Easy And Clean Transition Between Chapters/legions.

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Djemo-SRB, Dec 10, 2013.


Do you wish for the option to swap your legions?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    So i asked the devs this as well and am still awaiting an answer but would like to see what the community has to say on the matter as well.

    You see i myself (and it would be foolish to even think im a minority with this opinion) does not wish to play the legions given to us at launch. And lets face it, it would be wishful thinking to see the 5th warband be a god specific one.
    So we will be forced to play these legions we find no interest in. And i do not protest out of the simple fact that the devs need to focus their attention on the core of the races to feel good and to play good. Adding in more legions should indeed take a back seat to actually making the game at launch present Chaos in the most refined badass way.

    What i want though is that when the time arrives and the devs grace us with our desired legion (Death Guard ftw) that we, and anyone who wishes be free to just swap legions.

    No hassle, no stat and progression resets, nothing that will hinder our effortless transition to the legion we wanted to be in from the start.
    How they go about doing this, i thought of the following:

    The progression of the class will be point wise imo. So when one changes his faction all his spent points return into the point pool so he can make his choices anew. This could be an item given by the devs for free or for ingame resources each time theres a newly released legion.

    After a certain time (like a few weeks after the legions launch) it could just be put in the games shop to be gotten like any cosmetic would.
    Which brings me to the only issue, being the cosmetics you unlock/buy up until that point.

    They should logically just transition with you and simply have the colors of your new legion forced on them, but something like the helmet cosmetic of Khorne would be wierd to transition to someone whos playing a Thousand Son.

    So it would either need to be auto-swapped to the respective gods helm (of the legion that you swap to ofc) or change to the Undivided version if someone perhaps swaps from those god specific legions to Undivided.
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  2. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    Whilst your idea of changing legion smacks of alpharius and his untrustworthy sons, I too could see a time when the mighty Dev's might release a legion that spoke truer to me then the call of the 4th. A means to make this so would indeed be worthy of consideration.
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  3. Uncle Tjek Tjeknalis Subordinate

    I would very much like to be able to swap legions.

    I plan on playing the Black legion, since the Death Guard will not be in at launch (I feel your pain, brother).
    And as we don't know when the DG will be added, it's safe to assume that we will invest quite alot of time in the other legions.

    So when the day comes, and the DG is added, I would like the option to swap legion without having to create a new character.
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  4. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Same, stuck with Black Legion.... They have that warband dedicated to Nurgle lead by the Lord Corruptor.
    But it cant hold a candle to the Death Guard and their festering greenish paintjob and fluff.
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  5. Uncle Tjek Tjeknalis Subordinate

    You speak the truth.
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  6. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    So i got a few devs to respond (still waiting on David) but the co-answer from Brent and Steve is for now the most concrete:

    "Brent assures me that if we add chapters/legions/etc after launch, we'll make sure to give you some kind of option to save some of your progress or make your new character less painful."

    So at least they see where are are coming from with this and are totally for it, just hope they dont make that transition too painful cause by the looks of it there might be some bumps planned or unplanned.
    What also caught my eye is the "if" in the response, like there is an actual possibility for the new legions to not exist at all. Hopefully just a error in communication, the very thought scares me...
  7. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    No for transitions all the time just because a new legion is introduced, but we should all get 1 token of sorts for free to use and transition without pain to a legion of our choosing once that legion is released and is the one we want to be part of.

    So for now we just pick and play, but when they release the god specific ones and the one specific legion a eprson wants to be part has finally be released you should have that free token to change, otherwise, hmmm could be a cash shop item as well in case one regrets their decision.
  8. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Im with you on not running about from legion to legion, but understand that me and my likeminded individuals wouldnt even want to swap around if what we wanted to play was in there at launch.

    I agree on the token sentiment but i guess one can exploit that in a way. I guess the ones willing to swap to the newly released legion should get their first transfer for free (the devs will no doubt be able to track this).
    Afterwards they would all have to buy a cash shop item to do so, which could perhaps be on a 50% off sale for the 2 weeks after the release of the legion. The cash shop item probably shouldnt be universal and we should have a different one for any legion individually so the discounts can be arranged better.

    That way someone like me would have a free token on launch, if for instance the first legion to enter the game would be World Eaters i would just ignore and wait for the time Death Guard gets into the game. While someone who jumped at their first option and got World Eaters would now have to pay (with a discount if in the first 2 weeks ofc) like everyone else without the free token on launch.
  9. The reason I put yes is because when they bring in the rest of the legions and factions I want to be able to switch instead of having to start over and I don't want to start a new one while they would give you a double xp bonus to me that would be wasting my time I think but if I can ill make a character for each legion.
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  10. Personally, I think you should be able to run from legion to legion if you wish, but at a consequence, which I'll get into later.

    I'm presuming your Chaos character starts sworn to Black Legion, and starts questing from there. I don't know how the other legions are introduced, but perhaps it could be designed in a way where your character acts as a mercenary, and "bartering chip" for Black Legion to further its ties with the other legions; I could see Abaddon pulling a stunt like that without issue. As you continue to fight alongside your fellow Astartes of the different legions, you gain reputation, and are eventually asked to abandon your ties with your former legion, thus allowing you to sign up with the new.

    For consequences, if you do choose to sign up with the new legion, your reputation is tarnished with the former, which would make sense, since no one likes a to see their men flock to a new banner. Then again, Chaos is mercurial, so perhaps changing colors back and forth should be of no consequence, I'm open for either.

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