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Dw = Le Coeur - Partie Ii

Discussion in 'French' started by Frenchtouch03, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. "Well, not much... The wall is always in the same state : deplorable since the Tau attack... Otherwise, there are blocks of houses... but they are not fortresses ! By cons, Ecclesiarch Magus has a small garrison of Arco-Flagellants and some Penitent Machines... As for the Mago... "

    The Assassin cut Arthurus in his sentence
    [Techna-Lingua /]The plant is protected as it should be. But we must understand that the Mago refuses too many of his troops. Security of the person and his knowledge millennium is the priority, not yours.[/ Techna-Lingua]

    When a scribe translated to the Governor, it still pales a bit more.


    "Ma foi, pas grand-chose... La muraille est toujours dans le même état : déplorable depuis l'attaque des Tau... Sinon, il y a les blocs d'habitations... Mais ce ne sont pas des forteresses ! Par contre, l'Ecclesiarque Magus a une petite garnison d'Arco-Flagellants et quelques Machines de Pénitences... Quant au Mago..."

    L'Assassin coupa Arthurus dans sa phrase :

    [Techna-Lingua/]L'Usine est protégée comme il se doit. Mais il faut comprendre que le Mago refusera de donner trop de ses troupes. La sécurité de sa personne et de son savoir millénaire est la priorité, pas la vôtre.[/Techna-Lingua]

    Lorsqu'un scribe traduisit pour le Gouverneur, ce dernier pâlit encore un peu plus.
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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "The best in my opinion would be creating firing lines on narrow access points. That is how the Ultramarines survived the Tyranids within the Fortress-Monastery Hera." Livius suggested, not bothering too much with the politics and other feuds between the Magos and the Governor.
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  3. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    "Ou bien prendre en embuscade les Tyranides, en les attirant dans un piège".


    "Or take the tyranids in an ambush, drawing them into a trap."
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  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "I only suggest that if we can take down their leader. To do such trick works only once against Tyranids and is extremely dangerous, because they will learn to do the same to us. If we can bait their leader-creature such as a Hive Tyrant, Zoanthrope or some sort, then I agree. But in every other case, it is a futile attempt. We must destroy their leadership if we want to live, that will cause them to return to an animal state and they will kill each other instead of us." Livius intervened, being a Tyrannic War Veteran was quite convenient in this situation.
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  5. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    " You're right, answer the Tau, the tyranids will protect their synapse creatures. We need to attack and destroy them, and faster. We are not numerous, not like the tyranids."


    "Vous avez raison, répondit le Tau, les Tyranides protégeront leurs creatures synapses. Nous devons les attaquer et détruire, et rapidement. Nous somme peu nombreux, contrairement aux Tyranides."
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "But we have the strength of many minds, whereas they only have one. We can feint an attack from one side while heavy weapons are readied elsewhere, but we must act quickly and mobilize whatever heavy weapons we have and strike as devastating as we can." Livius turned to the Tau.

    "You call such tactics Kauyon, don't you?" The Ultramarine inquired - thankful for his knowledge he made during the Deathwatch indoctrination process.
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  7. Undoi Undoi Master

    - J'ai aussi entendu parler d'un capitaine Ultramarine ayant emprunté un véhicule pour tuer directement l'entité mère. Ça peut valoir le coup si nous en avions un.
    Mais personnellement, je serais plutôt pour détruire ce pont et défendre l'Usine. Laissons ce mortel à son palais, ces murs le défendront une fois de plus, si l'Empereur le veut, lacha Undoi en jetant un regard de mépris face au gouverneur.
    Puis se tournant vers son supérieur:
    - Vos ordres sergent ?


    - I've also heard about an Ultramarine Captain who used a vehicule to kill the mother entity. It could worth it if we got one.
    But personaly, i prefer defend the factory. Leave the mortal to his palace, those wall will defend him one again, if the Emperor want it, shout Undoi toward the Gouvernor's face.

    Then he face his superior:
    - Your orders Sergent ?
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  8. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    "The tactics Kauyon, exactly, but we don't have any heavy weapon. Or do you know where are they?"


    "Les tactiques de Kauyon, exactement, mais nous n'avons pas d'armes lourdes. Ou vous savez ou elles se trouvent?"
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  9. De plus en plus mal à l'aise, le Gouverneur se défend :

    "Non ! Ne nous abandonnez pas ! Ce n'est pas que moi que vous allez laisser, mais aussi des familles qui sont sous votre protection !"

    Pour répondre au Tau, il dit :

    "L'Usine détient toutes nos armes lourdes."


    Increasingly uncomfortable, the Governor defends :

    "No ! Do not abandon us ! It's not that you'll let me, but also families who are under your protection !"

    To meet the Tau, he said :

    "The Factory has all our heavy weapons."
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  10. Henribar Henribar First Blood!

    "Well, what sorts of heavy weapon is in your factory governor? And do you have vehicles?"


    "Quelle type d'arme contient votre usine gouverneur? Avez vous des véhicules?"

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