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[DWCO] REPENT! For tomorrow you die! [Loyalist Space Marines]

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Shinikami, Feb 1, 2017.

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    +++ Date: 087.M41

    +++ Ref: Arkhona/5688924/TR-DA

    +++ By: Ian Amadeus, Grand Master of the Dark Angel's First Company, in service of Grand Master Belial

    +++ To: Dark Angels Companies III through IX, all Ordo Xenos Shields near the vicinity of Arkhona

    +++ Re: Reinforcing the front-line against the xenos and heretical forces of the traitor legions

    +++ Thought: There is no greater heresy than to not act when one has the chance to do something in His glorious name.


    The time has come, Grand Masters, Masters, and Watch-Captains alike to reinforce the front lines on Arkhona. The First Company has seen itself through incredible fighting, the forces of those that would end the Emperor's light placing ever greater numbers on the field in hopes of seizing this world as their own. As such, and trusted with the care of this Company, I would see the rank and file of our Astartes swell to react to this force with the venerable blood of brothers of the Ordo Xenos alike. Though true, our distrust for the Inquisition has never wavered, neither has our devotion to the Emperor and we recognize that those within the Shields are just as much our brothers as the next.

    We've managed to seize ground in the Tyranid presence on the western continents, as well as have held the green hordes at bay, but if we wish to press into the advantages we can see, those reinforcements will be paramount. Our attentions will need to be undivided if we are to pursue the traitors and hunt them without abandon.

    So I ask this of you, as Commanders trusted in your own right, to have your Chaplains peruse the brothers of your elements and send us the best that you can, so that we can end this threat once and for all. The Lion is our heart, Caliban is our fury.

    For the Lion.

    -Grand Master Ian Amadeus​


    Welcome to the Deathwing Company [DWCO]!

    Our History:
    The Deathwing Company was created to fill a hole in our lives. Myself, Ian Amadeus, and several of my friends love 40k with a passion and we had checked all over the place to see if we could find a home that appealed to us, but it was a difficult pursuit. Some had dead Enjin pages, some had so many members you'd get lost in their ranks, and some would have been perfect if perhaps it wasn't for some other choices that we didn't see eye to eye with. So that left us with the question: What do we do?

    There was only one option that made sense. Make our own home. With myself having literally more than a decade of experience leading communities it was relatively a simple matter, as has recruitment for the days since we began. Our history from here is as much our brother's right to write as it is my own as the leader.

    Our Goal:
    Getting to be a large group might be nice at some point, perhaps even a full company, but it is something I can say is not our largest goal. That goal would have to be to ensure that all established members are included in decision making and have just as much of an impact on the direction of the Deathwing Company as the next man, which is why the Dark Angels Inner Circle works so well for this purpose. We have absolute transparency, and all established members get a vote on issues or decisions, including the promotions of their superiors or peers.

    Now, that being said, it's not enough to just include people because they happen to be playing Dark Angel Space Marines. I, and we frankly, don't care what Chapter you want to represent through your Marine, and its why we as many others have a Deathwatch Detachment. The Deathwatch is only different in the name of their ranks, and otherwise continue to have the same voting privileges as the rest of our members. We're here to celebrate the hobby, not have a collective circle jerk about who's the best Chapter.

    Will this be the right home for you?:
    Firstly, mature language is definitely a thing for us, so we ask that people who can handle the occasional F-bomb be alright with it. I'd like to pretend that absolute professionalism is great at all times, but frankly I don't like the groups I lead to have too much rigidity, so we follow one simple rule:

    Don't be a jerk.

    Secondly, if family and friendship matters to you, then you'll already be a great fit. It's what makes us such a powerful force when we are in the field. We don't nerd rage, we don't go at each other's throats, and instead what we focus on is what will help each other out the most and provide the most fun at that moment. We all have lives and we all have other things stressing us out. Why make a place that should be our home in a game be as stressful as the real world to participate in? That won't help anyone.

    Third? Want people to learn from people who love to teach, or perhaps even want to help teach yourself? This group is literally all about that. We spend hours training up new brothers to learn the controls, melee combat, the cool stuff you can pull off with a Jump Assault. It's not enough to have knowledge, you should also always be ready to part with it to better the community.

    Lastly? SQUATS FOR THE EMPEROR! - You'll learn this one. It's becoming a time-honored tradition in the Swolewing.​

    How do you apply?

    Easy peezy. We only have a few requirements:

    Discord (Mic preferred, not required.)
    Steam Group
    *Understanding of how both of these systems work*

    You have two options for applying:

    1.) Add me on Steam and once I accept the request, send me a message at some point saying you'd like to join up!

    Steam in question:

    2.) Is to reply to this thread with this format:

    In-Game Name:
    Steam URL:
    Home Country:
    Are you fluent in English?:
    Do you have Discord?:

    If you post a response with that information, I will find you within 8 hours, assuming that you posted your response right when I went to bed. A few short questions later and you'll be in the Deathwing Company, so long as there is no reason to deny you based on behavior.

    Our recruitment process is simple. You start off as a Terminator or a Tactical Marine, depending if you're Deathwing or Deathwatch. After a two-week stint, you will be given the rank of Knight or Kill-Marine, and have full voting privileges within the community. The two week timer is based on activity, however. If you just join up and wait the two weeks, you will not be given your promotion. Be active! Participate!

    Lastly, in regards to multi-clanning, we have a single rule for it: We don't care, so long as the Deathwing Company comes first.​

    I trust you had a good read, and if you have any additional questions feel free to ask them below.

    Emperor Protects!

    -Grand Master Ian Amadeus
    The Deathwing Company

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  2. Grand Master Amadeus Shinikami Arkhona Vanguard


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  3. Azmodi Azmodi Preacher

    Welcome to the battles here on Arkhona Deathwing Company.
    Your expertise on the battlefield will be welcomed Brothers.

    All Sons of The Lion will be blessed by The Emperor.
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  4. CaptainHades Recruit

    We will shed glorious blood in the name of the Emperor!

    (Kill Marine Derxius-Deathwatch Detachment)
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  5. Grand Master Amadeus Shinikami Arkhona Vanguard

    Indeed brother, and your respect is shared in kind. May the Emperor himself guide us directly to those who have gone astray so we might see them once more rekindle their faith in His glorious light!

    Together our faith will be our shield and our fury will be our mace. We will never forget!
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    "Team Swolewing"
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